Oversung Hero, part 0

by Chicago

Disclaimers: Characters belong to DC Comics and are borrowed without permission, strictly for fun and not for profit.

Continuity note: Follows "The Apprentice" in year 2 of the J'onnverse. Note that canon firing of Stephanie Brown (GK # ) has NOT occurred. Events of Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive replaced in this 'verse by a combination of fics, including "Paper Hearts" and "Fugitive Endeavor" in year 1. The "Obsidian Age" arc in JLA is replaced by "All's Fair."

Canon notes:

Part 1 - The details of Gotham architecture post-quake come from Gotham City Secret Files and Origins.

Part 2 - Jason Todd Wayne's death is told in "A Death in the Family" TPB. Bruce Wayne did donate kevlar vests to the Bludhaven PD in GK # 32.

Part 3 - Batman's early absence in No Man's Land and his relationship to Gotham as "her" is detailed in the "No Man's Land, Volume 5" TPB. J'onn played Batman "at that drag show" in the J'onnverse year 2 story "30/30, date 24" by nw's chick. The "Id case" refers to the events in JLA #50-53. The story with the plelloch was "Play" from J'onnverse year 1.

Part 5 - Bruce's history with the Hard Cases and its context are canon, circa 1980s. Details of Dinah's relationship with her mother come from the "JLA: Year One" TPB. Her background as a florist comes up there and in "The Longbow Hunters" TPB. The events with the Cluemaster moving back home with Crystal and Steph and Dinah's involvement are told in Robin #93-94, 99 and BoP #39-40.

Part 7 - Wildcat (Ted Grant) was among the people who trained Batman, a detail which has come up multiple times in canon.

Part 8 - The JSA spent what they believed to be eternity in limbo, battling against some big bad. They eventually were returned to Earth, as detailed in (I think) one of the early Starman TPBs. Dick Grayson's firing is told in Batman #408 and retold in Batman #416 and comes up fairly frequently in later canon stories. Batman spilled Tim's secret identity to Spoiler in Robin #87.

Part 10 - Black Canary at one point agreed to mentor Spoiler, but it obviously didn't pan out. Dinah was in the JSA, by this point she has left the team. For the record, most of the JSA does NOT know Bruce Wayne is Batman. Sand's history is recounted gradually through the JSA TPB "Justice Be Done." The list of bad things that happened to sidekicks: dead - take your pick. Brainwashed, I had in mind Ernie, sidekick to General Glory but again, there's probably more. The soul-sharing thing is a crapshoot as to whether Sand knows about it, but it was the fate of Rose Psychic, sidekick to Dr. Occult. And again, she's probably not the only one.

Rating: PG-13 (language)

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