I Thought I Saw a...

by Darklady

Disclaimer: sniff I still don't got shit. Ummm. Come to think of it... shit I get a lot of. Make that - I don't own these characters.

Location: Chicago's J'onnverse

Rated: G

Bruce Wayne noticed, of course, when the furred shadow slunk in behind his secretary. She was bringing still another stack of files into the conference room, and too focused on the need to balance the unwieldy stack one-handed, to catch the significance of the slight press of warmth that must have brushed her left ankle. No matter. The Bat saw. He even kept the intruder under surveillance - unobtrusively, to be sure - as it slipped silently from plant stand to credenza on it's covert journey to the far end of the long conference table. But he said nothing. Did nothing. Not until the creature risked a swift leap, landing in front of the visiting Japanese executive, and cried.... "Meeeew."

Hidei Yashimoto reached down, instinctively scratching the crease of one orange and tan ear. "Your cat? Very handsome."

Shondra dropped the files on the oak table - somewhat more forcefully then she intended. "How did..." She grabbed for the animal, her fingers just brushing the calico fur as the cat slid further under the table.

"Excuse me. gentlemen." Bruce stood. The others at the table started to rise with him, but with a casual wave he indicated that they should stay seated. "I believe that is mine." He held out his arms, and the cat leapt into them.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Wayne." Shondra rushed over. "I can..."

"No, Shondra." Bruce's smile was reassuring. "I can handle my... pet. Perhaps you could bring some fresh tea?" He gave Yashimoto a casual half-bow. "I'll be just a minute."

The minute the door to Bruce Wayne's inner office close behind them, Bruce dropped the cat on the sofa.

"Really J'onn!" Bruce reached for the mini-fridge, taking out two cans of Zesti and some choco's. "After you insisted that Hidei fly to Gotham and I handle the WayneTech/New Concept venture himself."

By the time Bruce popped the second can-top, the Martian Manhunter form had replaced the fur.

Taking a long gulp of the cool soda, J'onn asked. "How?"

"Didn't you think I would get suspicious when a cat suddenly appeared on the twenty-third floor?"

"Suspicious, yes. " J'onn reached for a choco. "But I had thought you would suspect the Kyle woman." He popped in the whole cookie, savoring the crisp crunch. "She has used cats as agents before." This time J'onn unscrewed the cookie, licking out the frosted center before eating each half in turn. "Even on occasion robotic cats, which should have left doubt if I made any minor errors."

Bruce laughed. "A calico? And male?" Bruce leaned over the green lips, savoring the unique mix of chocolate and spice. " Catwoman would never have made that mistake."


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