One Night in Bludhaven...

by Casey

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October, 2001

This story takes place early on in the "Emerald Wings" timeline.

"One Night in Bludhaven..."

By Casey

{Damn, what a night!}, thought Nightwing as he slowly stripped out of his costume. {Two muggers, one attempted rapist, three attempted murders, not to mention all the other petty thefts and misdemeanors...! You'd think someone had declared a national holiday for lowlifes or something! I mean, the 'Haven's always been bad, but tonight the whackos were out in full force!}

Tossing his costume onto the floor, he approached the foot of his bed and climbed in on his hands and knees, wanting nothing more than to get some sleep.

{Damn! Almost forgot th'alarm....}

After setting his clock for 6am, he curled his arm under his pillow and immediately drifted off to sleep, not even bothering to cover himself.


Sometime later, Dick felt some kind of cold material run up his leg. Half asleep, he chose to ignore it, deeming his dreams of Baywatch lifeguards and a masked octopus much more important than a sheet tickling his leg. However, when the sound of two "clicks" reached his ears, Dick Grayson was immediately awake. His eyes flew open and his muscles tensed, ready to defend himself against the intruder in his apartment. Dick was surprised, however, to feel his wrists and ankles encumbered by cold, hard metal. He instinctively knew why.


A glance upward at his headboard confirmed his suspicion. Both of his arms were stretched above his head, where his wrists were bound by silver handcuffs that were threaded through the wooden rungs. A look down at the foot of his bed showed his bare feet cuffed together, with the chain then apparently secured to the metal frame beneath the bed with yet another pair of cuffs. He mentally cursed himself.

{Damn it, Grayson! Caught like an amateur! All your training, all your experience, and you're caught by a random burglar! Wait a minute...Oh, no....!}

Thoughts of his training made him stop. His heart pounded in his chest as he vaguely remembered throwing his Nightwing costume on the floor, not even bothering to put it away. If the thief had seen it, he was in more trouble than he thought.

{Wonderful. You really blew it this time, Grayson! Now what do I do? Hold it, calm down. First thing I have to do is get out of these damn cuffs. Where is this guy, anyway? I don't hear anything...}

Suddenly, there was movement in one corner of the room, and the very shadows themselves came alive. As Dick watched, the dark figure of a man emerged, black cape flowing around broad shoulders as he strode towards the helpless young man on the bed.

"Batman?!?" Dick exclaimed, somewhat relieved. "What's going on? Why'd you lock me up like this?"

The masked man's face betrayed no emotion. There was not even a hint of a smile as he walked closer to the bed. His gloved hand reached out and a long index finger ran slowly up Dick's bare left leg, the tiny hairs prickling at the friction from the glove. Dick was momentarily taken aback at the sight of The Batman's powerful form framed against the bright moonlight streaming through the windows. He had always known Bruce was imposing, but he had never viewed him from this perspective, captured and at his mercy. The thought frightened him a bit, but there was also something else...

The Batman stood next to the bed now, near Dick's bare chest. He paused for a minute and looked up and down the prone young man, as if inspecting the naked, muscled body of his former ward. As the moonlight played along his rippled abdominal muscles, Dick could feel his cock twitch. He felt his cheeks flush from embarrassment. He pulled at his bonds, his biceps and thigh muscles bulging.

"Okay, Batman, this has gone on long enough," he said, trying to keep his voice calm. "I don't know what kind of lesson you're trying to teach me, but let me up and we'll talk about it, okay?"

There was the tiniest hint of a grin before Batman raised his arm and draped his long, silky cape over Dick, running it seductively down the length of his body. The feel of the soft fabric sliding along his exposed skin made Dick gasp. Again, he felt his cock jump and his face redden. He and Bruce had seen each other naked plenty of times in the past, but not so blatantly aroused like this.

"Ohhh, man....!, if you do that again, we're, um, gonna have a problem...." Dick smiled nervously. "Seriously, Batman, what's going on?"

The Batman gave no reply. Instead, as Dick craned his head to watch, he walked slowly to the foot of the bed and stood there, his hands on his hips as he again inspected the helpless man before him. Then, suddenly, he reached up and tore his shirt down the middle, exposing his own smooth, muscled chest.

"What th'...??"

Ignoring Dick's surprise, the costumed man knelt on the bed and began to crawl seductively up to Dick's spread legs. He lay between them and began to run a gloved finger lightly across the low-hanging balls in front of him as Dick's body tensed at the sensation.

"Ooohhhhh, God....! What th' Hell are you doing?!?"

Batman ignored the question, enjoying his friend's helplessness and excitement as he spread his hand and ran his fingers between the coarse, dark hairs at the base of Dick's growing member. He placed his gloved palm up against the shaft and slid it slowly up the length to the tip, smiling as a drop of pre-cum appeared and Dick moaned deeply.


With a grin, the costumed man wrapped his hand around the cock and began to stroke it, slowly and rhythmically. Dick's body trembled and his hips began to buck slightly.

"God...I don't believe this.... Please..."

The stroking stopped and the Batman slid his body up along his friend's, enjoying the feel of their smooth muscles against each other. As he climbed his captive's body, he saw that a light sheen of sweat had formed on Dick's body, making it glisten in the moonlight. He paused for a moment to teasingly bite the skin of a tempting hip and then again to suckle at a hardened nipple as Dick groaned his pleasure. Finally, when they were face-to-face, Batman leaned in and kissed Dick deeply, the stubble on Dick's face scratching him slightly. Dick made a weak attempt to protest, his voice husky with desire before it was cut off by his mentor's lips.

"We shouldn't...mmmmfff!"

Batman's hands roamed Dick's shoulders, chest and hips as he devoured the former Boy Wonder's mouth with his own. Their tongues dueled with a passion and excitement neither had known before. Then, he broke the kiss and left Dick breathless as he slid back down the young man's torso, making sure to kiss and lick various sensitive spots on his way. When he returned to his position between the thick, muscled thighs, his tongue snaked out and gently swirled around the cockhead in front of him.

"Oohhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhh.....! Suck me, Batman, please.....!"

The Batman almost laughed at his captive's response, but controlled himself and continued his torture, licking and sucking furiously on Dick's cock. As he did, he placed his hands on the young man's hips, keeping them still and adding to Dick's feelings of helplessness.


The feel of the strong, gloved hands on his hips, the soft, wet mouth devouring his cock and the tips of the cape falling down and tickling his feet all drove Dick wild.

"I'm...Unnhh!...I'm cumminnnngggggg!"

Batman removed his lips and began to stroke Dick's cock furiously, wanting to watch him cum. With a loud groan, Dick's body shook as his muscles tightened and strained against the handcuffs. Suddenly, his cock erupted in a series of long spurts, the first one shooting into the air and landing on his chin and left shoulder. The next two shots left a trail of white, creamy liquid up his rippled abs and smooth chest. There was some pooled inside his navel as well. On the last volley, it fell onto and dripped down Batman's cowl.

For long moments, Dick lay still, enjoying the sensations that still played along his body. He was breathing heavily and his sweaty chest was heaving as Batman milked the last few drops of cum from his softening cock. Finally, Dick whispered in a tired, rasping voice.

"God, that was good. Thanks, Kyle."

The costumed man between his legs stopped stroking and looked up at his captive's face. Dick had his eyes closed, but was smiling wickedly. Kyle reached up and pulled off the cowl.

"Okay, smartass, how did you know?" he asked in mock anger. Dick opened his eyes and looked down his prone body at the handsome, tanned face of Kyle Rayner.

"Your chest, doofus," Dick grinned.

"My chest??? What d'you mean?" Kyle asked as he playfully swiped his tongue along the wet tip of Dick's cock.

"Um, Kyle", Dick smirked, "You've got a great chest, man, but there's one thing it lacks...."

"And what is that?" Kyle asked, stopping his ministrations to act insulted.

"Hair, bro," Dick smiled. "You're smooth, and, um, Batman's not. Not by a long shot!"

At Kyle's stupefied expression, Dick began to laugh, his abdominal muscles straining as his body shook. Kyle put on his "little boy" look.

"Awww, man! I thought I had you!"

"You came close in the beginning, at least until you ripped your shirt open. Besides, I am a detective. I would've figured it out sooner or later..."

"Yeah, right!" Kyle laughed. "You were too engrossed in your favorite fantasy to even think straight!"

Dick glared menacingly. "Seriously, Kyle, um, not that I'm not happy to see you or anything...Believe me, I AM happy..." he grinned, "...but what's this costumed visit all about? You have a Batman fetish I don't know about?"

"I'm not the one with the Batman fetish..." Kyle mumbled. Again, Dick glared.

"Man, you must be working too hard!" Kyle laughed. He smiled and said, "Don't you know what today is?"

Dick thought for a minute, then shook his head.

Kyle slapped his head in mock frustration and rolled his eyes.

"Happy Halloween, bro!" he said before smiling wickedly and lowering his lips to Dick's cock again. Soon, as ghosts and goblins ran along the darkened streets of Bludhaven, moans and groans could also be heard coming from Dick Grayson's apartment...



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