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A collaborative fanfiction with stories and ideas from 'rith, Chicago, Darklady, Hotspur, ManEaterLad, nw's chick, SKH, Smitty, and StarStorm.

Disclaimers: Characters and settings owned by DC Comics. They've been borrowed for fun, not for profit.

Continuity note: Year 2 in the J'onnverse, after "Paper."

Canon notes:

Challenge: Clark Kent's renown as a novelist is canon; his nom de plum "Lavender Larkspur" is a J'onnverse invention compliments of Darklady. J'onn graciously plays the part of Lavender when book tours and publicity stills are requested by Clark's publisher.
Show Business: Plasticman's son Luke was introduced in JLA #65. Eel's real first name is Patrick as revealed in JLA #50. Lyrics from "I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right out of my Hair" copyright 1941.
Tales from the Bloody Rudder: The Wayne family history has been cobbled together from various Bat books and borrows from the Legend of Leatherwing among others.
Just Casing the Joint: J'onn's Goldie Johnston identity appears in MM #26. She was working for the World Register and at that point was arguing about the sidebarring of her story on Martians building the Sphinx.
Going to the Dogs: The Bathound reference is a tribute to canon stories gone by which don't quite fit the J'onnverse continuity and seemed to have been retconned out of comic continuity as well.
The Bodyguard: J'onn's affection for movies is canonical, particularly noted in the American Dreams mini. The movie and accompanying song are copyright 1992.
Don't Try this at Home: "Space Trek" was a show in the DCU which included Garfield Logan among its stars.
Empty Orchestra: Tana was Superboy's girlfriend, killed during "Sins of Youth."
Divides: Barry Allen's final walk of earth struck me as something I must have pulled out of canon, but I don't think it is. It would be during Crisis on Infinite Earths if it's from anything.
Workout: Ollie and Bruce did at one time see each other socially, while Ollie was still rich and less politically motivated.
Is that a Rabbit in Your Pocket?: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is copyright 1988. The Song "Why Don't you Do Right?" is copyright 1942.
May I Have This Dance?: J'onn's identities, as explained in the MM monthly, are usually derived from real people who died prematurely. He has a few identities that were never real people.
Late Night Double Feature: The semi-organic nature of Martian tech is touched on in JLA: New World Order and elsewhere. J'onn's cabinets full of Chocos are canon, particularly in the JLI days. Paco really was a break-dancer as well as the superhero Vibe before he was killed by a Professor Ivo android (Detroit JLA). J'onn's ability to project images of what people think they are seeing was demonstrated most recently in JLA #57. Canonically at various points, Bruce has slept with Ivy (very early on), Catwoman, and Talia. The MM "Ghosts" Annual reveals J'onn's love of his Chevy Impala, as well as the demise of that car. J'onn loves to drive, and canonically gets towed often (various issues of MM). Chicago (the movie) is copyright 2002 . "All that Jazz" is copyright 1957.
For a Song: ok, just in case no one cares... the four players in the gay mob soap opera were based on some of my favorite anime characters. only two of them were recognizable. since no one cares...
Hidden Beauty: John Johnstone (one of J'onn's identities) helped on the Kent farm during Clark Kent's youth (MM #20 and Action Comics #774). Tomasso the cat appeared as one of J'onn's identities in MM #17 and that identity was killed in MM #31.
Jazz: The Pour House was the site of Batman's confrontation with Matatoa in GK #16. Batman's invitation to the jazz club and his first visit there are from the Batman: Jazz mini. J'onn's first meeting with Batman as the Bronze Wraith is presented in MM #22. The League's publicity visit to Gotham and the resulting battle, as well as Batman's displeasure at their presence, come from JLA: Year One. The history of Batman bringing J'onn to the club is elaborated from the story J'onn told Barbara about the event in the story "Homecoming." Rating: stories run from G to NC-17

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