by Hotspur

Disclaimer: Characters owned by DC Comics and borrowed without permission, just for fun. Set in the J'onnverse by Chicago with permission.

Pairing: Dick/Babs

Rating: NC-17

Dick was sprawled facedown on the bed, spreadeagled. Strips of leather surrounded each wrist and ankle, securing him to the bedstead. He could feel the weight of another body on the bed, almost close enough to feel body heat. Almost, but not quite.

"Think of it as an exercise in concentration and skill," her voice said evenly, as if giving a lecture. "When you can undo your bonds enough to flip over, I will deal with your front. In the meantime-"

He shivered in anticipation, his wrists already twisting in their bindings. Then a gasp ripped through his body, and he froze. Cold. Something freezing cold rested against the base of his neck. After a moment, he felt the wetness of it.


Ice now trailing in a slow determined line down his spine. "Babs," he gasped, and the ice stopped moving.

"Concentration shot already?" she asked.

His cock got even stiffer at her tone. "No," he protested, again squirming his hands against his bonds.

"Good," she said, and she began moving the ice again, slowly, inexorably, down the center of his back.

He swallowed hard as he felt in travel down to the small of his back, trying to make the motion of his fingers effectual. The steady motion was not slowing as it moved lower, and he fought to breathe. The cool air of the room intensified the chill left by the wet trail of the ice. Surely she wouldn't... he gasped as he felt a hand on his ass. Fingers dipped down, spreading his cheeks as the chunk of ice moved nearer the base of his spine.

He had one knot half undone. If he were quick enough...

The ice began it's slow descent between the cheeks of his ass. His breathing sped up as he tried to steel himself, caught between wanting and not wanting as inch by inch the ice kept moving. His fingers still fumbled on the knot at his left wrist, more for show than for any effectiveness. Slow cold, still lower...

He let out a strangled noise as it finally brushed against his asshole, and Barbara twisted the ice a bit before releasing her spreading fingers. The ice just sat there, held in place by the flesh of his ass, melting against his asshole.

A sharp slap burned across his ass cheeks. "Give up already?"

"God, Babs." He writhed, now trying again to get at his bonds. He lifted his hips to ease his cock, squirming as water dripped slowly down his ass to caress his balls.

A puff of air blew across his neck, and he wondered how he missed Babs' movement. She blew over the wet trail on his back, following the same path as the ice, not touching him.

One knot undone, but another yet to go before he would have even one wrist free - and the effort was not the only thing getting impossibly harder as cool breath breezed over the small of his back. The ice at his back passage was becoming less a sizable pressure, and he wondered if he was just getting numb. But no, he could definitely feel the heat of the hand Babs cupped below his ass, the edge of her hand just brushing his wet balls.

Again her fingers spread him, allowing what remained of the ice to fall free as she continued to blow a path down his back, down the crack of his ass. Her hand rubbed the remaining ice against his sac, making him buck against the bed.

He tried to roll, and she clucked her tongue. "Concentration, remember."

God, like anyone could concentrate with - he cried out as her fingers hooked his balls, pulling not quite enough to hurt.

"I'm getting bored, here, Dick," she cautioned, her hands moving away from him. Another half knot done, and the last bit should be easy -

Teeth suddenly descended on the back of his thigh.

He jumped, rising up, and as he descended he felt a thumb slip between his asscheeks right behind his balls. He squeezed the muscles of his ass, and the thumb pressed against his cold, wet asshole. He closed his eyes and bit his lip, pushing... back.

He felt Babs hair trail over his ass. "Mmm. You like that, do you?" The ball of her thumb made a little rotating gesture just as he managed to finally rip his left wrist free.

Now a quandry - it would be easier to stay face down and reach across to undo his right wrist, but - he groaned and raised his hips as Babs slid her fingers under his balls, the tips just brushing his cock. Her thumb continued its slow pressure, his asshole no longer chilled as she rubbed against it. He began to twist onto his side, and she pulled her hand away.

"You don't want it?" she asked, and there was mischief in her eyes as she licked her fingers.


"I told you I would deal with your front when you got untied," she reminded him, "and I can't reach around from the back with you facing me." She seemed so cool and collected, sitting naked on the bed as casually as if she were watching a movie. Only the faintest pucker of her nipples betrayed some arousal, although he imagined that she was streaming wet -

He flopped back on the bed with a groan, aware that she would sit there and watch him forever if he didn't do something. He stretched his left hand over, turning slightly so he could see what he was doing as he - God!

He froze, his body arched into a bow, as once again Babs began to spread the cheeks of his ass, pushing against his clenched muscles. Her hair was splayed over his cheeks as her tongue... what was she going to -

"ooohhhhhh," he moaned, his eyes squeezing shut as her tongue flicked over his asshole.

He felt her raise her face. "Interesting. Maybe you don't want me to do your front," she teased, her hand sliding sideways between mounds of flesh.

He swallowed hard and growled, renewing his attack on the leather at his right wrist.

"I wonder," Babs murmured, and he could hear her exaggeratedly sucking on her own fingers.

Focus. Just... focus... one more... "Gaaaah! Babs!"

One spit slick finger was poking at his back entrance, dipping in just a little, just to the top knuckle, wiggling a bit. "Yes?" she asked innocently, pressing the intruding digit in a little further.

Dick could feel the precum smearing over the head of his cock and onto the sheets. He squeezed his ass cheeks around her probing hand and drew a laugh from her.

"Mmmm... tight..." She pulled her hand away and he took a desperate breath, returning to that final knot. Something slick drizzled over his ass, sliding down his crack. "Maybe a massage?" Babs teased, her fingers following the oil. He felt the final half-knot loosening as her fingers trailed lower, touching the edges of his asshole...

Again one finger penetrated him, just as he freed his wrist and reared back. He cried out as her finger slid into him, unerringly finding his prostate on his own backward motion. He bounced back again and Babs other hand was suddenly around his cock, squeezing firmly. "Don't come, Dick. I'm not ready for you to come."

Her finger tickled over his prostate as she spoke, and he gritted his teeth against the tightening of his balls. His breathing was coming in desperate heaves, and he felt himself getting light headed.

Suddenly Babs' finger, her hands were gone, releasing him for a moment before returning, not to his cock, but to his shoulders and arms, stroking them soothingly. "Okay, Dick. It's okay. Breathe."

He sat there on his hands and knees, listening to her voice as his breathing steadied. He felt her shifting, working around him, her hands moving gently over his neck and shoulders. Her lips kissed the side of his head, and he felt sweat trickling down his brow, dripping from his nose...

He lost track of time, his universe reduced to the throbbing hard on between his legs, desperate for release. He felt something brush his chest, and then hands on his face. "Open your eyes, Dick."

Were they closed? They must be. He swallowed and forced the lids apart.

Somehow Barbara had gotten beneath him, was lying on her back, his sweat dripping onto her body. She smiled up at him. "I changed my mind. I'm going to suck you now."

He blinked down at her. "Babs-"

"You don't have to move," she assured him. "Just don't forget to breathe."

Easier said than done as she scooted her body down, slipping between his still tied legs. He let his head hang, watching her as she moved, his breath hitching as she reached up to hold his cock.

She looked up at him, grinning. "Just wanted to be sure you were watching," she said.

"Guh, uh hunh," he answered inarticulately as her fingers squeezed again around his cock.

Then she raised her head slowly from the sheets, opening her mouth as she got closer to his dripping cock. Her tongue stretched out and played around the tip of his cock, clearing away precum. She smacked her lips. "Tasty." She lifted up again, steering his cock with her hand, and opened her mouth wide.

He could feel the heat of her mouth around his cock as she kept her lips open, giving him only her breath over the sensitive head. He shuddered and his arms buckled so he was holding himself up with his elbows, still watching her. She pulled back a little at his partial collapse and looked up at him again. "Don't move," she ordered.

He nodded, swallowing hard and licking his lips.

Babs raised her head again, and this time her lips did close down over the crown of his cock, drawing a deep groan from Dick's throat. She pulled him a little deeper into her mouth, and Dick clenched his hands in the sheets. He forgot to ask her when he could come, wasn't sure if she wanted to tease or to -

She was humming. Humming around his cock. He pressed his head into the blankets, and her hand smacked his flank. Don't move. Right. He raised his face and resumed watching.

She had half his cock in his mouth now, and one hand lifted to curl around his hips, hooking around his ass. Now the second hand joined the first, encircling his hips, supporting Babs' body as her mouth continued to work over his cock.

Her hair was streaming down, her face reddened. He could feel her breasts rubbing against his inner thighs. He watched as if from a distance as her arm muscles began to tighten, lifting her body, moving her head...

Her nose slammed against his pubes as she suddenly sucked him deep into her throat, swallowing against the thickness of his cock. Don't move, his mind heard her say again, his entire body quivering with the urge to thrust, to fuck her mouth

Her arms untensed and she slipped her mouth down until only the head of his cock was in held between her lips, then again, one hard hot fast slick motion, swallowing him down. He half-screamed, straining against the tighening of his balls, against the the desperate urge to thrust forward. Her throat worked across the head of his cock, throbbing mercilessly.

She pulled back again and he felt her shift her hands, squeezing them around his ass, dipping fingers lower. Her hands were spreading him wide, letting cool air tease his asshole. He didn't know if he could take anymore. Breathe, Babs had said. Breathe. He tried, gulping for air.

He blinked sweat away and saw her eyes were watching him, waiting for his attention as her tongue still nestled against the head of his cock. Her eyes crinkled at him as if in a smile when she saw she had his attention, and she locked gazes with him. It felt like a game of chicken. He knew she was going to - would swallow him again - would suck him -

"GOD!" he screamed, once more feeling her forehead and nose, feeling her chin working against his balls, her tongue, her throat. He couldn't take it. He couldn't. He was going to -

He was feeling a tapping, somehow penetrating the red-grey fog of his mind. Fingers tapping against the flesh of his ass, fingers...

in a rhythm...

A rhythm that was matching the alternating tightenings and loosenings of Barbara's throat on his cock.

Dots... dashes...

...the letter O...



...and then one finger poking into his ass, Barbara pulling him as deep as she could into her mouth.

He roared as his cock erupted, his entire body throbbing with the pulse of his ejaculation. The finger in his ass probed deeper as Babs let his cock slip more shallowly in her mouth. Rippling aftershocks coursed through him as she swallowed his cum and stroked his prostate. One hand was smoothing over his thigh, steady against his trembling flesh.

She released his cock. "Breathe," she reminded him as she slid her finger out of him.

He swallowed and tried to obey, gasping. He felt her shift further down the bed, gently untying his ankles. He whimpered as he felt the blood rushing back into his feet, the tightening of the leather at his squirming having gone unnoticed.

Again he felt Babs hand on his shaking thighs. "You can lie down now," she encouraged.

He sank into the sheets, a sob of relief pulled from his throat. He lay face down, feeling Babs massage his legs and feet for a moment before working her way back up the bed to sit beside him. He groaned a little as she began to stroke his sweat drenched hair. "Damn, Babs. That was -"

"Shh," she whispered. "I know."

He turned his head with an effort to look at her body. "I'm sorry. I should - but -"

She chuckled. "You should what, former boy wonder?"

He reached a trembling hand to rest on her thigh, one finger brushing her pubic hair. "I want to-"

Now she actually laughed, picking up his hand and kissing it. "You think I did that just for you?"

He managed to raise his head enough to give her a confused look.

She stroked circles over his back. "Men," she teased. "All the same."

"Wha- Babs-?"

"Shh. My poor magnificent man."


"Tut tut. Pay attention to your master," she ordered.

He swallowed and nodded, letting his head fall back.

"You see, Mr. Self-Control and Concentration..." Her hands worked over his shoulders, managing to make him feel even more boneless. "Sometimes a girl just needs to feel her power. And sometimes when little boy wonders are trying not to come..." She gave his shoulder a playful slap. "...little girl wonders are getting off on watching."

Dick blinked. "Wha-"

He could see the secretive smile on her face. "You should wish you were a girl, Dick. I came twice."