Mindstorm, part 0

by Chicago

Disclaimers: Characters and settings owned by DC Comics. They've been borrowed for fun, not for profit. Some scenes are directly from said comics as noted in canon notes, with special apologies to Geoff Johns and Joe Kelly for any mangling I've done of their work (not that either of them is likely to FIND this, but please read my twisting of any scenes to fit this scenario as homage to good and interesting storylines from canon, of which there are precious few). Also special thanks to Domenika Marzione, who gave such a compelling explanation of the interrelation of the DC and Vertigo lines in the person of Sanderson Hawkins that I stole liberally from her vision.

Now regarding the ins and outs of this story:
The issue here is that I got Jossed. Big time. I plotted this out over a year ago and all the subplots I'd cleverly planned to exploit actually got resolved in canon (how often does that happen?). Canon notes more explicitly identify where I've parted with canon.

Continuity notes: Year 2 of the J'onnverse, set immediately after "Well Met on Moonrise" and "Office Interlude" (you knew that "break" couldn't last). This story can stand alone, but will make more sense if you've read "Fugitive Endeavor," "Setback," and "Globetrotting" from year 1 and "Feeding Pigeons" and "The Apprentice" from year 2. For those who want a quick background, there were impeachment rumblings around the time that Luthor tried to frame Bruce Wayne, but the Supreme Court ruled that telepathic evidence was inadmissible in court. More impeachment talk came when the Daily Planet produced a story claiming that Luthor knew in advance about the invasion in "Our Worlds at War" (the main details of this are in the Superman books in canon). Luthor was let off the hook - ironically - when J'onn did a mindscan and found no evidence of Luthor's foreknowledge. New impeachment talk is circling around DEO and other reports of Luthor's assassination of a man named Masters and revelations about the shadowy activities Masters was up to.

Canon notes:

GENERAL CANON ALERT - We have decided to completely ignore the end of the Luthor presidency as presented in canon (see Superman/Batman #6) because - well, it seemed a little cheap to us. Much of this story helps bring the JV up to date with current canon, although it does so in some places by writing canon out of our continuity.

Part 4 - Perry White fired Clark Kent in Superman #183, when it was revealed he was still in Perry's employ in order to continue investigating Luthor. They agreed not to tell Lois, and Lois remained in the dark until The Man of Steel #134, when she followed Clark to his workspace. In this fic, that didn't happen. Lois still doesn't know.

Part 5 - several lines taken from JLA #72 and 74, with the context changed. Please refer to those comics to see the real scenes.

Part 7 - Kobra's escape taken from JSA #45. Jonathan Kent's odd memory lapses began after he re-appeared after "Our Worlds at War." Canon explained this as a result of a mindscan performed by Manchester Black (see "Ending Battle" running through all 4 Superman books in Nov-Dec '02). Kobra's escape taken from JSA #45.

Part 8 - Mordru's attack on Earth and his recruitment of Eclipso and Obsidian are from JSA #46-47, as is Kobra's terrorist attacks on the cities mentioned. The mention of his effort to keep Poseidonis stuck in a pocket dimension refers to events in "All's Fair," part of year 1 of the J'onnverse.

Part 9 - Mayavana is described and applied in JLA (second series) #39-40. The shadows swallowing New York City and the sandstorm in Manhattan are part of the JSA battle against Mordru, Obsidian and Eclipso as depicted in JSA #46-47.

Part 10 - "Fernus the burning" appears in JLA #86-89. The moon was pulled out of orbit in JSA #48.

Part 11 - Air Wave's distress call is taken from JSA #49. The details of all the stuff happening planetside are from JSA: Princes of Darkness arc.

Part 12 - Airwave's message taken verbatim from JSA #49, as are descriptions of Los Angeles.

Part 14 - The fates of Sentinel, Captain Marvel, Dr. Fate and Jakeem are all from JSA: Princes of Darkness arc. The shadows over New York are from the same issues. The Slab ended up in Antarctica during the Joker: Last Laugh. That was after it had been sucked into its own private corner of time and space compliments of Black Mass. I have taken the liberty of assuming that Mr. Miracle II would be fascinated enough by the occurrence to find a way to harness it.

Part 15 - Significant chunks of description and dialogue directly quoted from Superman: Man of Steel #131 (Shultz) and Action Comics #796 (Kelly). This retelling distorts the actual issues as presented there to fit my agenda, so you should go read the originals. They are the conclusion of an 8-issue arc called "Ending Battle." On Earth developments synched into JSA #50.

Part 16 - Scene constructed around pp.39-41 of JSA #50. Prior to these events, Sand had been thrust back into his sand monster state by the magic of Mordru. Special credit to 'Nika, who has given far more thought to the relationship between Sand and the Dreaming than I ever had and was planting ideas by the gazillions.

Part 20 - Various details of Dr. Occult's activities prior to his entrance into this story taken from a combination of the JSA: Princes of Darkness and past history of the character. Images and events from Pokolistan derived from Action Comics #803-805. Bette Noir's placement in Trapps is detailed in Harley Quinn #23; further history of the character is in Martian Manhunter #3 and #36.

Part 22 - The Elite appear in Action Comics #775. They return for the Ending Battle arc in Superman comics, where Manchester Black is revealed as the mastermind behind the plot against Superman.

Part 25 - The fate of Manchester Black is derived from his canon fate in Action Comics #796.

Rating: R (language, horror imagery and violence)

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