30/30 - Try the Crab

by Chicago

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Rating: PG

"Aurora, there you are, darling!" Bruce Wayne effused, breezing up beside the elegant socialite an attendant divested her of her wrap.

Aurora offered a high society smile and accepted Bruce's arm. "Lovely party, Brucie. All the right people are here."

"I always aim to please," he preened, leading her across the room and claiming some champagne glasses for both of them.

Aurora accepted the glass he offered with a gracious expression. "Thank you, Brucie."

"Of course, my dear. Oh, and you MUST try the crab," he suggested, plucking some hors d'oeurves from a passing waiter's tray. "It's truly phenomenal."

Before Bruce could say another word, Aurora had swept closer, snugging her body close to his. Her lips brushed with feather lightness over his mouth, her tongue slipping out to urge his lips open. Then she pressed against him, her tongue thoroughly exploring his mouth as her lips moved hungrily. There was a sound of a champagne flute bouncing off the carpet, although the splash of alcohol did not distract either of them from the depth of their kiss.

Aurora had to press a hand to Bruce's chest to steady him when they finally pulled apart, and she could feel his heart racing. "You're right," she purred. "The crab IS phenomenal."

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