Paper Hearts, part 0

By Darklady and Chicago

Disclaimers: Characters and settings owned by DC Comics. They've been borrowed without permission for fun, not for profit. The situation and plot belong to us.

Continuity note: A J'onnverse story - the entire 'verse takes JLA #58 as it's leaping off point and incorporates subsequent canon developments if we like them. Most important deviation from canon: the Bruce Wayne: Murderer? storyline never happened in this 'verse (we presume Vesper, spurned by Bruce and unsuccessful in her Batman hunt, merely moved back out of town). Also I've ignored recent developments in Nightwing regarding the Torque/Tad schism. This story is in about month 4 of the Bruce/J'onn relationship. It happens about two months after All's Fair.

Canon notes:

Part 2 - J'onn's means of managing identities is nicely explained in Action Comics #774.

Part 4 - Notably during Knightfall, the Bat crew has been shown to have an ambulance. We decided that WayneMed has a whole fleet.

Part 5 - We take JLA Year One as canon (12 part Waid mini), so Dinah and J'onn have a LONG history of working together. Also see Shadow of the Bat #36 for some of Dinah's history with Batman.

Part 6 - For a time, Batman actually moved his base of operations to his Gotham City penthouse, abandoning the Manor. The penthouse has not, to my knowledge been retconned out of existence. Sasha became "the cover" in Tec #765 (after several issues in costume with no hint of a code name)

Part 8 - Sasha's first encounter with Scarecrow was in GK #23.

Part 13 - references GK #23

Part 17 - the network of caves throughout Gotham was revealed as the work Bruce did during the run of Prodigal. He made use of them during NML and Cassandra currently calls one home (starting in Batgirl #14).

Part 21 - Hatter hit the GCPD in 'Tec #758-760.

Part 23 - J'onn's awareness of how death communicates itself telepathically comes from the 1989 JLI annual.

Part 30 - Sasha was trained by Walker, now serving as part of the Secret Service for President Luthor (see 'Tec #756). Various discussions referenced occurred during Batman #598 and 'Tec #763, as well as other issues around that time.

Acknowledgements: This fic is Darklady's fault, although I claim responsibility for the actual writing of parts 2 on. Darklady wrote part one and when I sent her part two as a rejoinder, she kept feeding me bunnies. So whether she knows it or not, Darklady is responsible for the timeline, the choice of villains, and the fate of Sasha Bordeaux.

Rating: Eh, PG mostly, although some parts might merit a PG-13 or even an R for language and violence and a very small amount of adult themes.

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