First Connection

by Simon

Title: First Connection
Author: Simon
Pairing: D/G
Rating: PG-13
Summary: How the boys first...connected, in my little corner of the world
Disclaimers: These guys aren't mine, they don't belong to me, worst luck, so don't bother me.

Feedback: yes, of course!...don't be shy.

It was getting late and everyone had left. Dick, Nightwing, if you prefer, was in the Tower alone. It wasn't that there was anything left to do; really, it was just that he was too beat to stand up and make the trip home.

OK, the Hell with it. He'd just stay here. Pushing himself to his feet, he made his way down to the dorm wing, putting out the lights as he walked through the halls and various rooms. He had reached the pool area when he heard the soft splashing. The only lights in the room were a few of the underwater ones, all the main room lights were out and the shadows cast on the walls and ceiling were an interesting play of liquid light. Walking over to the edge, he looked at the water.


Of course.

He was on his back just floating, maybe even asleep, making slight motions with his hands to stay in the middle. He was nude, as he usually was in the pool, explaining once that he hated the feel of clothes underwater, the binding and the pulling on his body. He probably hated them on dry land, too, but ceded the point.

Dick started to turn away, leaving Garth to sleep when he saw the eyes open and his head turn towards him as he heard Garth's quiet voice.

"Did everyone else leave?"

Dick loved the sound of Garth's voice. He'd never said anything, of course, but his was even more musical that a Jamaican accent, the lilt softer, the vowels somehow conveying the sound of lapping water.

"Yes, a few minutes ago. I'm too whipped to drive, I was just going to crash here tonight."

"So was I." He gracefully rolled over, submerging and came up by the side. In one fluid movement he pulled himself out of the water and was standing next to Dick. Taking hold of a towel on the chair he asked, "I was going to get something to eat first, join me?"

Actually all Dick wanted was to hit the sack, but for some reason, maybe because he didn't want to be alone at just that moment, he said, "Yeah, sounds great." He unconsciously glanced down at Garth's naked body, the drops of water standing on his skin and catching the diffused light liked diamonds. He was beautiful standing there.

Seeing the look he was getting Garth smiled, grabbed a pair of loose sweats that were also on the chair and pulled them on. "Better?"

Dick blushed, knowing he'd been caught out. "Sorry."

Garth laughed, unconcerned. "It doesn't matter. Come on. I'm hungry."

They made their way over to the kitchen a couple of rooms away from the pool area, put the low counter lights on and started rummaging for something to eat. Without much effort they came up with part of yesterday's pizza for Dick to heat up and some cheese and crackers for Garth. The food assembled and heated, they took it into the TV room to watch an old movie as they ate.

Lights down with the only light coming from the screen, the last hour of "Memphis Belle" rolled on HBO. The two of them were sprawled, sharing the couch and after a few minutes Garth had finished as much as he wanted to eat. He stretched out on his side facing the screen, his head on a throw pillow next to Dick's hip, close enough that Dick could feel his body heat through his jeans.

After a few minutes, Garth snuggled up a little higher, close against the leg. It couldn't have been an accident. Dick stiffened for a second and decided to ignore the fact that his pulse was going faster and that he kept looking at the skin on Garth's shoulder and back, taut over the muscles. It looked like it would feel like a combination of satin and velvet.

After another fifteen minutes, Dick's hand came to rest on Garth's naked shoulder. At first he felt like a teenager on a date, trying to cop a feel in the balcony, but Garth rolled over partly on his back, smiled up at him and moved his head onto Dick's lap, reaching for Dick's other hand and holding it.

"Do you mind?"

"...No--do you?"

Garth looked up at him, still holding his hand. "I haven't really touched anyone since Tula died. Almost two years ago. This is the first hand I've held since then. He smiled that quiet smile that always melted Dick's heart. Not that he had ever admitted that to anyone.

The final scenes of the movie were real barnburners. The plane coming in damaged, the crew injured and scared, even the pet dog on the ground waiting for their return. The film makers had pulled out all the stops on this one and with the final approach and successful landing, the credits rolling Dick commented, "I know we were just emotionally manipulated, but I love war movies with happy endings."

"It wasn't a war movie. It was a love story." He looked up at Dick's face again. "Those men loved each other. They were friends; they cared about each other as much as they had probably ever cared about anyone in their lives. And at the end the lovers overcame the obstacles and would live happily ever after."

"But it wasn't sexual." This was going somewhere Dick wasn't sure he was ready for, at least not right now, anyway.

"No, probably not." His hand came up to touch Dick's face, languidly caressing his cheek and slowly drawing down his throat and chest, around the nipples and then back up again. Garth watched as Dick's eyes closed, heard the intake of breath, felt the erection starting. Sitting up and facing the other young man, he put one hand around the back of Dick's head and drew them together until their mouths were only inches apart. "May I kiss you?" It was whispered in his soft lilt.

Not speaking, Dick nodded slightly, once. In that moment he wanted to kiss Garth more than he wanted anything.

Their first kiss was just a gentle brushing of lips, shy and tentative. The next kiss was more, lips caressing lips, a tongue gently gliding between the slight parting to seek entrance. At the touch of tongue to tongue, they both felt the shock of the newness of each other and the surprise of the mutual desire.



"Wait." He pulled back, inches away, looking into those amazing eyes.

Immediately contrite. "...I'm sorry. I thought that you wouldn't mind." Garth started to get up, to leave, to apologize.

"No, wait." His hands tightened around the slender waist, the swimmers hips. "I just meant--why me? Why now, tonight?"

Garth stopped, as though unsure what to answer. His face turned down, he gathered his courage and finally responded, again in his soft voice. "We're both alone and we're both lonely." Shaking his head he faced his friend. "I'm sorry, that's not the reason, that's just the excuse." He took a breath. "I've--wanted you for a long time. I thought, I hoped that you might want me, too. At least for a little while."

Dick stared at him. He'd had no idea that Garth would ever be interested in him, that he had ever given being together any thought. He had always assumed that he was straight. God knew he had slept with Tula every chance he got. That had gone on for years. There had even been rumors that they were getting married just before she had been killed.

"I didn't know you liked men."

His quiet smile. "One of the few prejudices we don't have is concerning sexuality. It's common back home, accepted. Men or women, it doesn't matter. Love is difficult enough to find without excluding half of the population."

"But why me?"

"Do I really have to spell it out for you? You're one of my closest friends. You're intelligent and accomplished, you are beautiful and we have a--chemistry when we're together. It's not just my imagination. I know that you feel it, too."

"Yeah, we always did connect, didn't we?"

Garth's fingers were tracing the outlines of Dick's face as he spoke. "Tula once told me that she and Kory had both noticed it. She told me that they wanted us to get together so they could watch and then they would both join us. They gave up on the idea when they decided that the three of us would likely kill you since you were the only human." He smiled slightly, almost hopefully.

"Will you kill me if we make love?" He searched Garth's face, whispered, "I think you may kill me if we don't"

Garth answered by leaning in for a deep series of kisses, tongues twining, against each other, lips caressing, hands stroking over muscles, skin, hair.

Breathless Garth pulled back, his eyes lidded. "No, not here." He stood, putting out his hand and pulling Dick to his feet and into an embrace.

"Where?" Another series of kisses and they were walking hand in hand down the hallway to Garth's quarters, closer than Dick's. Opening the door, going inside. The only light was from the window and the half moon outside. "How did you know I would agree?" They were embracing in the middle of the room, close to the bed.

"I didn't know, I--hoped that you would."

"But what made you think that I like men?"


Dick stopped. "He told you..." He seemed shocked by the idea of a betrayal of trust.

"He said nothing. I saw you together. I saw the looks and the occasional touches. I was here one night when you thought you were alone. I heard you."

Dick looked at Garth in some embarrassment.

"No, it's all right. You made each other happy while it lasted. It was good for you both. He loved you."

"And I loved him."

Garth said nothing.

"I did."

"You were grateful to him, you found a refuge with him for a while. It wouldn't have lasted much longer had he lived."

There was a flash of anger on Dick's face and his hands dropped. "That's crap. If he hadn't died we might still be together."

Garth was calm, accepting as always. "No, and you don't believe that either. Joey was your first male lover. He taught you and gave you what you needed at that time. You would have both moved on and likely have parted as friends. You might still be friends, but you wouldn't be lovers."

Dick was about to make a retort but stopped as he knew the truth in what Garth said. He was right. They wouldn't have lasted and they probably would still be friends. "And will we last, will we still be friends?"

"Yes. We will become lovers tonight and we will last." It was said with more certainty and confidence than he probably felt, more a statement of hope than of fact.

Garth's hands were outlining and framing, caressing Dick's face and neck, his mouth placing soft kisses on his cheeks and forehead, chin, neck, behind his ears.

"...Why will we last?"

"Because we are soul mates..." spoken into his mouth.

Garth's hands moved around Dick's waist, lifting the tee over his head, stroking the long planes of his chest and back, his sides and his arms. Dick's hands were gently flat against Garth's back, pulling him closer until the skin of their bare chests met, warmth against warmth. Both sets of arms embraced, feeling the heat between them until Garth's hands slowly moved to the button and zip on Dick's jeans. In a graceful movement, both pants and underwear were gone as Dick returned the favor with Garth's recently donned sweats.

They pressed the lengths of their bodies close together and lay on the bed next to them, Garth pressing Dick beneath him, face up. Carefully, slowly, he worked his way down the length of Dick's chest, lingering on the sensitive nipples and smiling at the sounds he could cause by attention to them. He continued on to the stomach, the abdomen, feeling the skin jump with the stimulation, his hands stroking up an down the long legs, inside and out, stopping just short of the hardness at the center. After minutes of this, Dick, with some urgency, pulled Garth to lay full upon him again, feeling the weight and warmth covering him. Almost immediately, he came between them, his arms and hands clenching Garth's back.

Gasping he managed, "I'm sorry, I couldn't wait. I wanted to make it last, and I couldn't..."

His weight transferred to his elbows, looking down at Dick's flushed face feeling the pounding of his heart between them, their legs tangled. Garth resumed the series of gentle kisses he had begun earlier to Dick's face and neck.

"But it felt good, didn't it?"


"That's enough for tonight. That's all we need right now."

"But you..."

"It doesn't matter, we've all night. It will last longer next time, if that's what you want."

"I want to make you feel as good as I do now..."

"You will. I told you, we have time."

Garth rolled himself over to the side, still kissing Dick's cheek and his hair. His arms still around him and holding him close and safe. They were warm and comfortable and quiet together. Dick began to relax into the embrace, feeling his earlier exhaustion return. He knew that he was close to sleep.

"Why do you think that this will last?"

When there was no answer after a couple of minutes Dick tried again. "Garth?"

There was another silence and Dick started to think that Garth was asleep when he heard the soft voice close to his ear. "Because I love you." He raised his head, looking into those amazing eyes, seeing that what he had just said was the truth.

After a few seconds that lasted a while he leaned forward and, as carefully as he could, kissed Garth's mouth. Gently, tenderly, lovingly, he kissed him and then kissed him again. "I don't know yet how I feel--this is still new to me. I mean, we're new. I need time."

Garth's hands stroked his back. "I've already told you, Robbie", the childhood nickname somehow becoming an endearment on Garth's lips, "We have time."

Dick's expression echoed Garth's soft smile as he settled back into the warm arms.




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