30/30 - The First Date

by Darklady

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Rating: G

For the first time in memory Bruce Wayne strolled though the glowing halls of the JLA Watchtower.

As he passed, the Green Lantern looked up from his sketchpad. "Date night?"

Wayne's usually agile fingers fumbled a bit on his tie. Unfortunately Superman's use of the JLA line had assured that everyone knew about the bet. Well - Bruce conceded in a regrettable moment of fairness - everyone who was a full member of the JLA on current active status. Which was still at least one and quite possibly five people too many.

"Nice suit." Kyle stroked a few lines at the top of the sheet then set it down. "Where are you going?"

"Dinner in Paris."

"Whooo. Some folks know who to do it right!" Plas shot his own hands into a ceiling-steep high-five.

The nearest door slid open.

"Double that Whoo-hoo", The humorous hero's eyes bulged - several inches - while his neck traced a series of 90 degree turns.

J'onn struck a 'model' pose. At least - everyone assumed it was J'onn. There really wasn't anyone else on the station that could carry off that dress. Or that body.

Shockingly exotic, a single swatch of near-transparent gold silk tucked and twisted from tightly beaded sable hair, over at least six feet of cafe au lait skin, and at length puddled around gold-painted toenails.

Bruce froze.

Kyle reached for his sketch pad.

Superman flew in from the observation deck. "Nice dress. Mondovatti, isn't it?"

At four shocked gasps, he explained. "Photographic memory. Plus, Lois made me cover his Paris show."

"Oui." J'onn - the presumed J'onn - sashayed over and finished knotting Bruce's tie. "Les Lyons deserves no less."

Superman seemed excessively interested in that announcement. "Les Lyons, eh?" He floated over to the pair. "In Paris, I assume?"

Bruce Wayne straightened his cuff links. "Les Lyons is hardly a chain."

"So for your first 'date'..." Superman's eyes narrowed. "You are going to dinner. In Paris. At your favorite restaurant. Where the chef ... if I recall our last lunch there... not only knows you by name but has the Grillade de Coquilles on the table before you sit down."

Two men looked confused.

One... woman... looked uncertain.

Bruce Wayne smirked. "It was on the list. By name."

Which Superman didn't doubt. Les Lyons was a 'new' name on the Paris food scene, but a daily more famous one. Still... "The purpose of the 'dates' is to try something new."

Plas added another two inches to his eye-balls. In J'onn's direction. "Tha..that's something new, all right."

Everyone ignored him.

Superman settled into a more human pose. "You gave your word, Bruce."

There was a very quiet pause before Bruce Wayne turned to his companion. Taking the lady's hand gently in his own, he asked. "What would you say to Maison l'Argent, my dear? I hear the chef is supposed to be... quite original."

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