Merry Xmas


by MEL

Hi everyone. It's almost 3 a.m. in the morning and this is my first post here. Think of it as a Christmas present. - MEL

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Pairing: Dick Grayson/Garfield Logan

Rating: Slash m/m

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I'm not making any money off them.

Dick Grayson woke up slowly, fuzzy-headed and cotton mouthed. He lay there for a moment, blinking, trying to remember where he was and what he had done the night before. The first thing to filter into the front of his mind was the fact he wasn't in his apartment in Bludhaven. He wasn't in his bed. The sheets here were dark green.

Green. Dick blinked. No. Not just green sheets. Green skin. A back. A man's back.

Very slowly, very cautiously Dick sat up. He stared at the young man sleeping next to him, curled up on one side, snoring quietly.

Garfield Logan, better known as Changeling. One of Dick's closest friends. Garfield Logan, sleeping next to Dick. Naked.

The events of last night flooded back into Dick's mind. The Christmas party. The eggnog. Gar in a red Santa hat and nothing else. Dick's mouth fell open in shock.

"Oh. My. God."

Garfield's eyelids flickered open at the words. He had the darkest green eyes that Dick had ever seen. Eyes that were now settled firmly on Dick's own dark blue eyes.

Garfield yawned, stretching languidly. He smacked his lips and smiled up at Dick, sitting there, looking at Gar with a slightly shell-shocked expression on his face.

"Morning lover boy," said Gar, then he sat up and kissed Dick right on the mouth. "You look so sexy when you're rumpled."

Gar's dark green eyes dropped to the lime colored sheets crumpled around Dick's waist. His smile widened, his hand sliding beneath those same sheets, fingers wrapping around tumescent flesh. Dick jumped, surprised.

"Glad to see you're an early riser," Gar said, squeezing slightly with one hand, while the other pulled the sheets back. Dick opened his mouth, not sure what he was going to say, but before he could speak, Gar leaned forward and swallowed him in one gulp.

"Oh. My. God!"

The words erupted from Dick, triggered by shocked pleasure. He stared down, wide-eyed, at the green head bobbing over his groin and shuddered. Gar's tongue was doing amazing things to him!

As if aware of Dick's thoughts, Gar drew his mouth up until the tip of Dick's cock was nestled between his lips.

Gar's hot tongue flicked out, stroking the sensitive area on the underside of the penis, where the cockhead merged with the shaft. Dick gasped. Gar glanced up, smiling, and moved forward again, impaling himself on the rock hard shaft in his mouth. Sucking so hard his cheeks were caving in.

Dick grunted and laid a hand on Gar's shoulder. Gar glanced up but did not remove his mouth from the hard cock.

Dick began to speak."Gar, I. . . ."

But the green-skinned man did not seem willing to listen. His hands moved to Dick's muscular thighs, sliding over and under them, tugging him forward as Gar crawled back over the bed, not once letting Dick's cock slip from his mouth.

Dick scooted forward, encouraged by Gar's hands and the telltale scrape of teeth on his penis when he hesitated. Gar's hands moved, the left hand sliding up over Dick's smooth six-pack while the right hand slid under him. A finger was pressing against Dick's asshole, wiggling insistently, teasing him. Gar's other hand had found its way to his chest. Fingers slowly circled Dick's nipple, nails grazing the oh-so-sensitive flesh.

Dick grunted as Gar's finger penetrated his anus. A moment later he gasped in shocked surprise as his left nipple was pinched tightly.

And all the while Gar's mouth was busy on Dick's cock, sucking and licking, teeth scraping the sensitive glans. Gar's tongue flicked over Dick's scrotum, warm breath tickling the hairs there a moment before the testicles were sucked into that greedy, demanding mouth.

Dick squirmed, and Gar's hands were moving his legs onto his shoulders. Dick was breathing hard, the tension in his balls growing. He took a deep breath and shifted slightly, Gar's hand leaving his chest to slide down his torso and slide under him.

Sudden coldness made Dick open his eyes. Gar had taken his mouth off Dick's cock. The organ wavered in the air, sticky and wet, pulsing slightly in time with Dick's heartbeat. It brushed against Gar's cheek.

Gar rose from his prone position between Dick's thighs. The movement was slow and deliberate, Dick's legs hooked over his shoulders, Gar's hands supporting his butt. Dick took a deep breath as Gar's fingers explored the crack of his ass. One finger penetrated Dick's anus, sliding in knuckle deep. Another joined it, exploring and rotating. Dick groaned, his legs tightening on Gar's shoulders. Then Dick felt Gar's cock, hard and moist, pressing against his ass. Insistent.

Gar leaned forward, eyes locked on Dick's. His hand clasped Dick's cock, squeezing hard. Dick was taking slow, deep breaths. Gar's finger rubbed over the top of his cock, spreading the precum oozing from the head.

"Say it, Dick," Gar said, finger trailing across the velvet soft cockhead. His voice was gruff, sending a little thrill through Dick.


Gar moved his hips forward, the tip of his cock, wet and hot, at the opening to Dick's butt. "Say what you said last night."

Dick took a deep breath, legs tightening. He squirmed on the bed, teasing himself on Gar's cock. "What did I say?"

Gar grinned. "You remember. Say it, Dick."

Dick fixed his blue eyes on Gar's face, the avocado flesh dark in the flush of desire. "I. . . ."

Gar's hand tightened on Dick's cock, hard and insistent. "Say it."

Dick closed his eyes again and settled back on the bed. "Okay."

Gar's grip on his cock did not lessen. "Do it. Say it. Now."

Dick opened his eyes. Gar was leaning over him, so close that Dick could feel his breath on his eyelashes.

"Fuck me, Gar."

Gar grinned and shoved his hips forward. His cock rammed into Dick's ass in a fluid movement. Dick's legs spasmed and he groaned, eyes tightly closed. There was a flash of pain that quickly turned into pleasure. His hands flew up, grasping Gar's arms. Dick opened his eyes and stared up into his young friend's face.

"Fuck me!" Dick spat the words through clenched teeth and squeezed his ass muscles tight around Gar's cock. "Fuck me hard!"

Gar grinned and leaned forward, covering Dick's mouth with his own. Dick sucked on Gar's tongue, moaning around it and Gar took Dick's hands, lacing their fingers together. They parted, both men gasping.

"I wonder what ole Pointy-Ears would say if he could see you now?" Gar asked, breathless.

Dick's only response was to groan and come, shuddering. His cock convulsed, spitting white cum over his stomach. A gob splattered on Dick's chin.

Gar came a moment later, roaring, back arching, cock buried to the balls in his friend's tight ass. When he was done, he lay atop Dick, breathless and flushed, his skin the color of overripe celery, his cock still buried inside his friend.

Dick's hands moved to Gar's back, rubbing the green man's shoulders and spine. "Have I thanked you yet for inviting me out for Christmas?"

Gar grinned, his cheek against Dick's semen spattered chest. "Not yet. Having a good time?"

Dick grinned. "So far." He shifted slightly. "Are you getting hard again?"

"Yep." Gar lifted his head. "Want to wait a while?"

Dick's response was silent. His ass muscles tensed around Gar's cock and he grinned, feeling the organ inside him grow harder still.

Gar began to move, thrusting slow and easy. Dick closed his eyes, a large grin on his face. Gar kissed him, his lips moving to Dick's ear.

"Merry Christmas, fearless leader," he whispered.



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