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J'onnverse Canon Notes

Which canon?

If you only know the world of the Justice League and Batman through the cartoons of the last decade, you are in some ways lucky. Most of you, though, have at least had to puzzle through where the Batman movies don't quite jive with the animated series, and if you're a comic reader to boot, you *know* how complicated canon questions can get.

The first defining move is to say that the J'onnverse builds primarily, though not exclusively, from comics canon. Non-comics readers who want to get caught up in this canon should investigate the "must reads" listed elsewhere on this page or return to the entry page to follow the links for Martian Manhunter and Batman.

Comic aficionados will recognize that just claiming comics canon leaves lots of unanswered questions. Which retcons are followed in the J'onnverse? Which ones are ignored? There has been a certain amount of picking and choosing involved in the J'onnverse, and the most salient points are listed here:


Basically we go along with contemporary canon up to the initiation of the Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive arc. Thus major events like No Man's Land and the whole Bane episode are very much part of the J'onnverse continuity, but the whole frame up for murder is not.

Some auxiliary points regarding the Bat acolytes:

We are going with Dick Grayson becoming Bruce's ward around the age of 8 or 9, not 13 as recent retcons have claimed. Dick did go to Hudson University, but we split the difference between old canon and the retcon - he almost graduates. Dick's formal adoption in GK #17 is part of J'onnverse continuity. This and the character of Gannon Malloy are perhaps the last things we will accept from Devin Grayson's work with Nightwing. Our Nightwing is staying a cop in the 'Haven and his home and Haly's circus are all fine, and if push comes to shove, we'll "Dallas" the whole Grayson run.

Barbara Gordon is significantly older than Dick Grayson - old enough to have been his babysitter as per older canon. We are more likely to go back to Batman Family issues to get Barbara's past than to accept recent attempts to rewrite it like "Batgirl: Year One." For instance, she really was a Congresswoman once upon a time.

Our version of Cassandra Cain is adamantly the character created by Puckett and Scott in "Batgirl." The uniqueness of the character has been diluted by subsequent authors, although Horrocks has done some neat stuff. As far as we're concerned, the series might as well have ended at #37.

Robin and Spoiler and that complicated snarl are subject to very different developments in the JV than they have been in canon. The unmasking of Tim Drake in Robin #124 isn't happening. We are phasing Tim out of the suit through his own decision making (as per hints much earlier in canon that he did not want to be in the suit forever). Stephanie is not destined for the Robin suit, but we've shifted her over to the JSA.

We're still working on what we want to do with Huntress.

Azrael managed to get killed under our radar in canon because none of the JV writers was following his book. This is convenient for us. We won't argue the point.

Martian Manhunter

We are using the 1988 mini as a defining moment of J'onnverse continuity and almost everything in which J'onn appears post 1988 is probably incorporated into the J'onnverse somewhere. Where there are conflicts between the 1988 mini and the later ongoing Martian Manhunter series, we have tended to go along with the later series (so, for example, J'onn's vulnerability to fire is both psychological and physical, no matter what weird things started going on after "the Obsidian Age" in JLA).


Probably the messiest continuity we are working with. We are taking "JLA: Year One" as canon and are largely ignoring the first 200 or so issues of the first Justice League series. We pick up canon again toward the end of that series with the events that led to the formation of the Detroit team. We continue following that line of continuity into the Justice League International days (the BWAH HA HA era) and stick with that through the "Break Downs" arc. We are picking and choosing from the Justice League Task Force. "Midsummer's Nightmare," "Paradise Lost," "DC One Million" and "Foreign Bodies" are definitely in J'onnverse continuity. The current JLA monthly is included through issue #65. From that point on we might pick up parts of story lines, but obviously stories like "The Burning" do not fit into what we're doing.

Other DCU

The further the J'onnverse unfolds, the more of the larger DCU gets pulled into the story. Some canon stories, like the "Zoom" storyline and the aftermath running in "The Flash" from issues #196-206, hit after we had written beyond the events depicted there. We are gleefully incorporating JSA storylines with the same sort of tweaks we are putting in everywhere. "The Power Company" is sadly mourned, and we'll try to keep it alive here.

Among the big canon changes not happening in the JV - the whole "Graduation Day" mess with the Titans, YJ, and the Outsiders left us cold. Our Donna is still alive. We are trying to be a little more realistic about the "kid hero" situation than DC has been. We recognize an audience issue; of course teens and younger would read comics as fantasy, and wouldn't it be cool to not have to worry about parents and go have a headquarters in San Francisco, etc. We aren't writing for kids. If the Titans and YJ require adjustment to more fully address the needs of the heroes in both organizations, we won't just "reboot."

General note on canon:

Throughout the J'onnverse, the stories will have canon notes included, letting you know what particular issues are actually referenced in the stories. Any canon events happening after the year 2001 are subject to a certain amount of picking and choosing on our part. Some canon stories no longer make sense if J'onn and Bruce are together, others appeared after we had already dealt with the same material in the J'onnverse.

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J'onnverse Characters

About midway through year 2, we realized a person would need a scorecard to keep up with every character that shows up in the JV. This is a start of one.

Canon Heroes
Character nameFirst J'onnverse AppearanceCanon home
Aquaman (Arthur Curry aka Orin)Alienated (mention),
JLA, Aquaman
Argent (Toni Moretti)Waking (mention)None - guests periodically
Arsenal (Roy Harper)Family Affairs (mention),
All's Fair
Atom (Ray Palmer)Only Human (mention),
All's Fair
Atom Smasher (Al Rothstein)Pizza Night at WarriorsJSA
Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)WarmthNone - dead in canon
Batgirl III(Cassandra Cain) Synthesis (mention),
Thanksgiving is for Family
Batman (Bruce Wayne)Only Humantoo many to list
Black Canary II (Dinah Lance)Alienated (mention),
Paper Hearts
Birds of Prey
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)Tea Time (mention)none - guests periodically
Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter))Confessions (mention)None - guests periodically
Changeling (Garfield Logan)Family Affairs (mention)Teen Titans
John ConstantineAll's Fair (mention)Hellblazer
Crimson Fox (Constance d'Aramis)Confessions (mention)None - may be dead in canon
Deadman (Boston Brand)All's FairNone - guests periodically
Dr. Fate(Hector Hall)Only Human (mention)JSA
Dr. Light IV (Kimiyo Hoshi)Thanksgiving is for Family (mention)None - guests periodically
Dr. Mid-Nite II (Pieter Cross)WakingJSA
DolphinAll's FairNone currently
(Tempest's wife)
Fire (Beatriz Bonilla Da Costa)All's FairNone - guests periodically
Flash I (Jay Garrick)Waking (mention)JSA
Flash III (Wally West)Only Human (mention),
JLA, The Flash
Green Arrow I (Oliver Queen)Alienated (mention)Green Arrow
Green Lantern V (Kyle Rayner)ConfrontingJLA, Green Lantern
Gypsy (Cindy Reynolds)ConfessionsNone currently
Huntress II (Helena Bertinelli)WarmthBirds of Prey
Ice (Tora Olafsdotter)All's FairNone - dead in canon
Impluse (Bart Allen)Waking (mention)Teen Titans
Jade (Jenny Lynn Hayden)Thanksgiving is for Family (mention),
Bedtime Stories - Green Lantern
Jesse Quick (Jesse Chambers)Waking (mention)JSA
Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz)Only HumanJLA
Max MercuryWaking (mention) None -weird dead/alive
status in canon
Mr. Terrific (Michael Hold)WakingJSA
Moon Maiden (Laurel)All's Fair (mention)None currently
Nightwing (Dick Grayson)Thesis (mention),
Family Affairs
Nightwing, Outsiders
Oracle (Barbara Gordon)Only HumanBirds of Prey
Plastic Man (Eel O'Brian)AlienatedJLA, Plasticman
Josiah PowerPizza Night at WarriorsPower Company
(book cancelled)
Robin II (Jason Todd)Fidelity (mention)None - dead in canon
Robin III (Tim Drake)Comforts of Home (mention),
Telling Tales out of School
Robin, Teen Titans
Spectre (Hal Jordan)All's Fair (mention)JSA, The Spectre
Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)Telling Tales out of School (mention),
Spoiler Games
Starfire (Koriand'r)Family Affairs (mention)Teen Titans
Steel III (John Henry Irons)All's FairNone - seems to be
dead in canon
Superboy (Kon-El)Waking (mention)Teen Titans
Superman (Clark Kent aka Kal-El)Only Human (mention),
Tempest (Garth of Shayeris)All's FairNone currently
Troia (Donna Troy)WakingNone - dead in canon
Vibe (Paco Ramone)Confessions (mention)None - dead in canon
Vixen (Mari Jiwe Macabe)Confessions (mention)None - guests periodically
Warrior (Guy Gardner)Confessions (mention)None -weird dead/alive
status in canon
Wondergirl (Cassie Sandsmark)Waking (mention)Teen Titans
Wonder Woman (Diana of Themyscira)Alienated (mention),
JLA, Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman II (Hippolyta)Waking (mention)None - dead in canon
(Wonder Woman's mother)
Zatanna ZataraAll's FairNone - guests periodically
ZaurielAll's Fair (mention)None - guests periodically

Canon Villains
Character nameFirst J'onnverse AppearanceCanon home
Centurian (ancient Roman warrior)All's FairNone currently
David Cain (assassin)Fugitive EndeavorRecurring villain
Batman books
Cassandra's father
Catwoman (Selina Kyle)All's Fair (mention)Catwoman (villain status ambiguous)
Darkseid Thesis (mention)Recurring villain
entire DCU
Glorious Godfrey (G. Gordon Godfrey)Confessions (mention)One of the new gods
recurrent, entire DCU
Gray Man (dead dream collector)Globetrotting (mention)Recurring character
entire DCU
villain status ambiguous
Id (alien construct)All's Fair (mention)None - destroyed in canon
Imperiex (galactic conqueror)All's Fair (mention)None currently - defeated
in Our Worlds at War
JokerFidelity (mention)Recurring villain
Batman books
Klarion (witch boy)All's Fair (mention)Recurring villain
entire DCU
Lex Luthor (President)WakingRecurring villain
entire DCU
believed dead in canon
Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch)Paper HeartsRecurring villain
Batman books
Mr. Freeze (Victor Frieze)Fidelity (mention)Recurring villain
Batman books
Mordru (evil sorceror)All's FairRecurring villain
primarily JSA
Neron (demon)All's Fair (mention)Recurring villain
entire DCU
Nite-Wing (Tad Ryerstad)Paper HeartsNightwing
Overmaster (alien conqueror)All's Fair (mention)None - defeated in canon
Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)Paper Hearts (mention)Recurring villain
Batman books
PrometheusFamily Affairs (mention),
All's Fair
Recurring villain
primarily JLA
Protex (white Martian leader)Assured (mention) Recurring villain
primarily JLA
currently in Phantom Zone
Qwsp (fifth dimensional imp)All's Fair (mention)Recurring villain
Ra's al Ghul (international terrorist)All's Fair (mention)Recurring villain
Batman books
occasionally rest of DCU
Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane)Paper HeartsRecurring villain
Batman books
Torque (Dudley Soames) Paper HeartsNone - dead in canon
Two-Face (Harvey Dent Synthesis (mention)Recurring villain
Batman books
Von Mauler (mind vampire)Confessions (mention)None currently
Weather Wizard (Mark Mardon)Issues (mention)Recurring villain
The Flash's Rogues Gallery

Canon Supporting Characters
Character nameFirst J'onnverse AppearanceRelationship/canon home
Akins, MichaelPaper HeartsGotham City Police Commissioner
Batman books
Allen, CrispusPaper HeartsGotham City cop
Batman books
Gotham Central
AngelIssues (mention)Mother of Plasticman's son
appears on occasion
Bordeaux, SashaComforts of Home (mention), GuardedBruce Wayne's bodyguard
none currently
Bullock, HarveyThanksgiving is for Family (mention)Gotham City cop
currently on the lam in canon
CerdianAll's Fairinfant son of Tempest and Dolphin
Claiborne, Dr. HelenWaking (mention)Max Mercury's daughter
was in Impulse
Curry, Arthur JrBedtime Stories - Aquaman (mention)Aquaman's son
dead in canon
Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO)Paper Hearts(mention)Government agency for monitoring metas
entire DCU
Drake, DanaThanksgiving is for Family (mention)stepmother to Tim Drake
Drake, JackThanksgiving is for Family (mention)tim Drake's father
Erdel, Dr. SaulCold (mention)Scientist who brought J'onn J'onzz to Earth
Essen, SarahTea Time (mention)Jim Gordon's second wife
dead in canon
Fairchild, VesperGuarded (mention),
Fugitive Endeavor
reporter and love interest of Bruce Wayne
dead in canon
Fox, LuciusSynthesis (mention)CEO of Wayne Enterprises
Batman books (dead in the JV)
Garrick, JoanWaking (mention)Jay Garrick's wife
occasional in The Flash
Gordon, JimTea TimeFormer Gotham City Police Commisioner
Batman books
HaroldWarmthBatman's mechanic
dead in canon
Harper, LianAll's Fair (mention)Roy Harper's daughter
occasional in Outsiders
K'hymThesis (mention)J'onn J'onzz daughter
dead in canon
Kinsolving, ShondraAntithesis (mention)Physician who healed Bruce Wayne's broken back
incapacitated in canon
Lane, LoisAlienatedReporter for the Daily Planet
Clark Kent's wife
Superman books
LukeDark Side of the Moon (mention)Plasticman's son
occasional in canon
Meade, DianeTea Time (mention), ConfessionsPrivate Investigator (former Denver cop)
John Jones' partner
Montoya, ReneThanksgiving is for Family (mention), Paper HeartsGotham City cop
Batman books, Gotham Central
M'yri'ahThesis (mention)J'onn J'onzz's wife
dead in canon
Olsen, JimmyWaking (mention)Superman's pal
Superman books
Pennyworth, AlfredComforts of HomeBruce Wayne's butler
Batman books
Rohrbach, AmyTea Time (mention),
Bludhaven cop
Dick Grayson's partner
Rohrbach, EmmaWaking (mention)Amy Rohrbach's daughter
Rohrbach, JimWaking (mention)Amy Rohrbach's husband
Rohrbach, JustinWaking (mention)Amy Rohrbach's son
RupertPizza Night at WarriorsJosiah Power's Partner
None currently, was in Power Company
STAR LabsFamily Affair (mention), All's FairResearch facility for meta/alien issues
entire DCU
Thompkins, Dr. LesliePaper HeartsBruce Wayne's mother figure and physician
Batman books
West, Linda ParkThanksgiving is for Family (mention),
Wally West's wife
The Flash
White, PerryAll's Fair (mention)editor of the Daily Planet
Superman books
Winks, WoozyThanksgiving is for FamilyPlasticman's friend (partner in the JV)

Martian Gods
With the exception of H'ronmeer, we made up these gods after spending a good amount of time trying to figure out Martian theology.
GodPlace in PantheonPhysical Form in Waking

Original Supporting Characters
Given the need for random cops/victims/businessmen/nurses/etc, we've been creating them
Character RoleFirst J'onnverse AppearanceCharacter Name
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J'onnverse Readings

Any comics reader with a general familiarity with the JLA and Batman should be able to follow most of the J'onnverse. We have tried to make it more generally accessible, but there have been places where we have foregone exposition in favor of more streamlined storytelling. The lists presented here offer comic selections that are understood elements of the J'onnverse.

Must Reads:

1988 Martian Manhunter Mini (DeMatteis)
JLA: Year One
JLA #55-58

(in canon)

1989 JLI Annual
JLA: Midsummers Nightmare
MM #22
JLA: Paradise Lost

Worthy Stories

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The Many Faces of J'onn:

Identities and Disguises

Martians have complete control over their physical structures, making it possible for them to shift shape into whatever form they desire. This ability apparently extends to reducing mass, since J'onn has successfully passed himself off as a cat that was picked up and handled as a cat.

The canonical explanation for J'onn's multiple identities is that he is intensely curious about humans and over 50 years on the planet has been trying to experience as many human things as possible. Recent canon has revealed that most of J'onn's identities were tributes of a sort, continuations of lives of people he had met who had died prematurely.

A few of J'onn's identities are pure invention on his part, e.g. the Bronze Wraith in DC canon and Alana Jones in JV continuity. These identities have constructed lives and histories and are almost characters in their own rights. J'onn also has a variety of disguises, forms he assumes for a particular occasion or event. He has on occasion impersonated members of the Justice League, at least once impersonated Director Bones of the DEO and has an infinite variety of made up forms that he can tailor to an occasion.

How can he keep all his forms straight?

The best answer to this came in an issue of Action Comics (#774) when writer Joe Kelly introduced the idea of the Mind Mansion. J'onn's mind is so highly organized that he can effectively keep separate "rooms" in his head which each contain all the information about a given identity, from shoe size to allergies to where that identity was last Tuesday.

Partial listing of J'onn's identities

DC canon
Martian Manhunter (listed as an identity because, well, it is. J'onn also has a trueform, but it's private)
John Jones, Denver PI and former police officer
Goldie Johnston, Chicago tabloid reporter for *The World Register* (MM #26)
Yuchiro Takata, Japanese businessman, owner of New Concept Industries (MM #2, #17 - this identity was one of the ones exposed by the DEO and supposedly abandoned by J'onn. We found it too useful, so we have parted with canon on this point - this identity remains intact in the J'onnverse)
Bio Armor Jade Warrior, Japanese superhero (MM #2, #17, exposed by the DEO)
Hino Rei, Tokyo financial reporter (JLA #27, an early example of J'onn and Bruce playing the identity game)
Tomasso, Venetian cat (MM #17, killed in MM #31)
Jim Tully, DEO agent Cameron Chase's partner (revealed MM #5)
Paolo, street kid in Rio de Janeiro (MM #17, exposed by the DEO, killed in MM #31)
The Big Doof (MM #3)
The Bronze Wraith, member of the Justice Experience, served with Cameron Chase's father, the Acrobat (MM #17 and elsewhere)
Marco Xavier, early "playboy" identity (House of Mystery #160) "While undertaking this little chore on behalf of the Feds, J'onn inadvertently causes the death (!!!) of one of Faceless' top lieutenants: one "Marco Xavier," by name. Operating, perhaps, under a sense of guilt-spurred obligation (as well as that galaxy-renowned "thriftiness" which characterizes the Martian peoples, as a whole), J'onn promptly utilized his shape-shifting abilities to assume the exact likeness of the deceased Xavier, and infiltrate V.U.L.T.U.R.E. from within -- becoming, in essence, an espionage "counter-spy." (information from
"Slow J'onn J'onzz" site.
Isobel de la Rosa, novelist in Montevideo (MM #10, killed during DC One Million)
John Johnstone, farmhand hired by the Kents during Clark's youth (MM #20, Action Comics #774)

Betty Nehring, journalist and Metropolis Press Club member (Action Comics #774)
"Mac," aide to President Luthor (Superman #175 and elsewhere)

JV Continuity
Alana Jones, the first "Wayne girlfriend" after Only Human
Jasmina del Marte, Argentinian supermodel
Lavender Larkspur, romance novelist, nom de plume of Clark Kent
Cherry Delight, former porn star and later activist
Walter Frank, minor league ballplayer in the 50s
Mona L'Amour, actress and chantreuse
Rachel Darling, private nurse
Ray, barfly at Warrior's - Las Vegas

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