Bedtime Stories - The Flash

Bedtime Stories - The Flash

by Chicago

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Linda West stretched luxuriously, careful not to wake her husband. The morning kinks relaxed, she rolled onto her side, enjoying the moment.

She was watching Wally sleep.

That never happened.

And it didn't last, but it was replaced by another rare thrill.

She got to watch Wally wake up.

His pale lashed eyelids seemed to flutter a few seconds before his eyes slitted open. Then the exposed slivers of blue slid under the eyelids until they came to rest on Linda. "Morning," he creaked, his voice morning-rusty.

Linda smiled at him and raised her hand to his bare chest, tracing idle circles there. "Morning," she replied.

"Mmm." His eyes closed again, but his arm reached over her head to wrap around her shoulders and pull her closer. Linda pressed a kiss to the side of his rib cage.

He jerked a little, a hint of a ticklish reaction, his lips curling into a half smile. "Trying to wake me up?" he accused without rancor.

Linda raised her head and kissed the closest nipple. "Maybe," she hedged. She pressed her palm flat against his chest and skimmed her hand down his body.

A little growl escaped Wally, and the arm around her shoulder suddenly tightened, pulling her up on top of him. She let out a squeal. "I think," he grunted as he settled her onto him, "that you are trying to wake up little Wally."

"And I think," Linda answered, kissing the tip of his nose, "that little Wally was awake before you were." She wiggled her hips to emphasize the point.

A bit of a hiss slipped from Wally's lips, and she paused. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" His metabolism was fast and he healed quickly, but he had been so beaten down...

In response, he reached his mouth up to meet her lips, kissing her firmly, urgently. When he finally pulled back, they were both gasping. He brought a hand to her face, his eyes studying her intently. "I've missed you," he said earnestly. "I don't know how I could have not -"

"Shhh," she interrupted, pressing her lips to his to stop his words. "It was both of us being too busy. And I wouldn't want to be with you so much if you didn't feel such a driving need to save the world." Her words were punctuated with kisses down his throat and across his collar bone. "But," she continued, raising her face to give him a stern look, "there'll be no more running yourself to death, you hear me?"

Wally wrapped his arms tightly around her and she nuzzled against his neck. After a silence he finally confessed, "I can't promise that."

Linda nodded, gently breaking his hold and sitting up to straddle his hips. "I know," she acknowledged. Her hips began a small grinding motion. "But let's pretend you can."

Wally's hands came to rest gently on her hips, his eyes darkening with desire as he watched her naked body move over him. "I love you, Linda," he breathed.

She leaned down to kiss his lips, her hair draping down to tickle his shoulders as her body shifted over him. "Make love to me, Wally."

And Wally West, the fastest man alive, breathed into his wife's kiss and abandoned his usual haste to the only person with whom he would share his slowness.


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