Private Eyes


by MEL

Fandom: DC Comics

Rating: Slashy

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Notes: This story takes place right before the Rock of Ages storyline in JLA.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The men's locker room of the JLA Watchtower was refreshingly cool and damp. The Flash sighed and stretched, his red uniform hugging his body like a second skin, showing off his lean runner's physique to perfection. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirrors and grinned. He looked good, even if he did say so himself. Absently, he ran a red gloved hand over his abdomen, admiring the hardness of his own belly. He'd run into Blue Beetle the other night at Warriors. The Beetle was a nice guy, but spandex didn't look good over the armchair spread he had going on these days.

He should do more sit-ups, thought the Flash, stroking his own firm abdominal muscles. For a moment, his hand strayed lower, brushing across the crotch of his uniform. Fantasies of the Huntress and Wonder Woman flitted briefly across his mind's eye before he forced himself to stop thinking of them.

Time to work out, the Flash thought, resolutely putting thoughts of sex aside. He walked past the toilets and turned to enter the changing area. What he saw there made him do a superspeed double-take.

Green Lantern and Green Arrow, naked except for their masks. They were seated on a bench, facing each other. Green Arrow was leaning forward, his tongue flicking across Green Lantern's narrow chest. Green Lantern had his head thrown back a little, breathing hard, as the naked archer's tongue moved resolutely down.

Blinking in shock, the Flash stepped back around the corner. His mouth opened and closed a few times, fish-like, in shock. He hadn't seen what he thought he'd just seen. Had he? No way! Frowning, the Flash cautiously stuck his head back around the corner.

It was worse this time. Green Arrow was leaning forward, the head of Green Lantern's cock in his mouth. From his vantage point, the Flash could see Connor's tongue lathing the head of Kyle's penis. Green Arrow's lips were glistening, wet with white precum. As the Flash watched, Green Arrow paused to lick his own lips before returning his tongue to Green Arrow's ruddy, hard flesh. Kyle sighed happily, his hand gripping the back of Connor's head, urging him on.

The Flash gawked at his two naked teammates and retreated around the corner again. He was so stunned he tripped and fell backward with a little grunt. "What was that?"

Crap! Green Lantern had heard him fall! Moving at superspeed, the Flash was inside one of the toilet stalls in less than a second. He shut the door behind him and hunkered on the cool porcelain seat for a minute. Straining his ears, he heard nothing from the changing area. After a moment, he stood and flushed the toilet. Exiting the stall, the Flash coughed and spent a good deal of time at the sink washing his hands.

Taking a deep breath, he walked around the wall into the changing area. Green Lantern was seated on the bench, dressed in his usual costume. Green Arrow was slipping his tunic over his head.

"Hey, twinkletoes. What's up?" Green Lantern asked.

"Nothing," the Flash said nervously. "Not a thing. Anything going on here?"

Green Lantern shook his head. "Nope. Same old, same old."

The Flash shuffled his feet awkwardly. "Great. Great. Cock up the good work."

Tucking his tunic into his trousers, Green Arrow stared at the Flash. "What?"

"Oh my! Look at the time! If I hurry, I can get in a quick workout before I take over monitor duty. See you guys later!"

With a little wave, the Flash was gone in a crimson streak.

Frowning, Green Arrow turned to Green Lantern. "He was acting awfully strange. Do you think he knows about us, Kyle?"

"Who? Wally? Please! He doesn't have a clue, babe. Trust me. No one knows about us."

* * * * * * * * * *

With a little grunt, Batman settled back on his haunches. Trust West to walk in on Kyle and Connor at the worst possible moment.

Scowling Batman released his erection. He brought his glove, slick with lube and his own juices, to his mouth and licked the fingers clean. Absently, he switched off the camera he had set up in the locker rooms when he'd first learned Kyle and Connor were involved. Tucking himself away, the Dark Knight stood, shut his palm top video-monitor and tucked it into his belt.

Tonight, it looked like he would have to resort to one of the tapes he'd made of Connor and Kyle. Maybe the one in the Watchtower galley, when Kyle had shown Connor a different use for the ingredients of a banana split.

Smiling faintly, Batman headed for the transporter tubes.

* * * * * * * * * *

Elsewhere, Superman spasmed and came, his orgasm registering as a brilliant blue-white electrical discharge. In his energy form, the Man of Tomorrow didn't breathe, but if he did, at that moment, he would have been gasping.

He hadn't meant to spy on Connor and Kyle, but he had sensed an odd digital signal in the Watchtower these last few weeks. He'd been trying to trace the source when he had finally managed to decode the transmission. To say Superman had been shocked at the contents would have been ironic and appropriate.

His stomach still fluttered when he thought of those first images. Connor and Kyle in the garden, naked and rolling among the grasses, Green Arrow's cinnamon-colored legs over Green Lantern's pale shoulders. Now, when he sensed the signal, he still tried to trace it, but found himself distracted by the contents. Superman still flushed when he thought of the galley episode and what Kyle had done with the banana and chocolate sauce.

Shaking his head to clear his mind, Superman decided enough was enough. He needed help finding the source of these transmissions. They posed a potential security risk to the Watchtower. He made up his mind to drop by the Batcave later this evening. Batman would probably have some interesting ideas on how to handle this situation.



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