Game Spoiled

by Darklady

Disclaimer: The only thing I own here is the so-called plot and the bottle of perfume. Everything else belongs to Chicago and DC. Neither of them give me money. Go figure.

Location: Chicago's J'onnverse

Rated: G

Batman didn't look back.

The double-click of a lighter body landing on the roof-top behind him was evidence enough that the purple-clad heroine had followed. Instead - he raised one gauntleted hand towards the far side of the shadow-cloaked roof. A silent command.

Spoiler's response came in equal silence. Only the faintest brush on gloves on the concrete parapet betrayed her motion. Forgivable, as the brailled actions assured the Batman that she had not broken her watch on the brightly lit brownstone that had been their target.

Half an hour ago the other building's roof garden had been thronged with Gotham's 'best and brightest'. A reception of the Chamber Orchestra Society - the invitation to which in this case Bruce Wayne had been doubly fortunate to have declined. Twenty minutes ago four of the Black Hand's men had crashed the party, announcing that they had a bomb and would begin executing party guests if the usual mercenary demands were not appropriately met. Ten minutes ago Batman had disarmed both the bomb and two of the criminals, while Spoiler had obediently led the no-longer-hostages to safety. One minute ago the first of a growing fleet of police cars had pulled up.

The Dark Knight's forces were withdrawing now. Victorious - but still vigilant.

Yes, the Gotham police had the building surrounded - but there were still two skylights that might permit escape if the uncaptured two criminals were prepared - or desperate - enough. One pair of eyes *might* cover both - but not with the attention the Bat demanded.

The broken rustle of wind around a deep hood caught in the windbreak of stone proved that command had been obeyed as well.

Side by side - yet apart - the watched as the uniformed forces carefully retook the building. First out were the two criminals that the Batman had taken down - now sporting handcuff in addition to the Bat-tech tangle-lines. Then first one, then the other, of the remaining criminals were marched through the front door. Until at last the full count of the Black Hand henchmen were loaded into the waiting police vans and driven away.

Only when the last of the police cars had departed did the Batman speak. "Good work - J'onn."

What? The question came unspoken thought the mental link. The word actually spoken was. "How?"

Batman suppressed a smile as he mentally 'overheard' J'onn run the check of his latest body. Right weight. Right equipment. Right movements. This time - J'onn had made very certain - right *scent*. Saline and antiperspirant and the day-later remnants of L'Air de Temps.

Bruce made a note of that last. His human perceptions had not marked her use of Tim's gift. Yet.

"Not you." Batman permitted the humor to edge into his thoughts - if not his features. "Me." Crossing the asphalted distance, he raised one gloved hand to the black-masked cheek. "About Stephanie Brown I may feel many things - but?" Contact guided his Martian lover deeper into their shared experience. "I will never desire her."


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