Les Fraudes ne Prospèrent Jamais

by StarStorm

Disclaimers: Characters owned by DC Comics.

Location: J'onnverse, challenge response fic

Rating: PG for slash content

There were only two people in the conference room when Batman entered. Green Lantern was doodling on a ring created pad, and Superman was doing paperwork. Mostly likely checking the expense accounts, Batman thought.

As the Dark Knight sat down, he noticed the plate of cookies midway between the two men, and wondered briefly if he could snatch one without them noticing. He hadn't had a chance to eat anything since the night before, and he was starving.

The thought was only half formed when Superman pushed the plate towards him, taking a cookie off for himself in the process.

Odd, but not impossible. Kal could've heard his stomach rumbling as he came off the teleport pad. And they were old enough friends that the Kryptonian could get away with the silent remonstration once in a while.

What *was* strange, however, was that Kal was about to eat a Choco.

Superman detested Chocos.

"Now's not the time J'onn," Bruce mumbled. "Go change."

His mouth full of the treat, the other man didn't respond, just kept calmly doing the paperwork.

"J'onn," the Caped Crusader muttered. "Game's over. Kal doesn't eat Chocos." He knew the shapeshifter could hear him, his ears were nearly as sensitive as Superman's.

"He does when he's been bribed," Kyle snickered, his voice deepening by the end of the sentence.

"And when someone swore he'd get me something to drink to get the taste out of my mouth," Superman glared at the Emerald Warrior, who burst out laughing.

"What would you like? Champagne? A `54 Chardonnay? Two hundred year old Scotch?"

"Whatever's in the refrigerator is fine."

Kyle, still laughing, got up and walked out of the room, calling over his shoulder, "Look at it this way Superman, at least you only had to eat one!"

"What did he offer you?" Bruce asked, curious.

"The chance to pull the wool over your eyes for once," Kal answered innocently, stretching his back. "That was enough."

A speculative gleam in his eyes, Bruce slipped from the chair and knelt next to the Man of Steel. "You sure it wasn't something else? I mean, what if I'd've done... this..."

Tangling his fingers in Kal's thick, dark hair, Bruce pulled him down until their lips met.

Drawing back from the heated kiss, Kal`s blue eyes were stunned. "Bruce.."


"Do that again."

Batman was just about to oblige when J'onn's amused voice rang through the room. "I think not. Lois would have your head."

Jaw on the floor, mortified beyond belief, Bruce shot to his feet. "How...?"

"You were looking for J'onn to be the one playing the joke," Kal answered, still dazed and licking his lips unconsciously. "Not me. I've been working for a month to copy him."

"I'll get you for this Kent."

"It was worth it, believe me."

Batman turned to his unrepentant lover. "It would've served you right if I had kissed him again!" he growled.

(Storm's) End

Translated from the French "Frauds never prosper/Cheaters never prosper."

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