The Sleepover


by MEL

Fandom: DC Comics
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: I don't own the DC Comic characters and am not making any money off them. I just get a lot of satisfaction from putting them through their paces. Hehehe!
Notes: I'd like to dedicate this fic to Casey for providing the inspiration and Corry for the follow through. - xoxo MEL

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It was a boys' night out. I don't remember whose idea it was. Probably Roy's. It didn't seem like the kind of thing that Wally would have suggested, but it was the sort of thing he would go along with.

None of the other JLA or Titans could make it. They begged off for one reason or another, or we simply didn't think to ask them. I mean, what would be the point of asking Batman or Aquaman to go out? We knew they'd say "no." Or worse, they might have said "yes."

So it was the three of us: Wally, Roy and me. I was expecting a nice little pub crawl through Manhattan. That didn't happen. Roy insisted on taking us to a couple of places overseas, using the JLA transporter. We drank Guinness in Ireland and sake in Tokyo and way too much beer in between.

By the time we got back to New York, it was after midnight. I insisted Roy and Wally crash at my place. Roy said he could get home fine, but he didn't really argue. Wally . . . well, Wally could barely put one foot in front of the other. He could have used his superspeed powers to purge the alcohol's effects, but he was so hammered I don't think he really knew what was going on. I wasn't about to let him tear across the country at superspeed and he didn't seem inclined to do it. So I called Linda and left a message on her machine, letting her know Wally would be crashing at my place.

We dumped Wally on the bed and Roy and I tugged his clothes off. Beneath his jeans and shirt, Wally was wearing bright yellow boxer shorts with scarlet lightening bolts on them. Roy and I just kind of looked at each other and grinned.

Then, I helped Roy to the couch. He threw one arm over my shoulders and told me what a pal I was and how come I didn't come round Titans' Tower more often? I eased him down on the sofa. Roy grinned up at me, dopey and sweet, then pulled off his shirt.

I had to turn around. Roy has a nice chest. Broad and flat. Smooth. With these big reddish-brown nipples I would love to catch between my teeth.

My computer was staring at me from across the room. I used it as an excuse for turning away from Roy. Walking over to it, I turned on the screen and signed onto the Internet. Roy was standing up and fumbling with his belt buckle. Very firmly, I moved my eyes back to the screen. On my bed, in front of me, Wally started to snore. Roy paused with his pants around his ankles to turn and snicker at our sleeping bud. I grinned too, but it was fake. Roy was standing in my apartment wearing leopard skin briefs that barely managed to contain his cock and balls. The sight was turning me on. My own cock was stirring in my jeans.

Calm down Rayner, I thought. He's just a bud. That's all.

Roy sat on the couch and pulled his shoes off. He yawned, stretching, and I drooled as I watched his chest. I couldn't stand up now if I wanted to. My dick is so hard, it's painful. Roy leans back on the couch, arms crossed over that gorgeous chest of his, and closes his eyes. I ask him if he wants a blanket or anything, but he just shakes his head and mumbles something about being too hot. Then his breathing changes and he's fast asleep, curled up on my couch.

Sighing, relieved and frustrated, I turn back to the computer and check my E-mail. It's nothing but spam. Tacky ads for tacky porn sites and the usual offers for debt consolidation loans. By the time I'm done deleting, I can stand up again. I pull off my clothes, until I'm in nothing but the black boxer briefs I bought last week. The crotch is damp with precum and I thank God the things are black so no one would notice if they were awake.

And that's when I realize I don't have anyplace to sleep. Roy's on the couch. Wally's sprawled on the bed. Where the hell am I going to sleep?

Grumbling, I go to the closet and pull out the battered sleeping bag I keep there. It's old and green and smells a little weird, but it will have to do. I toss it on the floor and hit the lights. My apartment is dark now, the only light coming from the computer monitor. It's a cold white light, but the computer is in such a position it doesn't strike Roy on the couch. The bed is on the opposite side of the computer, so I don't need to worry about it waking Wally either.

I sit back down at the computer, too revved up to sleep. I go to a couple of websites and read a little fic and lose all track of time.

There's a soft tap on my door. Startled, I glance at the computer's clock. It's after three in the morning. Who could that be?

I stand up and go to the door. Peering through the spyhole, I'm surprised to find Connor Hawke standing at my door. A moment later, I remember that Connor was coming into town for the week and I told him he could stay with me.

Opening the door, I usher Connor inside. He opens his mouth to speak, but I put a finger to his lips and nod toward the couch. Roy is still fast asleep on his side, and Wally is sprawled face down on the bed. Connor looks at me quizzically, but shrugs and comes inside, moving quiet as a mouse.

He glances around the apartment. His eyes land on the sleeping bag and he looks at me with a silly grin on his face. We went camping a while back and shared that sleeping bag. The memory comes rushing back to me as Connor walks to the bag and kneels on it. He glances back over his shoulder at me, smiling, then pulls his shirt over his head. Shucking his shoes and slacks, he lies on the sleeping bag wearing nothing but white boxers. Rolling onto his back, propped up on his elbows, he smiles at me.

The white light from the computer screen makes him look unreal, a dream come to life. My cock is suddenly hard as diamond in my briefs.

Connor's eyes drop to my crotch and he grins. Opening his mouth, he licks his lips. His hand moves to his own crotch, to the bulge poking against the white fabric of his boxers. He clenches himself through the fabric, grinning at me the whole time.

I walk toward him, nervous and excited. My eyes flicker to the couch and the bed, but Roy and Wally are out cold. Standing in front of Connor, over him, I run my hand down my chest. My fingers circle my navel, moving downward, following the velvety trail of hair that leads from my stomach to my groin.

In front of me, Connor rises to his knees. He's not smiling anymore. His eyes have a hungry look in them, a look I know so well. He leans forward and places his mouth over the bulge in my briefs. I feel his tongue lapping at me through the fabric, the heat of his breath making me even harder. His hands move to the waistband of my underwear. He jerks my briefs down, letting my cock bob and wave in front of him. The head is already slick with precum.

Connor dives on my shaft and its all I can do not to cry out then and there. He sucks me, his cheeks caving in from the force of his ministrations. I reach down and run my fingers through his short blonde hair, urging him forward. He grins up at me, his lips still locked around my shaft and moves forward. I feel my cock pop past the opening of his throat. Connor doesn't gag. His throat muscles quiver around my hardness and I bite my lips. Hunching my hips forward I begin to fuck Connor's mouth, one hand pressed to the back of his head, holding him in place.

Connor's hands are moving over my thighs and stomach. His fingers stroke my nipples, getting them hard. His short nails scrape the tender pink flesh, teasing them to new levels of sensitivity. They move down, around my torso, stroking my back. He kneads my ass like dough, his mouth still consuming me. His fingers find the opening to my ass and he presses against it, rubbing it.

An involuntary moan escapes me and I freeze, cock buried in Connor's throat, buttocks tensed around his stilled fingers. Glancing at the couch and the bed, at my sleeping friends, I sigh. Before me, Connor waits, frozen in the act of love, a quizzical look on his face. His lips, wet and dark, are still wrapped tight around my cock.

I brush his hands away from my ass and nods. He pulls back, tongue flickering over the underside of my cock, until only the head is held between his dark, moist lips. I pull back, freeing myself from his mouth, and sit in my computer chair. Spreading my legs, Connor nestles between them. His mouth captures me again and he begins to nurse at my cock, taking my entire length with ridiculous ease.

I close my eyes and let my head roll back. This, I think, is bliss. As close to heaven as a guy could get.

Fingers touch my cheek. I open my eyes and gasp.

Roy is standing next to me, grinning. I want to say something, to offer some kind of explanation to him, but he shakes his head. He's still grinning at me when he bends over and kisses me.

I gasp as he sucks my tongue into his mouth. He tastes like Guinness and pretzels and mouthwash.

The kiss is over way too quick. It leaves me breathless. Between my legs, Connor is licking my balls and shaft. He glances up at me and grins, a clear white strand of cum connecting his cheek to my cock.

Besides me, Roy grins and shoves his leopard skin briefs down. His dick pops up, a ruddy shaft of musky flesh rising from a nest of copper red curls. Roy steps forward, smiling, his hand on the back of my head.

I take him in my mouth, watching him as I do. He doesn't make a sound, but he inhales quietly. His chest expands, a wall of firm muscle. His nipples are tiny points of red, rising from quarter-sized circles of brown flesh.

Roy's fingers move up, stroking those hardening nubs of flesh as I suck him. He clasps his arms over his head. He turns and laps at his own armpit. In that pose, he begins to thrust his hips forward. His schlong slithers over my tongue, poking at the back of my throat. Between my legs, my own cock is trapped inside Connor's ardent mouth.

Pinned in my chair by spears of flesh, I sit and give myself over to the sensation of sucking and being sucked. By the light of my monitor, I can see Wally still sprawled face down on my bed, oblivious to what is going on just a few feet away from him. I notice his boxers have moved down a little, that the upper portion of his buttocks are visible. They are pale and white and I wonder what it would be like to fuck the fastest man alive. The thought excites me, pushes me over the edge.

My orgasm catches Connor by surprise. He gasps as I explode in his mouth and flies back, choking. Streamers of my sticky white cum blast across his face.

Above me, Roy exhales and my own mouth is suddenly flooded beyond capacity with his seed. He grabs my head and pistons in and out of my mouth as he comes, giving me no choice but to swallow. Still, I notice he never makes a sound as he erupts into me.

A burst of wetness against my leg and I realize Connor has come. His cock juts out of the fly of his boxers, jets of manjuice spattering against my bare leg. Breathing raggedly, Connor leans forward and licks his spunk off of me.

Above me, Roy grins and rubs his wet dick across my face, smearing me with his cum. Then, he leans down and kisses me again. A long kiss this time. When he releases my lips, his tongue flicks across my cheeks, cleaning his jizz off my face.

Satisfied, the three of us separate. Roy, grinning, returns to the couch. Connor slips into the sleeping bag, looking sleepy and satisfied. A drop of whiteness clings to the corner of his mouth. His tongue flicks out, licking up the stray remnant of semen. I feel myself getting hard again and turn the monitor off, plunging my apartment into darkness.

Maybe, I think as I climb into the sleeping bag next to Connor, Roy can come over later this week. Only if he does come over, we won't need to worry about being so damn quiet.

Grinning in the dark, I snuggle close to Connor and fall asleep.



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