30/30 - Hot Oil

by ManEaterLad

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Rating: NC-17

Elaine straddled Bruce's back, her slender fingers moving over his skin in lazy circles. The massage oil made Bruce's skin glisten in the faint light from the streets. She traced the glittering trail of his spine, from the nape of his neck to just above his buttocks. He shifted beneath her and Elaine smiled. She could feel Bruce's buttocks clenching and unclenching beneath her. Her fingers traced lazy circles on the small of his back and Bruce sighed.

A moment later he gave a little cry as Elaine poured warm oil all over his back. He twisted, looked over his shoulder at the grinning face of his companion. The scent of warm oil filled his nostrils. Elaine's fingernails were scraping his skin, tracing the alphabet on his flesh. He could feel the course hair of her pussy as she leaned forward and kissed his face. Her breasts were soft weights pressing into his back. Bruce could feel her nipples hardening.

She was grinding a little, into him, her mane of auburn hair spilling around her head. Her hands were skittering over his ribs and Bruce fought the urge to giggle as she found his ticklish spots with unerring accuracy. "Turn over, Bruce." Her voice was soft, throaty.

He felt her rising to her knees, and Bruce rolled slowly onto his back. "This oil is going to stain the sheets," he said, amused. Elaine was kneeling over him now, a shadowclad figure, silhouetted by the light from the balcony.

He watched as she settled back, resting her buttocks on his upper thighs. His cock, rising and insistent, jutted up before her legs. She touched it with her hand, gripping the base and squeezing for a moment. He grunted and she released him and bent over to retrieve the bottle of oil. In one smooth motion, Elaine lifted the bottle and poured its contents over herself. Bruce stared, entranced, as Elaine slid her hands over her own flesh.

Her hands were on his thighs then, nails tickling him. She moved back a little more, then leaned forward. The tip of her stiff nipple brushed Bruce's erection. He shivered and made to sit up, but she shook her head and shoved him back down. Gyrating, Elaine moved forward and back, her full breasts scraping Bruce's aching hard-on. He squirmed beneath her.

She was on her hands and knees now, above him, bending forward to crush his cock between the valley of her breasts. He reached for her, touched her hair and was rewarded with a smirk before her mouth enveloped his fingers. She sucked the digit, her tongue swirling around the fingertip, before releasing it.

Bruce wanted to say something, anything, but he couldn't. He was powerless, captivated by her. And he knew that she knew. Smiling, Elaine lowered her head to regard his cock. Her hands cupped her breasts, fingers tweaking the cinnamon-colored nipples. Bending, she pressed her breasts together, around Bruce's cock. The flesh was warm and slick, her skin gleaming with the oil. Slowly, Elaine began to move, fucking his cock with her breasts.

Bruce groaned at the sensation, twisted his hips to thrust his dick between his lover's mammaries. He nearly screamed when Elaine suddenly freed his cock, first in frustration, then in pleasure as she slid her cherry lips over his manhood. Shuddering, Bruce arched his hips, trying to push more of his dick into her wet mouth. Elaine let him, settling herself against his lower body, sliding her hands beneath him to cup Bruce's muscular ass.

He fell back against the bed, and she lowered her head, swallowing him. Bruce shut his eyes, his hands moving to brush her hair, splayed against his legs. Her tongue was slipping around his cock in ways no human woman could ever compete with. Teasing him. Tantalizing him. Bruce concentrated on breathing, on the feel of her hair, the smell of the oil in the air. He lost the capacity for rational thought, however, when Elaine thrust her finger up his asshole.

The world fell apart in a blaze of pleasure. Bruce wasn't aware of crying out, of his hips rising up, fucking the beautiful woman's mouth. He wasn't aware of his asshole, burning and spasming around the finger penetrating it. The silk sheets of the hotel bed, the shadowplay against the far wall, everything vanished, consumed in a blaze of white light.

"Bruce?" Elaine's voice brought him back to himself.

Opening his eyes, Bruce was aware of her, cuddled next to him, her head on his shoulder. One of her long legs was draped across his hips. He shut his eyes and exhaled. "That was. . .intense."

Elaine giggled and pressed a kiss into the juncture of throat and shoulder. He turned his head, and claimed her mouth with a surprising fierceness. She responded in kind.

They parted and Bruce stared into her sea-green eyes. His hand rested lightly on her hip, drawing her closer to him. "You make me crazy," he whispered. "No one else does that. No one."

Elaine smiled and shifted her leg. His cock brushed her pussy. She was wet. Bruce had the sudden desire to go down, devour that silky flesh, worship it with his mouth. "Sometimes," Elaine said, "you need to get crazy."

Bruce grunted and then slid down, kissing a trail from Elaine's throat, over her quivering belly to the moist juncture between her legs. His tongue brushed her and she sighed, spread her legs wider for him. He kissed her bush and looked up at her face. He grinned. "Sometimes, you're right." Then he buried his head between her slim thighs and nothing was said for a very long time.

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