Fugitive Endeavor, part 0

By Darklady and Chicago

For the record, Darklady deserves particular kudos for this fic. I had more or less abandoned the Fugitive story as firmly outside of J'onnverse canon, but Darklady came up with a scenario too delicious to pass up.

Disclaimers: Characters belong to DC Comics. J'onnverse belongs to Chicago. All written for fun, not for profit.

Comes after "Waking," "Bedtime Stories," and "After"

Canon Notes: The details of the plot to frame Bruce Wayne are taken almost verbatim from DC Comics "Bruce Wayne: Murderer and Fugitive" story arcs (now available in TPB), but you see how we've twisted them to suit our ends. The set up that DC had established was short circuited in the J'onnverse by the relationship between J'onn and Bruce, which kept Bruce from descending so thoroughly into his own little world. By our reckoning, the events of All's Fair created global crises on a scale that distracted Luthor from his vendetta against Bruce, and the fact that Vesper was stung enough by Bruce's rejection to leave town in the J'onnverse, rather than actually stick around to get murdered, also derailed Luthor's plan. But the pieces were in place, and with approval ratings through the roof after "Waking," and with the New Concept/Wayne Enterprises merger going through (see "Fidelity"), Luthor's mad on for Bruce is back in full force and his unimpeachability seems assured.

Whew - okay, that all laid out... Part 1: Jim Gordon retired after his shooting in "Officer Down." The girl who got shot refers to Alana Jones (see "Paper Hearts"). The dumping of Vesper happened in Detective Comics #764 (and yes, it was that classless). Part 2: Bruce's fight with Azrael took place in the "Knightsend" arc of Knightfall. Part 3: Bruce's plans were responsible for J'onn getting set on fire in the JLA "Tower of Babel" arc, which took place well before "Only Human." The journal entries can be read in the first 10 issues of Gotham Knights.

Continuity notice: "All's Fair" replaces the "Obsidian Age" in this 'verse, and canon developments will be adapted or ignored according to our whims. Entire 'verse starts after the end of the "Terror Incognita" arc in JLA.

Rating: G-PG.

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