30/30 - Epilogue

30/30 - Epilogue

by Chicago

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Rating: G

Clark Kent waited patiently in a line that wound through the cafe at the downtown Metropolis Boundaries. Soft classical music played soothingly over the store sound system, providing a pleasant background to the muted tones of conversation.

"...never would've thought of that office note..."

"...my Frank was just..."

"...normally don't buy this kind of..."

The line shifted forward another few feet, and Clark tucked his book more securely under his arm.

"...so romantic..."

"...wife didn't know what to say..."

"...everything she writes..."

Another bit of movement, and now Clark could catch glimpses of the table up front.

"...best night since the kids..."

"...really adored..."

It was almost work to keep the faint smile off his face. After all, here he was just another fan, and one of only a handful of men on queue. He worked on cultivating the distant, I'm not really here gaze that marked the faces of the other males waiting there.

The woman in front of him was at the table.

"I can't tell you how much this book helped us. We were going through such a rough patch with me going back to work and Jerry changing jobs..."

And then it was his turn. He carefully pulled his book out from under his arm and opened it to the flyleaf, smiling at the slender woman sitting at the table.

"Hello," she greeted. "Would you like this personalized or just-"

Clark cleared his throat awkwardly. "Um, if you could make it to Clark and Lois..."

The green-eyed blonde smiled. "Of course." She leaned over the book, her pen flowing across the page.

"Here you go, Clark," she said when she was done, handing the book back with a twinkle in her eye. Clark accepted it and headed back out of the store, waiting until he was to the corner of the next street to open it and see what she had written. He grinned broadly at the words, closing the book as the light turned green to allow him to cross back to the Daily Planet building.

He was mentally going through his schedule as he stepped into the elevator and headed back to the office, wondering what Lois would say when she read the message set down in a feminine hand on the fly leaf of his copy of "Revive your Romance:"

To Clark and Lois- Double Date next Tuesday? "Lavender Larkspur"

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