Morning After

by Simon

Title: Morning After
Author: Simon
Pairing: D/G
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The morning after the first night together
Disclaimers: These guys aren't mine, they don't belong to me, worst luck, so don't bother me.

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Dick's eyes opened slowly. It was morning, early morning, he was sure of that but he had that disorientated feeling of not being really sure where he was or 100% certain how he'd gotten there.

He felt warmth next to him in the bed and turning his head he saw the head on the pillow next to him.


That's right. Garth was in bed with him, or he was in bed with Garth if you prefer.

They had spent the night together. Their first night together and now it was the morning after. It was the point where either things would be OK or incredibly awkward.

God, he hated the morning after.

Now don't misunderstand, last night had been pretty good. It had been pretty damn good, in fact. In fact, when you came down to it, it had been infuckingcredible. Garth was amazing. If Dick had ever wondered how amazing Garth was, he'd had that question answered last night.

Oh, and Garth wasn't circumcised. He hadn't known that before. Well, he hadn't given it any thought before. He'd had no reason to--notice before. He noticed last night though. He'd noticed a whole lot of stuff last night.

He'd noticed that Garth had an incredible body and that he wasn't shy about it, not even a little shy about his bod, nope, not Garth. He knew how to use his hands and his mouth and whatever else God or whoever had given him. He used it all and then came back for seconds and thirds.

He was smiling as he thought about a few of the things they had done together.

It had started out pretty simply, really. There had been that encounter out on Montauk when they had, well, done more than just watch the sunset and then they had been awkward together and hadn't spoken for a few days. Then he had gotten up the nerve to make the call to Garth's office. He'd had to leave a message with a secretary, for God's sake since Garth had been in some hotshit meeting with some other Ambassador. He was always in some meeting, it seemed.

He'd called back though, and they'd arranged dinner.

That had been last night.

The dinner had ended up going pretty well and when Garth had asked him to stay over he hadn't needed to think about it. He was more than ready and looking forward to it, in fact.

They had decided to come back to Garth's place. Well, that's the way Dick thought of it. It was really a townhouse that was spitting distance from Fifth Ave and the really high rent district. The Atlantean government owned it, but since Garth was a Prince of that country and their Ambassador, he sure didn't have to ask twice for a key to the front door.

That was when the weird thing happened. They had gone upstairs and things had been moving along just fine when all of a sudden, Dick had realized that this was more than just a fuck. He cared if Garth was enjoying it, if it was feeling good for him and if he was OK.

It really mattered, even after Garth had said that he was fine and not to worry about him, Dick had worried. He worried that he wasn't good enough for Garth, that he was going to disappoint him and that he was being compared to someone else and being found wanting. He wanted Garth to know that he cared about how he felt, that he mattered as more than just a friend. It became important to him that Garth know this.

He hadn't said anything like that, of course. It was way too soon, too early for that kind of conversation, but he had sure thought that stuff.

That was when he had gotten scared about where this might go.

He looked over at Garth again, still asleep next to him, just a few inches away. He was lying on his side, facing Dick and his arm had come to rest across Dick's waist in a sleeping embrace. It felt warm and strong and right there and he liked feeling the weight of it on his belly. His own hand came up to touch Garth's and he felt the long fingers unconsciously curl around his own. A small smile came to his face as Garth slowly opened his eyes and looked across the small distance between them.

Dick felt his hand gently squeezed as Garth said a sleep husky "Good morning."

"Good morning."

"Did you have enough rest?"

Dick nodded. "You were--"

"I was what?"

"Amazing last night. I always thought that you were shy."

Garth laughed, still not completely awake. "Everyone thinks that. I'm just quiet."

"You weren't last night."

"Neither were you."

They heard the bedroom door open as a servant of some kind silently entered with a breakfast tray. She put it on a table by the large window and deferentially asked His Highness if they would be requiring anything else. She didn't acknowledge that he wasn't alone, and if she saw Dick, she was the only one who knew it, until she asked him a direct question.

"Is there anything you'd like to eat that isn't there, sir?"

Dick was embarrassed to be the focus of attention of the other two. If that tray contained squid entrails, that's what he'd eat.

"No, it looks great, thanks." The girl withdrew as silently as she had entered, but not before she had dropped a small bow toward Garth. He didn't seem to notice.

Now, Dick knew that Garth was a prince. He'd heard him addressed as "Your Highness" and "Your Excellency" and all of that. He'd even seen people bow to him, but he'd never really seen this calm acceptance of the trappings that went with the title. When they were all just hanging at the Tower or someplace, he was just good old Garth. This was a whole different thing. Dick was used to being around powerful people. He'd grown up with Bruce Wayne, for crissakes, gazillionaire. He'd met all kinds of wealthy and connected people, but this was the reality of royalty. He had just spent the night having incredible sex with an honest-to-God prince.

It took some getting used to.

Garth was watching him as this was all going through his mind and probably across his face.

"Hey, Robbie. It's just me. It's not that big a deal." He hesitated a moment. "I'm sorry, we shouldn't have come here. I didn't think that it would bother you. I should have realized, but I'm just so used to it that I don't even notice it anymore."

"Hey, Garth, it's OK. It's my fault. I keep forgetting who you are. I shouldn't. God, you're going to end up being more important than any of us. You're going to end up a..."

"No, I won't, Rob. I won't ever be King. Arthur will probably have more kids. One of them will inherit. I won't." They were getting too serious. "Come on, you must be hungry." He rolled out of the bed and went, naked, to the bathroom to take a robe from where it was hanging on the back of the door. He pulled on a pair of sweats, handed the robe to Dick, then walked the few steps to the table. Dick followed and saw that the breakfast looked and smelled about as good as even Alfred was capable of producing. Eggs with cheese and toast with really good jellies on the side. Tea, coffee, juice. There were even a couple of slices of hot ham for the Prince's guest.

Eating, Dick said, "You must have a lot to do today, I'll be getting out of here as soon as we're finished with this."

Garth hesitated then seemed to gather his nerve. "I thought that, if you haven't got anything else, that we could, maybe, spend some time together. I mean if you'd like to."

"But don't you have stuff to do for the UN?"

He just shrugged. "Not really. I have to go over to the Met to talk to the Director about an art exhibit that we're thinking about bringing to the surface. They've expressed some interest in hosting it. It shouldn't take all that long, though. Afterwards, if you'd like, we could walk around the museum. I mean, unless you'd be bored."

Now, Dick had been to the Met a lot of times, usually on school trips and for Opening Galas and that sort of thing, but he'd never gone to an art museum to just wander around. "Are you sure that you'd want to? I mean, I don't know all that much about art. I'll probably just be a drag to you."

That shyness that Garth denied having was back again, his voice was quieter than usual and he had trouble meeting Dick's eyes. "I'd like to spend the day with you, Rob, if you'll let me." There was a pause as he chose his next words. "I think that there was more last night than just sex. I think that you felt that, too." At this he raised his eyes to Dick.

Dick nodded, adding. "I'd like you to show me the Met."

Garth nodded in happiness and relief. "Beginnings are difficult, aren't they?"

"This does feel like a beginning, doesn't it?" He realized the truth of it as he said it.

"It's scary."

"Yeah, it is a little."

"Are you sure that you want to try this? We could still just stop. We haven't gone so far that it would be all that difficult." Garth looked like he was holding his breath while he waited for Dick's response.

"Yeah, we have. I think that we have to let it play out and see where it goes." He looked down at the mostly ignored food, now getting cold. "You know, I never thought that you would ever be--interested. I thought that you like girls."

"I do like women--and men." He explained. "You see, at home we're taught to just see people as, well, as people. Beyond the mechanics, gender doesn't really matter. What matters is the person. And I've wanted you for a long time."

"So why didn't you ever say anything?"

Garth took a drink of orange juice and gave a small shrug. "Timing, I guess. I was involved with Tula, and then you were with Kory. It never seemed right." He stood. "I'm dehydrated. I have to either hit the shower or the pool." He smiled. "Join me?"

"Will the pool be crowded?"

"We probably won't be alone."

"Big shower?"

"Big shower."

"I'm there."

Ten minutes later they were, indeed, in the shower and Dick was gaining a full understanding of just what other entertainments could be found in one if your partner could breath underwater. Between the spray, the multiple jets and Garth's mouth, he was about to happily drown.

Minutes later, leaning against the wall he managed a wan smile as Garth laughed at his sated expression. "Talk about killing two birds with one stone. I manage to rehydrate and you get your rocks off."

"I think I owe you one."

"Payback later, I have to walk over to the museum." He got out of the large stall and toweled off as Dick watched. "If it's alright, you could either come with me or meet me in an hour or so, whichever you prefer." He went to a closet and began selecting clothing, dressing as they spoke.

"If your staff won't get weird or awkward about my being here I'll meet you, if that's all right. I'm not ready to move yet."

Garth realized the potentially embarrassing position Dick could think himself to be in. "Rob, no one here will say anything, either to you or to anyone else. They'll be happy for me if they think I've found someone and they'll treat you with courtesy. I promise that they will. They want me to be happy, and they'll know that after last night, even if it only lasts for a little while, that I am happy." He paused. "You've nothing to feel strange about here. They accept this with no problems." He smiled. "We're not prudes, you know."

"This is the stuff that doesn't make it into those magazine articles and books about your country, right?"

"Well, not yet, anyway. Imagine the potential for tourist's dollars if this gets out. We'll become a super power." He was now wearing a pair of dress slacks, a cashmere turtleneck and what was probably a custom jacket. Neat, not overly formal and professional. Everything fit perfectly and Dick had to admit that he looked incredible.

"Your clothes were taken this morning to be cleaned. They should be back any minute, in case you were wondering. It's ten forty-five now, I'm meeting with the director at eleven and we shouldn't be all that long. Why don't you meet me in the Great Hall at twelve?" Dick was seeing the Ambassador side of Garth, efficient, precise.

"Jesus, I feel like your noon appointment." Immediately, Garth's face held a look of apology and regret.

"Dick--I'm sorry. I do that without thinking." He hesitated, trying to regroup. "Look, if you'd rather just skip this, it's all right. I just thought that it might be, I don't know, fun, I guess." He went to where Dick was now sitting on the edge of the bed wearing the robe he'd had on during breakfast, kneeling before him. "I really am sorry."

Dick put his hand on the side of Garth's neck, where he knew the hickies from last night were covered by the high collar. "No, I'm sorry. You have a meeting and it's important. I was being pissy. I'll see you on the bench by the main shop at twelve, OK?"

Garth still looked contrite. "We've known each other so long, but we're feeling our way with this. It's like trying to nurture an infant. If we do it right it might grow up to become something, if we don't, it will die." He tentatively put a hand on Dick's. "I think that this could become--something. I guess that I'm just afraid that I'll ruin it. I really am sorry, Rob."

"...I feel the same way. I always screw it up. I don't want to this time. I want this to work out."

Garth nodded. "I have to go, but I'll see you in an hour. There's a razor and toiletry stuff in the bathroom, help yourself, OK?" A gentle squeeze of Dick's hand and he was closing the door behind him.

Fifteen minutes later the maid, or whoever she was knocked, entered and placed Dick's now clean and pressed clothing carefully on the bed. As she turned to go he thought that he was treating her as if she was some kind of a serf or something.

"Thank you. They look great." She smiled at him, a little shy. "Are you from Atlantis?"

She nodded and murmured a quiet "Yes."

"You must miss your home."

She nodded again, reacting to his attention. "Everyone here is nice, though, and we can speak our own language when no one else is around. We only stay up here for a few months at a time, and then we go home. It's not so bad; it's just so different here. I don't know that I'd ever really get used to it."

"Did you work for the Prince back home, too?" He liked her accent, soft, musical. It was the same accent Garth had, but was even softer in her voice.

She nodded shyly again. She seemed to do that a lot. "He's awfully nice, so kind and thoughtful. He's wonderful to work for and now that you're here, he'll be even nicer."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, he's been so lonely since his lady died and he was sad for so long. With you here, he won't be lonely anymore. He looked so happy this morning." She looked over at him. "I was so glad when they told me that you were here. We all were. He's such a good person, he shouldn't be alone."

Dick knew that he was blushing. "What's your name?"

"Ama. I was named after my grandmother."

"It's very pretty. Have you been with the Prince for a long time?"

"Three years now. He's so wonderful. It's not just me who thinks so. Everyone at home knows that he's special and that we're lucky to have him. I think that he'll be king, but he always laughs when I say that and tells me not to be silly." She became flustered. "Oh, forgive me, I've said too much. I always do. Is there anything else that you would like?"

"No, thank you, Ama, I'm fine. I'll get dressed and then I have to meet someone. Thank you for taking care of these things."

She nodded, "He was so happy this morning. Thank you, sir." Then she smiled, gave a small bow and turned to leave.

After getting dressed Dick walked down to the front door and was intercepted by another worker, another Atlantean. "Good morning, sir. Do you need anything?"

"No, thank you. I was just leaving. I've an appointment shortly and need to get going."

"Very good, sir. Do you need a cab?"

"No, thank you. I'm fine." The museum was less than a block away.

"We hope to see you again, sir. Good morning."

He walked the short distance, crossed over Fifth Avenue and started up the huge front staircase now covered with tourists eating their lunch and watching the street performers who always gathered in nice weather hoping for spare change. Today there were a couple of jugglers and a violinist.

Looking at his watch, he saw that he had about ten minutes before he was supposed to meet Garth. He found an empty spot on the stairs, elbows leaning back on the step behind him and he began thinking about what they were doing.

It was the morning after, time for either reflection or panic.

Well, he sure as Hell wasn't panicking. He felt--how did he feel? He felt--good. He felt happy and relaxed and content and he felt--good. He realized that he was looking forward to seeing Garth and hoped that he wouldn't be held up talking with the museum director about that exhibit or whatever it was they were talking about today. He wanted to see Garth, and spend the day with him and then have dinner together and then spend another night making love.

He didn't want this to be just another in a series of one night stands. He was sick and tired of them, there had been to many of them since Kory and Joey and he didn't want anymore. He wanted something solid, he wanted to go to sleep with someone and then wake up in the morning and not be embarrassed or feel like if he didn't get a shower to wash away the filth he'd die.

He wanted--Garth.


He did. He wanted Garth.

He noticed that there was a girl walking up the steps and that she had her eyes on him. He saw her watching him and then he saw her sit down about a yard away on the same step. He smiled at her, she smiled back.

"Are you here alone? Because if you are, maybe we could walk through together?" She looked hopeful, she even looked nice and she was very pretty.

"Thanks, that sounds like it would be fun, but I'm meeting a friend in about two minutes. I'm sorry." She nodded, smiling, disappointed. He got up and walked inside.

Inside he saw that Garth and the man he assumed was the director were just coming down the grand staircase, probably after a tour of some of the galleries or something. They were talking as they came straight down to the main entrance. Dick was about to duck aside to let Garth finish his business when he heard his voice.

"Ah, there he is, Philippe. I'll leave you here, then."

The museum director barely spared Dick a momentary glance. "Yes, your Highness. This should be the most outstanding and extensive exhibit that we've had the honor of showcasing. The slides and pictures you've shown me are beyond anything I had hoped."

"Good, I'm glad that we have some things that interest you."

"Your Highness, these objects are magnificent. I can't thank you enough. Truly, I can't, and the ideas you've outlined for their display will be fabulous. I've never been this excited about a show, never."

"I'm flattered, sir. I'll have our curators get in contact with your staff to work out the details this week, if that meets with your approval."

"Yes, absolutely. Again, I can't thank you enough. Would you do me the pleasure of having lunch with me? I have a thousand questions, at least a thousand to ask you."

"I would enjoy that, sir, but I'm afraid that I'm not free today. I'd look forward to it another day, though. Perhaps next Tuesday would be convenient for you?"

"Yes, absolutely. That would be perfect. I'll look forward to it, sir, I'll see you here."

Shaking hands, the two men finally parted. The director spared another second long glance at Dick, nodded and left.

Dick spoke first. "Well?"

"He seems to like the idea." Garth always did have a talent for understatement. Then, leaning forward, he gently kissed Dick on the lips. This was New York, no one noticed, no one cared . "Is the morning after going all right for you?"

"Best I've ever had."

Garth smiled, happy, really happy. "Me too."




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