by Hotspur

Disclaimer: Characters owned by DC Comics and borrowed without permission, just for fun. Inspired by the Potatoverse by Smitty et al.

Pairing: Bruce/Dinah/Clark/Lois

Rating: NC-17

Dinah knelt in front of Clark, her tongue tracing slow and easy circles around each nipple in turn. His chest was heaving against her face, and his skin was hot and flushed. She knew that had more to do with what Bruce was doing behind him than with her gentle, soothing tonguing.

She raised her head to lick at Clark's collar bone, peering over his shoulder to see what was happening on the other side of the Man of Steel. She was almost, but not quite, surprised that Bruce was still only touching with his hands.

She knew what those hands could do. He had made her come once using only his thumb. It took an hour of slow strokes and caresses.

She had experienced three orgasms that night.

Bruce was using all ten fingers now. He was stroking, poking, rubbing... And Clark was shuddering. She shifted and felt his rock hard cock against her knee. Neither she nor Bruce had touched him below the waist in any way aside from that inadvertent brush, and his cock was weeping copiously. Dinah met his eyes, and they were wide and needy. She held his gaze and then turned to Lois, drawing his eyes with her motion.

Lois was standing stock still, watching

"What next?" Dinah asked

Lois swallowed hard. "I want Bruce to use his tongue."

"And me?"

"Kiss him."

Dinah turned back to Clark, who shuddered as Bruce licked a broad path along the side of his neck. She heard a faint suction as Bruce began to suck and mouth the back of Clark's neck just below his hair. Clark gasped, and Dinah lunged forward, thrusting her tongue past his parted lips.

For a moment, Clark didn't respond, and then his tongue was pushing back, his lips moving hard against hers.

"Bite him," she heard Lois say, and she wasn't sure whether she meant her or Bruce. So she nipped at Clark's tongue and he moaned into her mouth.

"Move back, Dinah," Lois ordered, and Dinah obeyed, Clark straining after her mouth with a kind of desperation.

"Hold his arms, Bruce," Lois directed, and Clark was pulled up short.

"Tightly," she added.

Dinah could see Bruce's muscles tighten as he increased his grip.

"Dinah, move forward just a bit. Good. Stay there." Her voice changed. "Clark, you want to kiss her, don't you?"

Clark hesitated.

"Bite him, Bruce."

Dinah watched as Bruce's teeth descended on Clark's shoulder. Clark shivered.

"Do you want to kiss her, Clark?" Lois asked again sweetly.

Clark's puzzlement was clear on his face. Again he did not answer immediately.

"Again, Bruce." Now Bruce's teeth raked the other shoulder, more slowly.

"Clark, do you want to kiss Dinah?"

Clark nodded slowly.

"I can't hear you," Lois said. "Bruce."

This time it was an ear lobe that Bruce claimed, and Clark's face twisted with pleasure.

"Clark, Dinah is right there. Her lips are waiting for you. Can't you see how full they are? How red? Don't you want to kiss them?"

"Yes..." Clark breathed, starting to lean forward

"Don't move, Dinah. Clark, you can almost taste them, can't you? Soft, with a hint of lip gloss still clinging to them. Her spit is sweet. I know the way her tongue moves, narrow and sinuous. You want to kiss her, Clark."

"Yes," he said again, leaning forward further.

His eyes were closed, and sweat was streaming down his face. She could hear his breathing, rough and raspy.

"Dinah, open your mouth a little," Lois said. "Bruce, trace your tongue over his spine. Clark, you're almost touching her lips. I know you can feel her body heat, her breath. Don't open your eyes, just feel her."

Clark leaned closer, his lips almost to Dinah's. She looked past him to see Bruce's eyes on them both as his tongue traveled from vertebra to vertebra. Clark's lips were just a millimeter away, now touching, and Bruce suddenly sucked on Clark's skin, hard.

Clark shuddered and suddenly cried out around the tongue that Dinah thrust into his mouth. She felt warm splatters against her skin as Clark panted desperately.

"That's so pretty, Clark," Lois cooed. "I can see your cock jumping from here. But you got Dinah all messy."

Clark groaned and moved his mouth weakly against Dinah's, gasping for air. He shuddered as Bruce's mouth trailed feather touches across his shoulders.

"Lie down on your back, Dinah," Lois ordered.

Clark whimpered as Dinah's mouth moved away to obey Lois' command.

"Don't worry, Clark, we're nowhere near done," Lois pointed out. "Bruce, release his wrists."

Clark's hands came forward, and he opened his eyes, their blue depths hungry and anxious. He stared at Dinah.

"Lick that cum off her belly," Lois snapped.

Clark shuddered and obeyed, leaning over onto his hands and knees to lap at Dinah's flesh. Dinah moaned softly as his tongue sought every cooling drop on her belly, her ribcage, her breasts...

"Knees wider, Clark."

Dinah opened her eyes and looked past the dark head eagerly bathing her body. She met Bruce's eyes, then let her eyes trail down his body to his hard cock. He could last for hours, she knew from experience. Tantric.

Clark didn't have a prayer.

"Spread his cheeks, Bruce."

Bruce shifted so he was kneeling between Clark's legs, reached out his hands and grabbed the flesh of Clark's ass. Clark froze for a second, and Lois barked, "Clark! She's not clean yet!"

He began licking her with renewed vigor, and Lois said, "Bruce, lick his hole."

Dinah raised an eyebrow, knowing Bruce had rimmed her before, wondering if Clark had ever felt...

From his gasping moan as Bruce set his tongue to work, she guessed not. "Shut up and love it, Clark. Put a tit in your mouth if you can't stay quiet."

Dinah started; Lois was getting harsher, cruder. And then she gasped as Clark opened his mouth wide around her breast, sucking and tonguing. She could hear him making sounds in his throat, using her noises to cover the little whimpers.

"Bruce, lick him harder."

Dinah squeaked a little as Clark drew in a desperate breath, sucking her tit deep into his mouth. She was shocked that she couldn't feel his teeth, just warm, wet undulations. And his cock. His cock was hard again and brushing against her inner thigh. She moaned and shifted a little raising her hips.

Clark moved to take her other breast, and she took advantage of the changed position to shift a little lower. His cock was surging very high on her thigh, and she was dripping wet.

"Bruce," Lois' voice caught her, made her stay her motion. "Reach down to Dinah's cunt. She should be good and wet."

Dinah groaned in agreement, squirming against Bruce's steady hand. Clark was nipping at her chest, coving the surface of her breasts with little kisses.

"Load up your fingers with that honey, Bruce."

Dinah hissed and threw her head back as Bruce's fingers slipped inside her for a moment and twisted.

"Spread those juices on Clark's hole."

Dinah moaned as Bruce's fingers slipped free of her, and Clark froze.

"Did I say you could quit kissing her tits?"

Clark swallowed - Dinah could feel him do it, the sweat dripped off his adam's apple - and began kissing her again.

"Get more of those juices, Bruce, but this time rub them on your cock. Keep doing it until you're nice and slick."

Dinah cried out as Bruce's fingers entered her again. She wanted to sob as they left, then gasped as they came back again, and again.

"Clark, kiss her mouth."

That muffled her cries but made her make more noise. She could still feel Clark's cock bouncing against her thigh.

"Mmmm, fingers and cock all shiny," Lois said, and her voice had a slightly different note. "Bruce, I want to see a finger up Clark's ass. Now!"

Clark had paused at this command, and then suddenly cried out, gasping against the penetration. His mouth pulled away from Dinah's making her noises more audible. "Please," she gasped. She pushed her hips up, managing to slide her slick pussy against the head of Clark's cock. "I want... I need..." "Wait, Dinah," Lois said. "That's it... wait... Bruce, stroke her while you put another finger in my husband. Dinah, we'll get some cock, honey, don't worry... don't worry..." Lois' voice was getting breathier and Dinah craned her neck to look at her. She was still standing still, but her nipples looked painfully erect and her skin was almost glowing.

"Oh!" Clark cried, and Dinah felt his cock slicking precum against her thigh. Bruce's thumb was stroking over her labia, softly, teasing.

"Twist your fingers a bit, Bruce. Clark, look down at Dinah's cunt."

Clark blushed at the language but obey, his chest heaving as he struggled to catch his breath.

"You see how Bruce is touching her while he works his fingers in your ass. That's Dinah's honey lubing you up, baby. Feel that sliding in you? Bruce get a little more of those juices on that your other hand there. I think Clark needs another ... yeah, another finger..."

Clark glanced up at Dinah's face with wide eyes, and Dinah lifted a hand to his brow. "Relax," she mouthed, biting her lip as Bruce's hand returned to pussy, again with slow even strokes. She knew he was taking care as he added a third finger to Clark's ass, watched the way Clark stiffened and shuddered and suddenly surged back. She grinned, knowing what that meant, and saw more precum slide from the tip of his cock.

"That's it, Clark, you can feel that, can't you? Feels hot, doesn't it? A little fire burning a line to your balls. You need to look at Dinah's cunt, Clark. You need to see where that honey in your ass is coming from. You need to know the hand back there, stroking inside you. Bruce, show Clark what the hand in his ass is doing."

Dinah almost screamed as three fingers drove home, slipping into her easily. She felt Bruce spreading his fingers, opening her, rubbing against her g-spot, his thumb still teasing her clit.

"Dinah, wait for the cock," Lois cautioned. "You'll both get your cock. That's right, Clark. I can see how close you are, and I bet your ass is wide and ready. Bruce, you need your hands back. Take the one that was in Dinah and reslick your cock. Clark, lower your face. I want you to smell Dinah's cunt. Keep your ass up."

Dinah squinted down past the man who was breathing in her scent, seeing Bruce fisting his own cock between Clark's legs.

"One taste, Clark. Just one."

Dinah cried and writhed as a broad stroke of the tongue rubbed her from asshole to clit.

"Ready, Bruce? Rise up, you know what I want. Let me see you move into position. Oh, that's nice. That's ... oh yes. Now lean forward, push it in. Slowly, slowly, hang in there Clark."

Clark's face was pressed against Dinah's mound of venus; she could feel his harsh breathing over her clit. A tremor went through him, and Lois breathed: "Oh yes, you've got the head of it now. Bruce, slide on home. Oh yeah. This is a *good* fuck. Dinah, you should see. Bruce's cock is going in so nicely."

Dinah raised her head and tangled her fingers in Clark's hair, looking up along the slope of Clark's back. Bruce rose magnificently over him, moving forward slowly, pressing toward that beautifully raised ass. Clark was whimpering, his sounds making little vibrations so near her clit.

"Almost there, Clark. You feel him filling you? That's that cock you told me you admired. Bet you didn't know that, huh, Bruce? Clark likes your cock."

Dinah stared up at her husband's face, noting a hint of surprise flutter across his eyes, quickly replaced by heightened desire. Lois knew what she was doing.

"Tell him about his cock, Clark."

"Oh, god," Clark moaned, and Dinah was pinned by his forehead, unable to buck up. She stared at her husband, his body sweat-sheened and taut, and began to touch her own nipples.

"Tell him, Clark. Tell him about the dream where you take his cock in your mouth and suck..."

There was an "oof" from Clark as Bruce surged forward, burying himself completely in Clark's ass.

"Tell him, Clark. Or tell Dinah. Lift your face so you can see her play with her tits and tell her about Bruce's cock. Tell her how it feels."

Clark raised his face, and his eyes were wild with lust. "God, Dinah, his cock. I've never felt so full. I sneak peaks beneath the - ah!" Bruce had pulled back and slammed back into Clark's ass.

"Tell... tell him... more... Clark... Tell... Dinah..."

Dinah wanted to see what Lois was doing, but she was caught in Clark's wild-eyed stare.

"He... he's hung... oh... it rests so full... I can imagine... oh, god, Dinah, he's... he's in me... he's really... I can... I can FEEL... you don't ... oh... ah... Bruce..."

"Slow down, Bruce... slower... oh god... not yet... Clark... Clark... hold on... Bruce..." They were still for a second, then, "Bruce, stay in him... stay... Clark... move...move with him... Bruce... I want you ... want you to sit... on your knees... Stay... stay in him... that's it..."

Dinah watched as they sat back together, Bruce still buried in Clark's ass. She swallowed hard as she saw Clark's cock rising stiff and slick to bounce against his abs

"Good... good... Dinah, stand up... yes... you know.... You know..."

And Dinah did know. She stood and walked forward, watching as Clark licked his lips, his face at cunt level. She pressed forward against his face for a moment, letting him breath deep her smell. She felt Bruce's hand, and she knew it was Bruce's touch, reach forward to fondle her clit for a moment.

"Easy," she gasped, reaching to touch his hair. Then she began to squat, lowering herself scant inches from Clark's chest. She knew her target, reached down to grasp it so it would be in position She felt Clark's eyes on her, hungry, desperate. She inched down until she felt herself slicking the blunt head of his cock.

"That's it... take him... take him... lower... DROP!"

She was so wet she slid down with almost no friction, his hard shaft poking deep inside her. She yelled, bouncing on his cock, relishing how deeply it moved her. She felt a pressure, and she was pitched backwards, Clark and Bruce toppling on top of her.

They held their weight off her and she could feel Bruce controlling it all, fucking Clark hard and forcing his cock to move inside her body.

"Harder... oh god... Bruce... fuck... ram him... feel him, Clark... he's fucking Dinah... through ... you... oh..."

Dinah couldn't see Lois, couldn't see anything through the sweat in her eyes and the tossing of her head that blurred any vision. She could just feel it, the double jolt that kept shoving that steel hard cock deep into her body.

Lois' voice kept up the description. "he... fuck... Clark wants... god... Dinah... you have ... feel cock... fucking... Bruce... harder... I can... see... both... two cocks, Dinah...two...oh...uh... ooooHOOOOOHHHO!"

Lois's cry was like a siren song or an order or both, and Dinah could feel Clark's cum flooding her as her own body spasmed and writhed in intense orgasm. She bucked and grabbed, screaming her release, and she could hear Clark and Bruce doing the same. Hell, she could feel them, feel them both. They were hot, hard, in her...

She was just coming down when she started to hear that Lois hadn't stopped. She was panting, sated, "So pretty. Oh so pretty. Good cock. Good cunt. Oh god..."

She felt Bruce pulling out of Clark, sitting back, easing him over onto his side and reaching a hand out to pull Lois in among them. Both Lois and Clark seemed shell shocked, quivering and curling to either side of Dinah, kissing her softly, stroking her hair. Bruce settled between her legs, resting his head on her belly, letting her stroke his hair the way she often did after sex. They were sticky and sweaty and the room smelt hot and close and musky. But, Dinah allowed, there had never been a fuck quite like this before.