Turkey Day

by Casey

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters mentioned or depicted in this story. When last I checked, they were owned by DC Comics. I am making no money from this story, merely writing it for enjoyment purposes only. If m/m sex and/or relationships bother you, please stop reading now. Please feel free to send feedback to me at: Casey1122@aol.com

November, 2001

This is part of my ongoing "Emerald Wings" series, although it has no special place in the continuity of the series.

"Turkey Day"

By Casey

In a small New York apartment, an argument was brewing.

"I'm telling you, RJ, raisins do not belong in stuffing!"

"Don't let Alfred hear you say that! Now, go on! Get out of here and let me finish cooking!"

"Cooking?" he said with a grin. "Is that what you call it?"

"Ha Ha. Verrry funny," the other young man remarked. He was completely unaware of the smudges of flour on his cheeks and forehead. "Now go get in the shower! Donna, Radu and Terry'll be here soon!"

"Okay. Okay! Sheesh!" Kyle laughed as Dick shooed him out of "his" kitchen. {Pretty funny}, he thought, {considering it's my apartment!}. He smiled as he remembered how his lover had insisted on cooking for their first Thanksgiving dinner together, even though Dick could barely boil an egg. Dick Grayson, the dark and terminally serious Nightwing, he thought, certainly had his cute moments.

Seconds later, a green glow appeared behind Dick in the kitchen and Kyle slowly wrapped his arms around his lover's waist. He leaned in and kissed the back of his neck.

"Kyle....." Dick moaned. "Not now...."

"C'mon," Kyle whispered. "Let's get outta this kitchen for a while. I've got something you can stuff...."

Dick laughed at the bad joke. "I can't, man! The potatoes have to be peeled, the gravy isn't even made yet, and the bird's not done!"

"Aw, c'monnnnn..." Kyle whined childishly. "I'll even let you play with my giblets!"

Dick broke into hysterical laughter and shook his head. He turned in his lover's arms, wrapped his own around Kyle's neck and smiled.

"Kyle, you are such a turkey...."

The man known as Green Lantern rolled his eyes and groaned before leading Dick into the bedroom.

Later, Donna, Radu and Terry would praise Dick's cooking, not realizing that it had been power-ringed from a nearby restaurant only minutes before they arrived.




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