The Air of December, part 0

by Chicago

Disclaimers: Characters and settings owned by DC Comics. They've been borrowed for fun, not for profit. The situation and plot belong to me.

Canon notes:

Part 1 - The idea that Gypsy has settled in Cairo came from MM #25. The choice of the "Rose Smith" alias is capricious and does not derive from canon beyond Gypsy's apparent reluctance to use her given name.

Part 2 - Batman moved Cassandra into an underground headquarters - the "Cassandra Cave" - in Batgirl #?? after she compromised her identity, potentially putting Oracle at risk.

Part 4 - Gypsy ran away from home at age 12 and was living on the streets when she finally made it to the Justice League. Her early experiences with the Justice League (first series, #233-36) were as a thief and a petty nuisance. Gypsy's on again, off again relationship with the Justice League was punctuated by stretches of poverty during which she sometimes returned to petty theft (e.g. JLTF #1).

Part 5 - J'onn's biweekly letters to Gypsy are mentioned in JLI #??.

Part 6 - Jim Gordon started his police career in Chicago (see The Long Halloween or Gordan of Gotham minis). Barbara Gordon is, canonically, Jim Gordon's adopted daughter, named after Jim's first wife. Young Barbara was adopted *after* the dissolution of Jim's first marriage. Jim's bad back and difficulty getting in and out of chairs is a remnant of his shooting in the Officer Down story arc. Sarah Essen, Jim's second wife, was killed by the Joker on New Year's Eve at the end of No Man's Land.

Part 7 - Tim Drake has repeated on multiple occasions that he does not want to be Robin forever, and definitely never wants to be Batman.

Part 8 - The Big Doof was introduced in MM #?? As one of J'onn's secret identities. Tempest's reserve status with the Titans is a direct result of issues that emerged in Atlantis in the aftermath of "All's Fair," which replaces canon's Obsidian Age in this 'verse. Gypsy's ability to mimic the form of a person sharing her approximate height and mass developed after the events of MM #12 (in which she was brought back from the dead by H'ronmeer) and were revealed in MM #25.

Rating: G

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