30/30 - On Ice

by Chicago

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Rating: G


Two slender legs splayed straight out at right angles to one another. A pleated mini-skirt fluttered down to settle over tights-clad thighs and describe a circle of powder blue on the ice. Three feet higher, blue-green eyes opened wide in surprise.


Black skate boots skidded to a stop. A glove clad hand reached down, offering aid. Beyond the outstretched hand, a pair of clear blue eyes gazed down, accompanied by a kindly smile.

"Madeleine," Bruce Wayne said, helping the flustered and slightly winded blonde to her feet.

"Yes, Bruce?" the woman replied, her teeth beginning to chatter.

Bruce gallantly wrapped his arms around her from behind, sharing his body heat with her and kissing her ear. "I don't think ice skating is us."

Madeleine van Landingham nodded in agreement, letting Bruce hold her close and help her pick her way gingerly to the safety of the ice rink wall. If she leaned on him perhaps more than she truly needed to? Shivered with the cold that couldn't touch her, prompting him to hold her closer? Close enough that she could feel his warmth, could smell the aftershave and sweat that mingled into an intoxicating musk on his skin? And if Bruce felt compelled to brush his hands lightly across her backside, assuring himself that she hadn't been injured in her fall?

All merely confirmation of his statement. Ice-skating wasn't for them.

She closed her eyes as Bruce Wayne planted a soft kiss at the base of her neck.

No, definitely not for them.

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