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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


"Um . . . you know, Garth, when you guys invited Connor and me over for a foursome, this isn't what I pictured."

Mumbled words from the mouth between his thighs. A tongue, flexing against hypersensitive flesh.

"Sorry. I didn't get that."

Cool air replaced warm moistness, as violet eyes rose to meet his. "I said, what did you think I meant?"

Kyle shifted a little, the tip of his penis brushing slick lips. "I thought you were inviting us to play golf."

Garth chuckled. "That explains it."

"What?" Kyle asked, fighting the urge to hunch his hips forward.

"Why you asked if you should bring your clubs with you. I was worried there for a moment."

"Really?" Kyle grinned and reached down to stroke Garth's curly, black hair. "Did you think we were into rough trade or something?"

Garth's eyes widened. His lips parted, warm breath tickling Kyle's erection. "Are you?"

"Well, no," admitted Kyle. "At least, not yet."

"It's overrated."

Kyle stared at Garth, as the crown prince of Atlantis moved up to lay next to him.

"You've done rough trade?"

Garth nodded, snuggling next to him, and propping himself up on one arm. His other hand slid over Kyle's chest, tracing the faint hairs that extended from his breastbone to his naval.

"Dick and I have done a lot of things."

Kyle blinked and turned to stare at their usual partners, coupling frantically on a chaise lounge across the room. He turned back to Garth, smiling playfully. "Like what?"

Garth's hand slid lower, his fingers wrapping around Kyle's member. "Oh, just things."

Kyle turned toward Garth until they were laying chest to chest and groin to groin. He leaned forward, kissing Garth's lips and working his way down salty, warm flesh to the joint of neck and shoulder.

He's so smooth, thought Kyle. He ran his hand down Garth's side, amazed at the feel of silky skin stretched taught over solid muscles.

Garth sighed and pushed himself closer to Kyle. His arm went around Kyle's back, his hand gliding over sweating flesh. He cupped one of Kyle's firm buttocks. Playfully, he squeezed and Kyle grunted, his teeth nipping at Garth's shoulder.

Kyle's hand slid over Garth's hip, his fingers tracing lazy circles across the pale velvet flesh. Garth squirmed deliciously. Kyle grinned and licked across Garth's throat as he slid his hand into the space between them. He found Garth's cock, sticky and solid, and gripped it. Slowly, carefully, Kyle ran his thumb over the member. He drew back from Garth to look down between them. Carefully, he pulled the foreskin back from the throbbing head of Garth's cock. Grinning, Kyle shifted his grip to run his thumb over the sensitive head.

Garth inhaled sharply and muttered something in a fluid language.

Gently, but firmly, Kyle pushed Garth onto his back. He kept his hand wrapped firmly around Garth's cock, squeezing and tugging the hot, slippery flesh. Garth was breathing heavily, his stomach fluttering each time Kyle tugged on his cock.

"You know," Kyle said with a devilish grin as his fingers danced across hypersensitive flesh. "I think I'd like to hear about some of the things you and Dicky have gotten up to."

"Now?" Garth asked, moving his hips up to fuck Kyle's gripping hand.

"Maybe later," said Kyle, tightening his hold on the other man's cock. "Right now, I just want to hear you moan."

Kyle knelt over Garth's groin and sucked his hardness into his mouth. Obligingly, Garth moaned.

* * * * *

Connor lay with his legs over Dick's shoulders, his head half-hanging off the leather chaise lounge. Through half-closed eyes he watched as Kyle knelt over Garth, his head bobbing on the Atlantean's erection. Garth's eyes were closed, his head tossed back in uninhibited pleasure.

Sighing blissfully, Connor's eyes flickered up to Dick's face just as Dick glanced down at him. Connor grinned and arched his back a little. He was starting to get a kink, lying in this position, but he didn't want to move. This was an ideal position. The cock inside him stabbed his prostate with each thrust and sent waves of pleasure through him. Plus, lying like this, Connor could watch his lover enjoy Garth's body.

Dick's hands slid from Connor's legs to his hips. Easily he pulled Connor to him, until the young blonde's head was resting firmly on the leather chaise. Connor squirmed. His foot brushed against Dick's head. The dark-haired man turned and licked that foot, his tongue stroking the instep. Connor gasped as Dick found one of his secret erogenous zones, one that Kyle had discovered their first night together.

Unexpectedly, Dick leaned forward, pushing Connor's legs toward his chest, and changing the tempo of his thrusts. His mouth found Connor's, covered it, ravished it with bruising kisses. Stubble brushed against Connor's smooth cheek as Dick moved to nibble and lick on his ear. A hand found Connor's semi-hard erection and began to pump it. Connor groaned and turned to kiss and lick Dick's face. His hands roamed over the gymnast's body, his fingers tweaked Dick's nipples. "Having a good time?" Dick asked, whispering into Connor's ear.


Dick drew back, grinning. His eyes moved over Connor's face and body. "You're beautiful," he said.

Embarrassed, Connor closed his eyes. He could feel the blood rushing into his face. He opened them as Dick began to kiss his chin and throat.

"Kyle is very lucky." Connor bit his lip, as Dick toyed with the tip of his cock. His fingertips touched the sensitive slit.

"Not a talker, huh?"

"Only when I have something important to say," Connor gasped.

"Like what?" Dick asked. His fingers stroked Connor's hardness as his own shaft impaled the blonde archer.

"I'm coming!"

He did. His cock seemed to explode in Dick's hand. The brunette grinned and wrapped slick fingers around the pulsing flesh, milking it. Connor shuddered and continued to cum, thick white semen spattering across his heaving stomach and chest.

Dick watched, captivated, as Connor lost himself to his orgasm. His eyes were closed tightly, dewy lips parted as he gasped and shuddered. Chest heaving, Connor's nipples were dark, rigid peaks rising from the smooth golden brown flesh. One arm was thrown back, gripping the lounge, the biceps standing out and quivering.

The scene was enough to push Dick over the edge. He pulled out of Connor with a wet pop and shot his load across the gasping blonde.

Connor opened his eyes, startled at the feel of sudden dampness on his face. Between his thighs, Dick was coming. The handsome brunette had his cock in his hand, his head was thrown back and the muscles in his neck and chest were standing out. Grunting, he jerked his hips forward. Another jet of white gushed from his member to spatter across Connor's chest and neck.

Gasping, Dick released his cock and opened his eyes. Connor was laying in front of him, spattered with Dick's semen and his own. Dick ran a finger across Connor's belly, scooping up the sticky white fluid. He popped the digit in his mouth and sucked it with relish. Connor watched him, open-mouthed and semi-aroused.

Dick slid the finger out of his mouth and grinned at Connor. "And I thought Garth liked it wet and messy."

Connor looked down at himself and realized he was covered in cum. He blushed furiously.

"Here, let me help you clean up," Dick said, then leaned forward and began licking up the sperm coating Connor's cock and balls.

* * * * *

They took turns in the shower. First Connor and Kyle, then Dick and Garth. Of course, by the time Dick and Garth were finished, Connor and Kyle needed to get cleaned up again. Dick and Garth exchanged a grin and pulled the other two into the shower with them. It was cramped and wet but no one complained until the hot water ran out. Naked and shivering, Kyle, Dick and Connor barreled out of the shower while Garth stood in the chilling spray, laughing and calling them all wimps.

Afterwards, wrapped up in fluffy white bathrobes, the four friends reclined on the bed and eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.



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