Day at the Office

by Hotspur

Disclaimer: Characters owned by DC Comics and borrowed without permission, just for fun. Inspired by the Potatoverse by Smitty et al.

Pairing: Cassandra/Tim

Rating: NC-17

The coffee on the desk, if either of them cared, had cooled. It was the only thing that was cooling.

Other things were getting very hot indeed.

There was the friction of bodies on carpet, creating patches of rug burn that would go unnoticed until much later. There was the body heat trapped within unshed clothes, hastening the sweat that poured off both bodies. There was the building warmth of an office, door closed and sun beams heating the air faster than the air conditioner could process it. There was the 98 degrees of conjoined mouths, desperately kissing, hard and fast. And the sweet under-skirt and lowered-trousers humid heat of lust.

They rolled together and she pushed him back, half under the desk. He gasped and groaned and tried to keep it quiet as she sat across his hips and smiled that mysterious smile.

Her small hands double fisted his cock, squeezing rhythmically.

His hands rode up her thighs, under her skirt, and he pressed a thumb against her clit.

She bit her lower lip, letting a sound from her throat.

He worried for a moment that someone might hear, might stop by with a memo, might call him to a meeting.

She gave his cock another squeeze and raised herself up on her knees. She held him and rubbed her warm wetness over his cockhead, and he choked back a hungry sound.

His mind again flew to the possibility of getting caught, and how little she would care. Hell, she would probably say he was out and she was behind the desk picking up paperclips or something if anyone came in. Smiling pleasantly even as she - oooh!

She was sliding down, pressing her weight against him, sucking him into her body.

He gasped at the slick pressure of penetration.

She grinned at him and gave a little bounce.

This time he could not contain his groan, and she smiled more broadly.

She put her finger to his lips and raised up, this time dropping more swiftly.

He tightened his hands on her thighs desperately

She repeated the question she had asked when she had brought the coffee. "Fuck?"

He bucked his hips up into her. "Cass..." he moaned as she settled in for the ride.

She flung herself down and began to hump him, still sliding up and down his cock at a new angle that brushed her clit against his lower abdomen. She made little noises, capturing his hands and pinning them back beside his head.

He began to thrust to meet her, unable not to.

Then suddenly she froze, panting near his ear.

"Cass," he groaned. "Cass-"

"Shh," she whispered. "That's the door."

He swallowed a scream as suddenly he was coming, spurting deep inside her. He fought to keep silent as she ground against him, her lips spreading into a growing smile as she silently came.

Her clenching vaginal muscles milked his cock.

Her smile got broader.

He could hear nothing beyond the pounding of his heart and their frantic breathing.

Panic gripped him. Who?

Cass sat up and smiled a cat-that-ate-the-canary smile. She straightened her blouse and reached to the desktop, her hand returning with a few tissues. She carefully wiped around the join of their bodies, sliding off him easily and catching the cum that spilled from her. "You have a meeting with Bruce in five minutes."

He gasped and sat up, panicked. "Was that-"

Her grin broadened as she stepped free of him and straightened her skirt. Then she knelt to kiss his cheek. "No one at the door," she said. "I just want you to come."

Then she stood and threw away the tissues in her hand. Coolly, calmly, she strode out of his office, leaving him to pull himself together.