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Huge thanks are due
to the people who
have helped make this
archive possible:

'rith, for hosting it,

Smitty, for designing
the Year One page
and coding most of
Year One,

Nika, for scans and
graphics support

and of course the
various J'onnverse
Darklady, nw's chick,
StarStorm, Luke,
Smitty, SKH,
Bats4Bats, Hotspur
and ManEaterLad.

*wild applause*

You guys ROCK!

and Copyrights


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A few words of explanation:

Over about a six month span, three things happened. The first was that I wrote a story called "Homecoming" and in the process of researching for it found my still vaguely formed Martian Manhunter obsession becoming something a little more serious. My friends, observing this, and being in something of a mood to play matchmaking games between comic book characters, posited a challenge. This was the second thing, the dare to find a way to pair Martian Manhunter and Batman. I laughed, and they laughed, and I said if I found the right story, I would. Then the third thing: DC Comics released JLA #58, and I learned of the disaster that had befallen J'onn.

Comics canon provided a scenario where imagination had failed. In fact, I have read a review of the final page of JLA #58 that complained that Batman seemed out of character, uttering more words of support to Martian Manhunter in his hour of need than he ever had to Nightwing or Robin or Batgirl or any of the other collection of followers Batman has. Anyone who has a long comics reading history will realize that that argument is a bit hyperbolic, but the general idea is sound. Batman was awfully solicitous of a gravely wounded J'onn J'onzz.

And so I wrote "Only Human," the first of what was to become a rather disturbingly large collection of fanfiction.

It wasn't intended to be so much, perhaps a story or two, just for fun. Then one of the chief instigators of the whole thing, Darklady, changed her stance and decided to persuade me that this was not a relationship doomed to failure. In proving the point, she became an active collaborator in the J'onnverse, and her stories are among those that you will find here. Adding impetus to the whole project, 'rith offered a bit of webspace and Smitty designed a site and suddenly a couple stories had turned into a couple dozen, all living happily in their own archive.

That's how it happened.

As to what the J'onnverse is? That is something I encourage you to investigate on your own. The stories are presented sequentially, in the order they are intended to be read, but there's nothing that says you can't skip around. Go where you will. The stories are archived by year off this front page; the sidebar links provide answers to questions about characters, continuity, comic books, etc. But enough from me. Please, enter and enjoy the stories.


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