The Apprentice, part 0

by Chicago

Disclaimers: Characters and settings owned by DC Comics. They've been borrowed for fun, not for profit. The situation and plot belong to me.

Canon notes:

Part 5 - Details of Barbara's shooting by the Joker is in "The Killing Joke" TPB. Dick's shooting by the Joker (and his firing by Batman) is in Batman #408 and retold in Batman #416. Batgirl's battle with Shiva is in Batgirl #25. Tim's near death from the Clench is in the "Contagion" TPB. Jason's death occurs in the "A Death in the Family" TPB.

Part 6 - Barbara's ongoing involvement with Ted Kord and Kord Industries begins in the first issues of BoP. She went out with Ted in BoP #25, shortly before her relationship with Dick Grayson got serious. In the BoP "Catwoman/Oracle" mini, Barbara is enjoying a Knights basketball game with her father after getting tickets for "debug[ing Kord Industries] teleconferencing system during a big deal with Sony."

Part 8 - Stephanie's pregnancy took place in the pages of Robin at some point in the earlier issues. Tim's first appearance in the Robin suit and his reasons for donning it from "A Lonely Place of Dying" TPB.

Part 11: Nightwing's previous run-in with the Scarecrow in Bludhaven is in the "Rough Justice" TPB. The interpretation of the fear sequence is my own as it is one of those that I think everyone reads differently.

Part 12 - The Obeah Man flashback references the events in which Tim Drake's mother is killed and his father paralyzed. Those events are alluded to "Robin: A Hero Reborn" TPB. Batman's first case after Tim's mother's death is against Scarecrow, and Tim is instrumental in bringing him down (same TPB).

Part 15 - Batgirl's run in with Masters is the one which resulted in her moving to the Cassandra Cave; it is detailed across issues #13, 14 and 17 of Batgirl. Batman's comment on Masters is quoted from Batgirl #17. Cain's assassination contract on Cassandra and the decoy move on Hanford Island is told in Batgirl #22. Cassandra's deathwish comes up repeatedly prior to Batgirl #25, when it is finally dealt with in the battle with Shiva.

Part 20 - Batman has had several episodes where he has shut out the rest of his team and tried to go it alone. The first was after Jason was killed (detailed in "A Lonely Place of Dying" TPB), the second was a whole slew of episodes around the time of Bane (see the "Knightfall" TPBs). The most recent round of such behavior that figures into JV canon was during No Man's Land (also available in TPB), towards the end of which it *seemed* like Batman had learned his lesson. He had a faint relapse in GK #1, which is a marvelous story on a number of fronts during the reconstruction of Wayne Manor. In DC canon, the whole "Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive" thing showed Batman doing his isolationist act again, but as noted previously, in the JV, Bruce was with J'onn before any of that happened. "Fugitive Endeavor" in the JV (year 1) shows how we handled the various plottings that led up to BW:M?/F storyline, and we're still working on loose ends.

Epilogue - As noted, canon events reflected in BW:M?/F have been modified to our storyline, including the fate of the character presented here. For more on the "qualifications" Mr. Bones mentions, go to GK #23 for Scarecrow, 'Tec #755 for Dent, and 'Tec #756 for the White House. The stories of Dr. Trapps and Bette Noir are in MM #3, 17 and 36, and Harley Quinn #23 (I've taken liberties with this last bit and its timing). Some of the story of Trapps and the Justice Experience is likely in the short lived "Chase" series (Cameron Chase's father was the Acrobat, one of the members of that group, along with "the Bronze Wraith," who was J'onn in disguise and the only member of the team still living). The episode in which the DEO revealed J'onn's identities is in MM #17.

Rating: R (language, violence and some adult content)

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