March Madness


by MEL

Fandom: DC Comics
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Notes: This fic is a sequel to MERRY XMAS, but you don't have to read one to follow the other. Enjoy! - xoxo MEL

* * * * * * * * * *

Three months since that New Year's Eve. Three months since Dick Greyson had woken up in Garfield Logan's bed, flustered and amazed before Garfield sucked and fucked him into blissful submission.

In those three months, Dick had done a lot of soul searching. At first, when he got back to Bludhaven, he'd convinced himself it was a one-time thing. No, Dick told himself as he squirmed into his skintight black and blue bodysuit, it must have been the alcohol.

He'd almost convinced himself of that by the end of January. Then the Bludhaven vice squad had busted a shipment of illegal porn. Obviously someone somewhere along the supply line hadn't paid Blockbuster enough for protection. The penalty was the confiscation of their property by the Haven's finest. Vice had spread the tapes around to the uniforms to look for anyone obviously underage in the productions.

Most of the tapes were boring, as far as Dick was concerned. They elicited about as much excitement from him as stereo instructions. Then, he stuck the last tape into his VCR and nearly fell off his couch.

The image on Dick's t.v. showed a young man, dark haired with a nicely cut gym body, tied to a bed being teased and tormented by a fellow in a black leather hood and harness. As Dick watched the young man writhe in simulated torture, he was appalled and fascinated to discover he was becoming painfully erect.

Oh crap, he thought, then popped the tape out of his machine and sat back on his couch to think some more.

February rolled through Bludhaven. St. Valentine's Day came and went in a flurry of pink candy hearts and flowers. Dick bought flowers for Barbara and, on impulse, sent a box of chocolates to Donna. He worked a double shift that night, and when he got home found a curious letter in his mail.

It was a mint green envelope with a California postmark. There was no return address. Dick opened it and read the short, simple note inside: "See you in March." It was signed Garfield Logan.

Dick's hands shook a little as he shoved the note back into its envelope. Unbidden, fragments of memory exploded in his mind's eye. Garfield's weight on top of him, pressing him down, his hips moving, undulating, driving his emerald green cock deeper and deeper into Dick's ass with each motion. Blushing, Dick shut his eyes and willed the memory to go away. He succeeded, but his cock was so hard in his slacks it actually hurt to walk. Walking gingerly, Dick went upstairs to his apartment and took a very long, very cold shower.

March. It arrived like a bombshell, dumping snow and ice all over Bludhaven, bringing the city to a grinding halt. Temperatures dropped below freezing. Water pipes burst. The automobile accident rate skyrocketed. Dick found himself working so many double shifts for the Bludhaven Police Department he had no chance to go out as Nightwing. It took everything he had just to get enough sleep to function.

And then, as quickly as the cold snap had come, it ended. Temperatures soared into the forties. Ice cracked and melted. The auto accident rate fluctuated rapidly as Haven residents adjusted to the new temperature. Best of all, Dick would have a real, honest-to-God weekend to himself to catch up on his sleep. And maybe go on patrol as Nightwing for the first time in ages.

That afternoon Dick went home and climbed into his shower. He stood under scalding hot water for almost half an hour, letting it ease the tension from his muscles. When the water went from hot to tepid, he sighed and reluctantly decided it was time to get out. Dick shut off the water and pulled back the shower curtain.

Garfield Logan smiled at him and held out a towel. "Hi stranger."

Dick gaped. "Gar! What are you doing here?"

Gar grinned and stepped forward. He began to rub Dick's body with the towel, blotting up the water. "Didn't you get my letter? I said you'd see me in March."

"I thought you'd call or something," Dick said lamely.

"Aren't you glad to see me, Dick?" Garfield asked. His eyes dropped to his friend's groin. Garfield grinned. "Your cock seems happy to have me here."

Blushing, Dick glanced down. It was true. His organ was flooded with blood, jutting up, rigid as stone and hotter than fire. Garfield moved the towel down, toward the penis. Dick quickly grabbed the towel from him.

"Gar," he said in his most commanding voice, "we need to talk about some things."

"No, we don't," said Gar, lightly.

Dick kept on talking, trying to ignore Gar's lazy grin. "I've been doing a lot of thinking about what happened New Year's eve . . . "

"That's your problem," said Gar. "You think too much. You analyze everything."

"I do not!"

"Yes, you do," Gar said, primly. "If you don't believe me, ask Donna. Now shut up and kiss me."

Dick began to protest, but no words left his mouth. Instead, Gar kissed him, the green youth's tongue sliding nimbly over teeth and tongue. Automatically, Dick opened to the kiss. By the time he realized what he was doing it was too late. Gar had slid his hands around Dick's waist, pulling the naked man so close to him that Dick's engorged member was rubbing against Garfield's torso.

Abruptly, Garfield broke the kiss and stepped back. "Get dried off. I'll be waiting for you in the living room."

With a last smile at Dick, Gar turned and walked out of the bathroom. Dick watched him go, fingers touching his lips. They were actually tingling.

He dried off in record time, and cinched the towel around his waist. Taking a deep breath, Dick walked into his living room. The things he'd thought of saying went unsaid when he stepped out of his bathroom.

Gar was sitting on the couch. He'd stripped down to white boxer shorts and socks. Dick's policeman's cap was perched sideways on his dark green hair and he held Dick's nightstick in one hand and his handcuffs in the other. On the television in front of Gar was an XXX-rated video.

Gar grinned at Dick, his eyes roving over his friend's damp, scantily clad body. He jingled the handcuffs. "I thought we might try something different this time."

Dick blushed from his head to his toes.

Gar laughed and stood. "Embarrassed, Cadet Greyson? I wouldn't have thought anyone who had a copy of Boys-N-Toyland Part 3 would get flustered so easily."

"That tape is for work, Gar," Dick said, still pink with embarrassment.

"Yeah, sure," said the green youth. "I have to admit though, Dickie, I always sort of thought you liked being tied up."

"I don't!"

"Convince me," said Gar.

"How?" Dick asked, glancing at the cuffs. The towel wrapped around his waist was beginning to tent outward.

"Turn around, Cadet," Gar ordered, his voice full of fierceness.

Dick hesitated. "I...."

"Now!" Snapped Gar.

Oh what the hell, thought Dick. With an exasperated sigh, he turned his back to Gar. He didn't resist as Gar placed the cuffs around his wrists. When Gar pulled off his towel, Dick did flinch a little from the sudden coolness, but that was all.

"Turn around," ordered Gar.

Dick obeyed, spinning on his heels as if he were on the Academy parade grounds. Gar grinned at him. The shapechanger's eyes moved appraisingly over Dick's body, settling at last on his groin.

"So, Cadet Greyson, you don't like being tied up, huh?" Gar nodded at the erection. "Then how come your johnson's dribbling jizz all over your nice floor?"

Dick blushed scarlet and lowered his eyes. His cock twitched, a drop of pearly precum sliding from the head downward, along the shaft.

"Catwoman got your tongue?" Gar asked, grinning fiercely. He tapped the nightstick against his palm and studied Dick. "On your knees, cadet!"

Dick complied, starting to get into Gar's little game. He dropped to his knees, his cock bouncing against his belly. From the floor he looked up, admiring Gar. He was a few years younger than Dick, but had a nice lean body. His emerald green skin was covered with darker hair, giving Gar a bearish quality. Dick shivered, remembering how that hair had felt against his back and chest.

Gar ran a hand through Dick's damp hair. "Are you cold, cadet?"

"No sir," Dick said, speaking for the first time.

"I don't believe you," said Gar. "I think you need to get something warm in you."

Dick blinked. "What do you suggest, sir?"

Hands on his hips, Gar adjusted his stance, spreading his legs. Dick could see the bulge in Gar's boxers bounce slightly. "Cock," said Gar. He rolled his hips in a tight little circle, making his erection bob and weave in front of Dick's face. "Use your mouth, cadet. Now."

Dick leaned forward and pressed his face against the front of Gar's boxers. He inhaled deeply. Gar's underwear smelt of cotton and laundry detergent and young rutting male. Dick closed his eyes, his mouth suddenly watering.

Grinding his face against Gar's package, Dick sighed. Gar's dick reacted to his warm breath, hardening even more, pushing the white cotton fabric out. With his eyes still shut, Dick ran his mouth over the cotton-clad penis. He came to the waistband and gently snagged the elastic with his teeth. Working the fabric into his mouth, Dick moved his head back and down. A wave of musky heat hit him in the face and Dick opened his eyes.

Gar's dick was exposed to him now. It jutted up from a nest of dark green pubic hair, seven inches of curving, veined cockflesh. And Dick wanted it. He realized that now, at that moment, as he stared at his friend's hardon throbbing so close to his face.

"Are you just going to sit there and admire it all day long, Cadet?" Gar asked, amused and annoyed.

Dick shook his head. Gar's underwear was still in his mouth, the fabric soaked through with Dick's saliva. Quickly, but carefully, Dick tugged the boxers down, careful not to tangle them on the throbbing dick. Bending low, Dick worked the boxers down to Gar's thighs, then paused to glance up at the rampant flesh before him.

"All the way off, Cadet," ordered Gar.

Swiftly, Dick obeyed, bending over to tug the boxers down to Gar's ankles. He was aware of how he must look; a young man, smooth and muscular, naked and on his knees, hands secured behind his back, his butt high in the air, his head down around Gar's ankles.

I must look like a slave, thought Dick. Or a servant.

The thought excited Dick. His own cock was hard as stone now, fully erect, the head poking at his navel.

On impulse, Dick planted a kiss on Gar's ankle. When Gar did not object, Dick kissed the top of his foot. He went to the other foot, kissed it, bent lower to plant his lips against each of Gar's toes, worshiping them with his tongue.

Gar sighed. "That's nice, cadet, but you can suck my toes later. Right now I want my cock in your mouth."

Without hesitation, Dick obeyed, rising and studying the member in front of him. He swallowed, suddenly nervous, and worked his cheeks to build up his saliva. Moving closer, he opened his mouth and touched the underside of Gar's shaft with his tongue.

Gar sighed and flexed his hips forward. His cock poked Dick in the cheek, smearing precum over it. Dick turned his head away, automatically, and wound up with a string of diamond-bright cum across his lips. He licked it away, savoring the musky flavor, then opened his mouth and took the head of Gar's penis between his dewey lips.

"Oh yeah."

The words spilt out of Gar and Dick grinned mentally, pleased that he was making Gar happy. He concentrated on the cock in his mouth, slowly, gently lathing his tongue over the piss-slit.

"That's soooo nice," Gar moaned above him.

Dick smiled and sucked, sliding his mouth forward, engulfing Gar's shaft, inch by inch. Gar hissed and touched Dick's head, his fingers finding purchase in the dark hair. Dick opened his eyes and glanced up to see Gar with his eye's half-shut, biting his lower lip.

Sucking gently, insistently, Dick slid more of Gar' shaft into his mouth. He stroked the underside of the shaft with his tongue, breathing through his nose. He could feel his own cock brushing his stomach, dribbling precum down the shaft and into his neatly trimmed pubic hairs. If his hands had been free, Dick would have touched himself.

Hell, he thought, starting to bob his head up and down on Gar's schlong. I would have come by now! Thank God for handcuffs!

Gar was breathing, slow and deep, his fingers kneading Dick's scalp. Abruptly the shapechanger laid the nightstick across Dick's shoulders. He held it there and pushed his hips forward, sliding his spitslick cock further into Dick's mouth. Dick blinked and gagged as the head of Gar's cock poked at the opening to his throat.

"Relax," ordered Gar, pausing. "Use one of those mental tricks Old Pointy Ears taught you."

And then, before Dick could do anything, Gar was pushing forward again. His cockhead popped past the opening of Dick's throat, making the dark-haired man gag despite himself. And then Gar's cock was in Dick's throat, being massaged by convulsing muscles. Gar groaned and gripped the nightstick, using it to pull Dick's head forward, loving the feel of throat muscles squeezing him.

Gagging Dick fought to control his throat. Just when he got the gag reflex under control, Gar began to move his hips, fucking Dick's face. The fresh assault provoked more choking gasps from the bound brunette.

"You like this don't you, Dickie?" Gar whispered above him. "You like being used like a $10 whore."

Dick could only moan around the hot flesh filling his throat and work his tongue.

"Yeah," whispered Gar, falling into an easy thrusting rhythm. "You like it. You want this don't you? You've wanted this for sooo long . . . "

Dick responded the only way he could, pushing his head forward to meet Garfield's cock.

"Yeah!" Gar had his eyes open and was staring down at Dick with a fierce intensity. He ran the nightstick over Dick's muscular shoulders, along his spine.

"The Bat never did this to you, did he Dickie?" Said Gar, his words punctuated by shuddering little breaths. "But I bet he wanted to. God knows I've wanted to since the first time I saw you, back when you were Robin."

Dick had his eyes half-shut, listening to Gar speak but focusing most of his attention on pleasuring his friend.

"God, you were so hot in that little red tunic and those green short pants! I wanted to fuck you in the Batcave, on the hood of the Batmobile." His fingers gripped Dick's dark hair. "I want you to wear those little green shorts for me some day."

"Huh uh." Dick managed to get the affirmative out, looking up at Gar through lust-crazed eyes.

Gar bit his lower lip and bent forward, one hand hold Dick's head close to his groin, his other hand sliding the nightstick over Dick's body. Wherever the hard wood went, Dick trembled. Slowly, teasingly Gar ran it over Dick's shoulders and down his spine. He traced Dick's bound arms with the wooden shaft and then slid it lower.

Dick felt the hardness sliding between the sweating globes of his ass and shivered. Gar pulled his cock out of Dick's eager mouth. It made a wet popping noise as Dick fought to suck it back inside.

"Gar . . . "

"Shhhh!" Gar said, lazily rubbing the nightstick over Dick's fluttering asshole.

"Oh Gar!" Dick moaned, licking frenziedly at Gar's slimy cock and full balls. "You're making me crazy!"

"Good," whispered Gar, loving the feel of velvet-soft lips moving over his nuts. "You need to go crazy, Dicky."

Groaning, Dick licked and sucked at his friend. He did everything he could think of, worshiping his heavy low-hanging balls and rubbing his face against Gar's cock. Gar moved his hips, sending his cock bouncing and bobbing, making Dick try to catch him with his mouth. All the time, he continued teasing Dick's hot ass with the nightstick. Sliding it up and down the crevasse, rubbing it against the anus, moving the stick down to nudge Dick's plump testicles.

Finally, Gar placed the blunt nightstick against Dick's asshole and very gently began to turn it, grinding it against the fluttering orifice.


Dick shuddered and came, his swollen cock unable to bear any more sexual torment. Thick white semen erupted from his dick, spattering against Gar's hairy, green legs. Shuddering, Dick pressed his head against Gar's hip and let his orgasm take him. It seemed to last forever. Gar gave Dick's firm white asscheeks a gentle tap with the nightstick and straightened. He looked down at Dick, his head pressed against Gar's hip, eyes closed in blissful satiation.

Smiling tightly Gar stepped back. Blinking, dazed, Dick looked up at his friend. Gar grinned at him and gripped his own cock. He flogged it mercilessly, his hand gripping the shaft tightly, twisting and turning the flesh.

Dick watched Gar masturbate, fascinated. He leaned forward, offering his mouth, the service of his tongue, but Gar shook his head and pushed Dick away. For a moment, Dick felt a burst of disappointment that he wasn't getting Gar's cock.

Then Gar came, shuddering, eyes closed tightly, face contorted into a mask of relief. He shot his load over Dick's face.

The eruption caught Dick completely by surprise. Blinking, he felt the jizz spatter across his eyes and nose. It rolled down his face, heavy and pungent. He inhaled the smell and licked his lips, tasting Gar's seed.

Heat made him open his eyes. Gar had stepped forward. Casually he wiped his oozing cock all over Dick's face, using him like a rag. Dick took Gar's limp cock into his mouth, licking it clean, savoring the taste of cum. When the shapechanger began to grow hard again, he pulled his cock out of Dick's eager mouth.

"Where's your bed, Dickie?" Gar asked, grinning.

Dick blinked. "In the bedroom."

"Good," said Gar. "Get your ass on it."

"Gar, I was going to go out on patrol tonight."

Gar shook his head, adjusting Dick's policeman's cap on his green hair. "Not anymore." He ran his hand down Dick's cheek, along his jaw and over his lips. "You're mine now, Boy Wonder. Bludhaven can have you back when I leave."

Dick blinked and wanted to argue, but the way Gar was looking at him sent a wave of heat through Dick's body.

"When are you leaving?" Dick asked quietly.

Gar bent over and kissed him, fiercely. "Later." He ran a hand down Dick's throat, to his shoulder. "Much later."

"I suppose I can live with that," said Dick, smiling wryly.

"Good," said Gar. "Let's get to bed."

"Um . . . are you going to leave the cuffs on me?" Dick asked, uncertainly.

"Do you want me to take them off?"

"No," Dick said quickly. Then he blushed scarlet, embarrassed by the eagerness in his voice.

"Then I guess this is your lucky day," said Gar. "Now get your ass in that bedroom, cadet! Right now!"

Dick grinned and sprang to his feet. "Yes, sir!"

He practically ran into his bedroom, his cock firming up as he moved. Gar grinned and followed at a more leisurely pace. He examined the nightstick and glanced at Dick, kneeling eagerly on his bed.

Grinning wickedly, Gar tapped the baton against his palm. "Tell me, Cadet Greyson, you got any lube around this place?"



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