A Start  by J.C.

"You know, we could resolve this if you'd just take me to bed."  His voice shook a little as he said it; as much as he wanted it, he'd never been with anyone before.

"The answer is still 'no'."

"Yeah, right, our ages, the relationship we've had, the job we're supposed to be doing...  *But*," he said before he could be interrupted, "I'm of age now, we're not related by blood, and I know I could still *do* my job, we both could."

There was silence, and he let it hang there.  Hoping.  Counting on the certainty that his affection was returned, the attraction mutual.

"Tim..."  Tone still resolute.

But he had one card left.  Knowing the history helped, though he could only guess at the specifics.

"Don't make the same mistake with me that he made with you."

And finally...a little glimmer in those blue eyes, a softening, and Dick walking with purpose *towards* him, whispering in his ear, "We don't rush this.  We take it slow."

He nodded, agreeing, almost giddy with relief.  It was a definite start, much more than he'd expected moments ago.  And, heart pounding, he leaned forward for their first kiss, sealing the deal.


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