by Casey

Neither Nightwing nor Green Lantern characters belong to me. They belong to DC Comics. Also, this story contains explicit descriptions of male to male sex. If this offends you, or you are under the legal age to view it, please stop now.


By casey112-@aol.com

The sun has set on the town of Bludhaven, and the night has begun. Dark shadows that are barely held at bay during the daylight surge forth as if alive, hungry for release. Even in the apartment of Dick Grayson, the shadows move.....

"Well, time to go to work.", thinks Grayson as he pulls his blue T-shirt over his head. The muscles in his arms flexing as he tosses it onto the bed. He stretches, arms outstretched above him, arching his back. Then, his hand moves to his jeans, unbuttoning them. Strong hands slide them down his hips, exposing his black boxer-briefs and powerful thighs. He stops for a moment, subconsciously admiring himself in a nearby mirror. His hand slides up his abs, across his smooth chest. Two fingers begin to lightly rub the dark quarter-sized nipples on his chest. For a second, Dick is lost in the sensation that ripples through his body. His other hand begins rubbing his growing cock through his briefs.....

"Whoa! Not now, Grayson.....Enough time for that later......", he thinks. With a deep sigh, he regains his composure enough to slide off the briefs and reach for the jockstrap that lies folded on the bed. He struggles not to look at his now-nude form in the mirror. Pulling the jockstrap on, he then takes a dark costume from a hidden compartment in his closet and holds it up in front of him, inspecting it for any rips from last night's adventures. Suddenly, the room is bathed in an eerie green glow........

"What the Hell......!?!"

Instinctively, he dives for cover behind a chair, tossing his uniform aside. The bright glow dims, and as he looks from behind the chair, Dick Grayson sees a familiar form materialize inside an emerald aura.

"Hey, anybody home? Dick! You here?"

Dick:"Green Lantern?!? What're you doing here?!? I thought I was under attack!"

GL:"Oh, man.....Sorry about that. Guess I wasn't.....thinking......"

As Nightwing emerges from his hiding place, Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern, notices his friend's current state of dress...

GL:"Um, listen, Dick...I hope I'm not....um......interrupting anything....."

He glances nervously around the apartment, expecting a half-naked woman to come barging out of the bedroom.

Dick:"Relax, Kyle. I was just getting ready to go out on patrol, that's all."

Without a hint of embarrassment, Dick walks over and shakes Kyle's hand. Despite himself, Kyle cannot help but notice how the full, round pouch of his friend's jock bounces as he walks.

GL:"Oh, okay. I just stopped by to see if you could teach me some of those self-defense techniques we talked about, but if you're busy...."

Dick:"Yeah, that's cool. I can hold off patrol for a little while, seeing as you're already here. C'mon into the bedroom. I've got a mat set up in there."

Kyle's eyes follows Dick's tight, firm asscheeks into the bedroom.

GL:"Listen, if you wanna get dressed first, I can wait....."

"I'll just throw on some sweats, although I don't know why I should bother.....I mean, I'm only gonna get sweaty anyway. Besides, it's nothing you haven't seen before, right?", he says with a grin.

"I wish!...." thinks Kyle. His eyes take in Dick's perfect body. His smooth chest, broad shoulders, muscular arms.......washboard abs, slim waist, bulging basket......!

Dick:"Kyle? You gonna stay in your uniform? I have some sweats you can wear...."

GL:"Hm? Oh, yeah.......Don't sweat it, man. With this ring, I never have to worry about packing a suitcase..."

A beam of green light erupts from the ring on his right hand, changing his uniform into a pair of black nylon shorts. Now it is Dick's turn to be surprised. Looking at Kyle's shirtless body, the nylon shorts clinging to his crotch, Dick feels a curios stirring in his own crotch.....



Dick:"Um, nothing! Just amazed every time I see that ring of yours at work!'

For just a moment, Kyle could swear that the bulge in his buddy's blue sweats twitched.......

Dick:"Okay, let's get started. Kyle, grab onto my shoulders."

Kyle places his hands on Dick's shoulders, feeling the knotted muscles. Suddenly, Dick's two arms shoot up between their chests, breaking Kyle's hold. Then, Dick grabs onto Kyle's right arm, turns, and flips him over his back. For a moment, Kyle feels his nipples rub against his friend's shoulder and slide over his back. Then, he finds himself on the floor.


Shaking his head, he looks up to see his bare-chested "teacher" standing above him, feet slightly apart, holding out a hand to help him up. Kyle's eyes move immediately to the basket between Dick's legs and wonders if Dick realizes what a magnificent view of his cock and balls he is giving him. Tiny hairs peeking out of the waistband running up his tight abs, the outline of his cock pressing against the fabric.....

Grabbing Dick's thick forearm, Kyle pulls himself upright, but looses his balance and stumbles into Dick's arms. His nipples are rubbing against Dick's muscular chest as Dick's hands hold him around the waist. Kyle feels his cock grow as Dick's cock rubs against his thigh....

Kyle:"Oh, man....Do I feel like a jerk......."

He never noticed Dick's dark, blue eyes before.....

Dick:"....No problem. Actually, you don't feel like a jerk at all........"

"There's that sexy smile again....." thinks Kyle.

Dick stares at the young man in his arms. Kyle's hair is slightly messed, strands of it falling in front of his forehead. His clear blue eyes looking up at him, his smile so natural and sincere. Living in California has given his buddy a golden tan, offsetting his dark, wavy hair. Well-developed triceps bulge as Kyle grabs Dick's arms for balance, almost refusing to let go. Quarter-sized nipples stand out against a smooth, tight chest which tapers down to his hard abdominal muscles. Just below his navel, a small trail of dark hair runs down Kyle's belly, disappearing into the top of his shorts. The nylon shorts do little to hide the bulge that is between his thick, muscled legs.

"Hmmm....I wonder if I'd look this good in those shorts....Never really noticed what a great body Kyle has.....", thinks Dick.

Kyle:"Uh....Dick? You okay, man?"

Dick:"Uh, yeah, sure! Just admiring your....tan, that's all!"

Kyle smiles. "Yeah, I try to keep it up. And having the ring makes it a lot easier, too. I just form a matress in the sky, and I don't have to worry about privacy. Look! No tan lines!"

Hooking his fingers into the waistband of his shorts, Kyle pulls one side down, giving Dick a good view of his tanned hip. Dick groans silently to himself. How he'd love to bite that hip.....

Dick:"Listen, as long as you're halfway there, let me try on those shorts....."

Kyle:"Huh? You serious?'

Dick:"Yeah, I've been thinking of buying a pair. Let me see how they look."

Kyle:"Ummmm, okay.....On one condition. You let me try on your Nightwing costume."

Dick:"Sure, why not? It's on the bed...."

"Cool. Just let me know if you want me to take in the crotch, though......", Kyle says, smiling.

Dick:"Yeah, right. Dream on, buddy!"

As Kyle slides his shorts down over his hips, he turns his back, exposing his round bubble-butt.

Dick grins. "Shy? Don't worry; I'm sure it's not that impressive....."

Kyle:"Oh, yeah, smart guy?"

He turns to face Dick, his semi-hard cock bouncing in front of him, seven inches of manhood protruding out of a patch of curly black hair. His two balls hang low, swinging between his legs as he turns.

Dick:"Hmmmmm.....Not bad.......Here, put this on......"

Catching the shorts with one hand, Dick tosses his Nightwing costume with the other, wondering if his friend's beginning hard-on is the result of the exercise or something else.....

Leaning over to slide the costume over his bare feet, Kyle sees his semi-hard cock in front of him.

"Damn! I wonder if he noticed....?", thinks Kyle. Glancing over his shoulder, he catches a glimpse of his friend staring at him, a slight grin on his face.

"Yep. He noticed. Man, how embarrassing..........", he thinks. "Hmmm.......If I was a gymnast like Dick, I'd probably be able to blow myself right now. I wonder if he can.....Whoa, Rayner! This is definitely not the way to get rid of this hardon!" Shaking his head slightly, he continues to pull the tight, spandex costume up his thighs. As he attempts to shove his semi-erect member into the fabric, he becomes even more aroused as he realizes Dick is still watching him fumble with his hard cock. Finally, he pulls the rest of the costume up and over his tight chest and muscular shoulders.

Dick stands, arms folded, triceps bulging, with a satisfied smile on his face. "Not bad, Kyle. Had a little trouble, though, huh?"

"Ummm, yeah, I guess. It, um, always happens when I get undressed in front of another guy. I don't know why......", Kyle says, blushing slightly.

"Even in gym class at school?", Dick asks.

Kyle: "Well, no........Just recently, I guess........"

Dick:"Ah, you're probably just used to the ring changing your clothes for you, now. You're not used to being nude with another person watching anymore. That's one of the things I had to get used to when I lived with The Batman. We saw each other nude every day........"

"Really?", asks Kyle as Dick slides his hands beneath the waistband of his sweats and begins pulling them down.

"Yeah", says Dick. "It was like having gym class every day of my life, man. We changed together, worked out together, showered together....Actually, it was pretty cool."

"I'll bet!", thinks Kyle, trying to regain control of his hard-on again. Dick was just pulling his sweats off his bare feet, now. As he tossed them onto the bed and reached for Kyle's shorts, Dick's own cock swayed in the dim light. From the way his sweats had bulged and moved, Kyle had known that Dick discarded the jockstrap when he changed into the sweats. In fact, part of the reason for his excitement had been his curiosity about the actual size of his buddy's manhood, hidden beneath the dark blue material. Although they had known each other for a while now, they had never been in a situation to see each other naked before. Up until tonight, Kyle had to be satisfied with watching Dick's muscles move underneath the form-fitting spandex of his costume, or stretching out a pair of shorts and T-shirt. Now, his friend moved across the room to the bed, his cock (eight inches? nine??) bouncing against his huge balls. Kyle noticed that Dick's pubic hair was neatly trimmed into an almost perfect triangle that ran up from the top and fell between the muscles that formed Dick's belly before disappearing into his broad chest. "God, he's perfect!", he thought.

"Kyle? You okay?", Dick asks, real concern on his face as he stands with Kyle's shorts around his ankles.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, man, sorry.....". Again, Kyle's face turns red.

"Okay, if you're sure....". He bends down and begins pulling the shorts up. Kyle stares at the lean, tight body of his friend, noticing how Dick's cock seems to grow as his face gets closer to it......

"It's a good thing you have plenty of room in the crotch of that costume, huh?", teases Dick. He nods his head towards Kyle's crotch.

"Very funny, pal.....The shoulders are kinda tight, though...", Kyle replies.

"Yeah, well, I'd rather have small shoulders than a small cock, dude....". That sexy smile again.

Since the subject has come up, Kyle decides to go for it.....

"Hey, Dick, can I ask you something?"

"Shoot.', he says as he finishes pulling up the shorts.

"Well, you're a gymnast, right?", asks Kyle.

"Well, yeah, I guess so....Why?".

"This is gonna sound weird.....", says Kyle, suddenly wondering why he started this.......

"Don't worry about it, man, just ask me....." says Dick reassuringly.

"Okay. Well, is it true that gymnasts can......y'know.....take care of themselves?"

"Take.....What do you mean, Kyle?", asks Dick, obviously confused.

"Ummm......You know........With their mouths?". Now he is thoroughly embarrassed.....

"Oh! You mean, give myself a blowjob?", says Dick with a grin.

"Yeah.....I mean, that's what I've heard......"says Kyle, relieved that Dick doesn't seem pissed off.

"Sure can, dude.".

Kyle is amazed at how matter-of-fact his friend's answer is. "Really?!?", he asks.

"Yeah......Why, you don't believe me?", answers Dick, grinning again......

Kyle:"Um, yeah, I guess......."

"You don't, do you? What do I have to do, prove it to you?", Dick asks.

"No, man, you don't have to......"

"Okay, I will.....Just keep this between us, okay, man?", asks Dick, regarding Kyle with his intense, sexy eyes.

Kyle stares into Dick's eyes, then at his body, and cannot fight it any longer. "Yeah, sure....Of course I will, bud....", he says.

"Okay". With that, Dick slides the nylon shorts back down his muscular legs and off his feet. For a second, he stands nude in front of his friend, arms at his side, feet spread apart, almost seeming to enjoy the show he is giving him. Kyle is amazed to see Dick's cock has now hardened into a semi-erect stae and is growing as he stands there. Dick's hand absently runs up his chest, brushing across his nipples. Then, he drops to the floor onto his back and begins to raise his feet into the air. Kyle watches, mesmerized, as Dick's erect cock moves closer to his own mouth.....

"I don't believe this......!", thinks Kyle as Dick's toes touch the floor behind his head and the tip of his cock touches his lips. Dick turns his head and smiles at Kyle, his deep blue eyes sparkling. Then, he turns his head back and his strong hands push against the back of his thighs as his lips part and envelop his cockhead. Dick closes his eyes and Kyle can see his friend's tongue swirling around his own cock as he begins to moan, slightly.

Kyle feels his own cock straining against the silky spandex of the Nightwing costume, but he no longer cares. He's enthralled by the show Dick is putting on for him. He stands mesmerized as Dick's mouth begins to slide up and down the long shaft, making it wet and slippery with his own saliva. Occasionally, Dick lets the tip pop out out his mouth and runs his tongue along the tip while he gazes at Kyle, his eyes half-closed in ecstasy......

"Take it....off.......", says Dick, panting. His eyes fix on Kyle's chest and travel down his body.

Swallowing hard, Kyle begins to strip off the costume, starting with his shoulders. Slowly, he pulls the spandex down, exposing his wide shoulders. Then, he pulls his arms out, the muscles in his triceps and biceps bulging as he does. The top of the costume falls down, hanging from his waist as he stops a moment to run his right hand across his chest and shoulders. As he watches his buddy's mouth slide up and down his cock, Kyle begins rubbing his nipples, then gently pinching them. He takes a deep breath, enjoying the sensations he feels.......

Dick glances over at Kyle and moans deeply as he sees his friend begin to slide the Nightwing costume down his hips and stomach. Kyle is obviously enjoying himself, taking his time to slide his hands slowly down his body, touching himself. As one hand works the spandex down his body, the other hand plays with his big, round nipples, his smooth chest, his tight six-pack abs, gliding lightly over each muscle until reaching the thin trail of hair right below his navel.

Then, in one swift motion, Kyle slides the costume down to his ankles, kicking it across the room with his foot. His huge, thick cock standing fully erect in front of him. Kyle wraps his strong hand around his cock as Dick wraps his tongue around his own member. Their eyes meet and lock, neither one of them ignoring their lust for each other any longer.....

Kyle kneels behind Dick's ass and lowers his head. He begins to slowly lick his buddy's asscheeks, enjoying the tremors of excitement he senses shooting through his hot friend's body. Then, he begins to gently bite his muscular, tight butt, finally licking circles around Dick's hole. Dick's moans grow louder as he stops sucking himself and throws back his head.....

"No....Don't stop, buddy........Keep blowing yourself........", says Kyle.

"Oh, man..........This is....incredible.....!", grunts Dick before sliding his full lips around his cockhead again.

When he sees his buddy's nose buried again in his own bush, Kyle smiles and begins running his tongue in circles around Dick's ass, darting it in and out of his buddy's asshole. Dick moans loudly each time, trembling with excitement. His head bops up and down his cock faster then ever.........

This is what Kyle has dreamed of. To have this hot, gorgeous stud completely at his mercy , in such a prone position, makes him hornier than he's ever been. He grabs his hard cock and starts stroking it, the other hand laying against Dick's thighs, playing with his balls. Dick goes crazy, his breath ragged as he attempts to keep blowing himself, knowing how it is turning Kyle on......

Kyle bites his lower lip as his own body begins to quiver, sweat sliding down his tan skin....He looks down at Dick and sees his body glistening with sweat, matting his dark hair and highlighting his tight muscles. This makes Kyle even hotter, and he knows he cannot wait much longer.....He slides his cockhead up against Dick's wet, open hole and begins to enter his buddy's ass. The feeling of his cock pushing into Dick's tight, wet hole is ecstatic. Lost in his feelings, Kyle grabs Dick's two legs and hugs them to his chest as he begins to pump Dick's ass, the tiny hairs on Dick's legs tickling Kyle's smooth chest.

Dick feels his friend's huge cock enter his ass as his own mouth slides down his cock. the feelings are so intense, he is no longer even aware of his surroundings. As he feels Kyle pull his legs against his chest, all Dick knows is that he can't stop sucking on his cock. Propping himself up on his elbows, he begins sucking himself off again as Kyle plows his ass, his hairy balls slapping against Dick's ass. This time, though, Dick has a much better view of Kyle. Sliding his tongue around his cockhead, Dick looks up to see Kyle's eyes half-closed, biting his lip as he grunts with each thrust into Dick's tight ass. Sweat is running down Kyle's wide shoulders and his big, round nipples. His hair is wet, falling across his forehead. His sweaty six-pack abs are heaving with every thrust of his hips as his muscular arms embrace Dick's thighs..........

"Oh.....Shit.........", thinks Dick as he feels his own cum build up and suddenly explode into his mouth. For a moment, he realizes he is swallowing his own cum, then the thought is gone as he hungrily sucks it all down his throat.

As he feels his friend's orgasm ripple through his body, Kyle opens his eyes to see Dick still sucking on his cock, his own cum trickling out the side of his mouth as he tries to swallow it all. The sight is too much for Kyle, and his own cock explodes in dick's ass, shooting his load into Dick's tight, muscular butt as both of them let out loud, almost animal-like grunts and groans.

Seconds later, Dick releases his cock and drops his head to the floor, completely exhausted. He feels Kyle slide out of his ass and fall on top of him. Their hard, sweaty bodies slide against each other's as Kyle moves up and kisses Dick's full lips, tasting the remaining cum on them.

"Mmmmmmmm......Oh, man..........", says Kyle.

"Yeah. That just about....says it all.......", smiles Dick, running his fingers through Kyle's wet hair.

"Still think I need lessons?", asks Kyle, smiling.

"Well, it depends on what kind of lessons.....", replies Dick.

They look into each other's eyes and kiss again, their tongues circling each other's. Then, Kyle's hand begins to stroke Dick's cock.......

"Whao, Kyle........I am beat, man!", protests Dick.

"Aw, c'mon.........", chides Kyle.

"Man, I couldn't lift my head off this floor right now...........!", insists Dick.

"Well, then let me do all the work this time......."

Suddenly, Dick feels a tingling sensation around his wrists and ankles. Glancing down, he sees they are encased in glowing green shackles that are bolted to the floor.

Dick:"Hey! what're you....?!"

Kyle:"Just relax and enjoy it, dude! If you're a good boy, maybe I'll let you wear the ring later!"

As Kyle begins kissing his neck, Dick moans softly and closes his eyes. He could get used to this.........



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