Mindstorm, epilogue 2

by StarStorm

Disclaimers and other information in "part 0" References to "Memory" by Darklady (JV yr 2).

The world was silent as it burned.

The dying forgot their mouths, and reached out with voices he would not hear. They pleaded with their eyes and he shut his own, unable to bear the sight.

There was no one else left. M'yri'ah held K'hym close as H'ronmeer claimed them. She did not say goodbye. He could only whisper it with numb lips and a tongue that had forgotten how to move.

He did not realize that with the grief came the guilt. He did not realize that for every goodbye he uttered, there was an 'I'm sorry. Forgive me,' following behind.

To him, there was just the stench of burning bodies, and the awful, unending silence.

Garfield Logan awoke to the feel of cold sheets against the bare skin of his arm, and it only took him a moment to realize why. Vic's side of the bed was empty.

The shapeshifter thought about going back to sleep, then decided not to. If his lover had to keep getting up to check on their guest, then he should stay awake too. "Fair is fair," Gar thought, climbing out of bed and pulling on some clothes.

They'd been helping the LA County Fire Department with a burning apartment building when the call came from Oracle, asking Cyborg to intersect an injured, wandering Green Lantern. Things were under control, so Vic had done as requested, and Changeling had gone off to help somewhere else.

With the hospitals overcrowded with more serious casualties, they decided to bring Kyle back here, where they could keep an eye on him themselves and get a little rest before going back into the trenches in the morning for the clean-up efforts.

Padding softly down the hall, Gar nudged the door to the spare bedroom open and peeked inside.

Kyle, seated on the windowsill, was staring blankly at a single candle flame and murmuring quietly to himself. Vic, standing in the darkness of the guest bathroom, lifted a finger to his lips and shook his head, warning the younger man not to say anything.

Gar shifted into mouse form, and scurried across the floor to Vic's side. Resuming human shape in the shadows, he mouthed, "What's going on?"

Vic shrugged, "Don't know," he whispered back. "I came in, he was already moving around. You don't wake sleepwalkers up, so I'm making sure he doesn't hurt himself."

Gar licked his lips nervously, "Can you hear what he's saying?"

A nod. "I can hear it, but I can't understand it. Sounds familiar though. Kind of...guttural?" Vic shrugged again. "Weird as Kyle is, maybe he knows Klingon or something."

"Or something." Changeling echoed nervously.

As quiet as they'd tried to be, their voices must have carried, because Kyle was blinking slowly and starting to look around in confusion.

They stepped out of the bathroom, drawing Lantern's attention. "Hey, you okay Picasso?"

"Huhn? Vic? Gar? What're you doing here?"

"Where's here?" Gar asked.

"I'm...Titans West?" Kyle's tone was vague.

"Close enough." Cyborg crouched down to check his friend's pupils. "You know what today is?"

"No. I was sleeping."

"You answer a couple more questions, and you can go back to sleep," Gar promised. "What's your name?"

"You know that already." Kyle tried to get to his feet, but had to slide back onto the windowsill, his face paling, as dizziness overtook him. "I wanna go back to sleep."

"Tell me your name and we'll let you sleep." Vic answered as he and Gar helped their ex-teammate back to bed.

"Kyle. M' head hurts."

"I know. Gar's got your pills. Last question. What's J.L.A mean?"


"What's J. L.A. mean?" No answer. Vic shook Kyle gently, repeating the question. Finally, "Justice League America."

"Right. You want your Tylenol?" Changeling asked.


"Okay. Sleep tight." But Kyle was already out cold, curling into a tight ball under the blankets.

The couple left the room, but Gar didn't close the door all the way. "Why don't you catch a nap Rustbucket, I'll check on him the rest of the night."

"It's been over twelve hours. I think it's safe to leave him alone," Vic answered. "Besides, Wally called. Donna's coming to get him around six."

"Donna?" Gar blinked in surprise. "Not ...what's her name? Jade?"

Vic's lips tightened slightly, and he pulled Gar down the hall to their bedroom before he spoke. "She's with her father and the J.S.A." A brief pause. "They lost Sandman."

"Oh man." Gar swallowed. He only knew Sand in that 'friend-of-the-family' kind of way, but the death of any colleague hurt on an instinctual level. "How?"

"Not sure. Not even sure how Donna got mixed up in things, but she's gonna break it to Kyle when she gets here."

Gar nodded solemnly. "Okay. I'll keep my yap shut. I left the door open down there, in case he needs us."

"Then let's hit the hay. Tomorrow's gonna be hell."

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