The Encounter

by Casey

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern, and Dick Grayson, Nightwing, do not belong to me. They belong to DC Comics. I have merely borrowed them for a bit in order to write this story for a newfound friend. Absolutely no money is being made from this story. I would like to thank MEL and Corry for their support and inspiration. Feel free to send feedback to me at  HYPERLINK . FEBRUARY, 2001


By Casey

What the Hell was I thinking? Ah, c'mon, Kyle, face it; you weren't thinking at all. At least, not with that head. One look at the guy and you melted. Simple as that. Pure animal lust, accept no substitutes.

Man, it started out as a nice, easy day, too. Woke up around 10, showered, threw on some gray sweats and a black T-shirt and had a nice cup of coffee at Radu's before heading to the newsstand for today's Planet. Everything was fine. No disasters, no super-villains, no women troubles. Then, BAM! My whole world turns upside down!

But damn, he was gorgeous! About 5'10, blonde hair, brown eyes, probably around 19 or 20 years old. He was picking up the latest issue of XY, the gay mag for younger guys. Figures. But with a body like that, he should've been in the magazine, not reading it! The way his white cotton T-shirt crept up when he reached for the mag, showing just enough of that tanned, tight stomach....! Woof! And the way his chest stretched out the shirt was almost as good as the way his bubblebutt stretched out his jeans!

That was exactly what I was thinking about.... well, maybe one or two other things, too.... when I accidentally bumped up against him. Okay, so maybe it wasn't really that accidental, but, hey, I'm only human. Even super-heroes get horny, and I'm a pretty hot-blooded guy, anyway. What is it Dick called me that time? A "sex-crazed, wanna-be frat boy". Hmph. Not too far off, but then, he's good at reading people. Years of living with The Bat'll do that to a guy, I guess....

Anyway, so I apologize, acting like I didn't have this planned from the moment I saw his shoulders, and the guy turns around, flashing me the most beautiful smile I think I've ever seen! I melted. That was it. That was the exact moment I knew I had to have this guy. Soon. Like, yesterday.

We started to talk small, polite stuff as we both made our way over to the vendor. Immediately after that, almost like he didn't want me to walk away, he introduced himself. Corey, his name was. Cool name. I introduced myself, too, and we started walking together, without even thinking about it. The guy was so cool, so easygoing, that I started to feel like I'd known him forever. Of course, I still felt that little electric shock shoot down to my groin every time I looked at him, but I was starting to realize that he had a brain and a great personality to go with those looks, too. I told him that I was a cartoonist for MidTown magazine, and he really seemed impressed. He said he loved my work! Can you believe it? I was blown away. Sure, I've had people admire my work before, like Donna, Jen, Dick, and Terry, but they're my friends. It's always more flattering when a stranger tells you you're good.

Pretty soon, we were talking about relationships. We started off slowly, each one afraid to get too personal and piss the other one off, but that didn't last long. Like I said; we both felt really at ease with each other. I told him vaguely about Donna and Jen, but avoided telling him about Dick. After all, Dick and I were still just feeling our way, and I'm still not sure if it's a serious thing or just two horny guys letting out some sexual frustrations. But then he told me about his boyfriend, a guy named Mel, and I decided to at least mention Dick, so he wouldn't think his 'gaydar' was messed up. Corey understood completely. He said he really cared about Mel, but they had only been seeing each other about four months and that Mel was a bit insecure about their relationship. He was afraid to screw something up and hurt Mel more than he had already been hurt in the past, but Corey wished he would stop worrying about the future and just enjoy what they had together, for however long they had it. Could be another week, could be forever, who knows? The similarities between Mel/Dick and Corey/Kyle sprang immediately to mind.

By this time, we found ourselves at my apartment. When I told him, Corey got all little-boy-ish, shuffling his feet and stammering slightly. The guy was so cute! Before I could even finish inviting him up, he blurted out "Yeah! Sounds great!", followed by a pretty sheepish "Um, if you're sure?". Yeah, like I would refuse a stud like him.

After bypassing some of the nosy neighbors, I let him in to my humble abode. I offered him some coffee, but he asked for O.J. instead, since it had begun to get hot out. He was right, and me forgetting to open any windows when I left wasn't helping anything. While I poured the juice, he started looking at my CD collection before sorting through a couple on the sofa. By the time I sat down next to him, the sun was beating down on the glass, making it almost unbearable in the room. I started to get up to open the windows, when I tripped and spilled half of my orange juice all over the poor guy! No, seriously, I did trip! God, I felt sooo stupid!

As I apologized profusely and started to try and clean it off his shirt, Corey began to laugh. He had orange stains down the front of his white T-shirt, droplets of juice running down the left side of his neck and cheek, and the guy was laughing! I stopped and stared at him. "If you wanted me t'take my shirt off, all you hadda do was ask, bro..", he said with that sexy smile of his. Before I could say anything else, he grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled it up and over his head, exposing the muscular chest and tight stomach I had been staring at earlier. "Corey, man, I really didn't mean to..." "Shhh", he said, holding a finger to those soft, red lips, "Relax. It's cool." "But what about Mel?" "Mel's cool with long as I tell him the details later...", he smirked.

One flash of that grin and I was speechless. So speechless, in fact, that I didn't even feel the orange juice hit my chest until it registered that Corey was sitting there, smiling like a cat, with an empty glass in his hand. "What the Fu...?!" "Now, we're even", he smiled. I smiled back and took my own shirt off, the wetness of the OJ making it stick to my body as I pulled it over my head. I tossed it behind me, not really caring where, and looked down at the blonde, shirtless hottie on my couch. Our eyes met and I felt Corey's strong hand grab the waistband of my sweats and pull me to him. When I was in top of him, our naked chests and stomachs pressed against each other, he ran his hands around my waist and slid them underneath my sweats, down to my ass.

That was all I needed. I leaned down and slowly ran my tongue up his jawline, washing away the sticky juice I had spilled. I playfully swirled my tongue around his earlobe before my lips followed his jawline down to his moist lips and pressed against them, plying them open with my tongue. I felt his hands start kneading my ass as his tongue played "catch-me-if-you-can" with mine. My left hand was above his head, running through his soft hair while the other was making soft, tiny circles around his left nipple.

Corey moaned and locked his legs behind my knees, pulling our groins even tighter together. I could feel his hardon through his jeans and knew that he could probably feel mine too through my sweats, which were slowly riding down my hips from the friction of dry-humping our bodies together. I slid my right hand from his chest, down his sexy belly, to the button on his jeans, trying to open it. Of all times for my hands to stop working! I've never had a problem opening jeans with one hand before! But no matter how hard I tried, and believe me I tried, I couldn't get the damn things open! My sweats were getting in the way, our bodies were getting in the way, his tongue and hands were soooo distracting....Aargh!!

Suddenly, Corey broke off the kiss, and both of us just stared into each other's eyes, our chests and nipples gently touching as we tried to catch our breath. Then, again with that smile, he pulled my bottom lip between his teeth and licked his lips before turning his head to the right and licking my left bicep. He started planting tiny kisses all around it, driving me crazy, before he stuck out that long tongue and began licking my left armpit! Talk about an incentive! That sent me into orbit, and I practically ripped open his jeans, thrusting my hand inside them.

When I wrapped my right hand around his huge cock, Corey groaned, the sound slightly muffled by his lips sucking on my arm. For a fleeting second, I hoped that wouldn't leave a mark, but then I felt him slide his hands to my hips and pull my sweats down below my ass. I could actually feel the warm sunlight hitting my buns, and no longer cared about the hickey on my bicep. His mouth returned to mine, and his hands explored my bare back and ass, massaging my muscles. Another couple of seconds, and a few undulations of Corey's body, and my pants were completely down around my ankles. I somehow managed to kick off my shoes and drop the sweats to the floor. With the exception of my white sweatsocks, I was now lying completely nude on top of this hot, shirtless guy with his jeans hanging open. I decided it was time I took care of that.

Starting with his left ear, I slowly kissed my way down Corey's body. His neck. His shoulders. His collarbone and pecs. When I reached his nipples, I gave them a tiny bite and felt Corey jerk and moan. The movement against my belly from inside his jeans told me I'd hit a sensitive spot. I ran my tongue back and forth over them, alternating between biting and licking, as Corey began to squirm underneath me. His hands were massaging my shoulders now, as my hands followed the path made by my mouth. I began running my wet tongue slowly down his belly, my hands now gripping the sides of his jeans and moving them down to his hips. I teased him with tiny, wet circles around his navel, enjoying his reactions. He jumped again when I thrust my wet tongue into his bellybutton, slobbering all over it and kissing it passionately.

Finally, I leaned back and quickly slid the jeans and sneakers off him. There was a smacking sound as his hard cock flopped back and hit his belly. I looked down at Corey, lying nude on my couch, smiling seductively as he ran his right hand back and forth across his chest. His left arm was lying casually over his head, showing off his ribcage. I felt something graze my balls and looked down to see the toes of Corey's right foot gently playing with the tiny hairs. It felt soooo sexy. I grinned back at him and leaned over his cock. I swiped my tongue around the head once, making him moan, before I dove down and devoured it, covering almost the entire shaft with my mouth.

His body tensed, and I felt his legs wrap themselves around my back, just above my hips. I glanced up, his cock still in my mouth, and saw Corey with his head flung back, mouth slightly open, chest heaving and his hands gripping the sofa. By this time, he also had a nice sheen of sweat, I guess we both did, making his muscles stand out even more.

I reached up and grabbed his hands, placing them on his chest. He must have gotten the idea, because he began rubbing and tweaking his nipples while I blew him. I started rubbing his belly with my left hand, while my right one reached between his legs to stroke my own cock. The sight of Corey playing with his chest, his cock in my mouth, his toes playing with my balls and the feel of my hand on my cock was awesome. I didn't think it could get any better. Then, I felt his big toe run up from my ballsac to my ass. Up and down, he kept running his toe, until he began to push it between my cheeks. It wasn't like getting fucked, of course, but just the sensations of it and the idea was so sensual it made me freak.

I couldn't believe it. Corey was hitting all my buttons, and I no longer cared about anything except the feel of his body, the touch of his lips and the ecstasy I was starting to feel in my groin. All I wanted was him. I became a being of pure lust, wanting only to pleasure this hot guy in any way I could. He was doing things that even Dick hadn't done to me, somehow tapping into my fantasies. That's when it got complicated.

I felt the familiar warmth spread upward from my ring finger and, the next thing I knew, we were surrounded in a green cocoon, with the awesome vastness of space surrounding our nude bodies. I saw Corey's eyes open dazedly, then snap open as he looked out and saw the stars and planets around us. At that particular moment, I didn't care how I was gonna explain this. I was having way too good a time.

My mouth attacked his balls as my hand stroked his cock. I slobbered all over them, until they were practically dripping. I ran my tongue up Corey's shaft, and swirled it around the tip before running my lips along its length, back down to his balls. Once again, my lips went back up the shaft, this time covering the head as my hand resumed it's assault on his stomach and chest. I looked up at Corey and saw that he was looking out at the starscape through half-closed eyes, mouth slightly open and his own hands roaming his body as my mouth devoured his cock. I started deep-throating him, pumping his cock with my mouth, keeping a rhythm with my hand that was jerking my own member. One of his hands brushed against my unshaven chin and began playing with his wet balls. I snaked my tongue out between my lips and licked his fingers as he played with himself.

Soon, I felt Corey's legs tense against my bare back, and kept my lips around the head of his cock while my tongue swirled around it and my left hand stroked his shaft. I could feel the pressure building in my own balls as Corey's body trembled beneath me. I pulled my mouth from his cock just in time to watch as he blew his load, shooting long spurts of cum all over my face, neck and shoulders. Damn, he shot so hard he even got it in my hair! The sight of this guy cumming all over me made me cum too, and I shot five times, all over Corey's calves, feet and my own abdomen.

My head slumped exhaustedly onto Corey's tight belly, his softening cock pressed between his abs and the sticky mess that was my right cheek. I felt the bottom of his foot rubbing my balls and cock as the 'final frontier' faded and we were back in my apartment.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Hmmm? Oh, yeah, man, I'm fine."

I could hear the smile in his breathless voice. It made me smile, too.

"I think we should clean up a little, bro", I said, trying to find the energy...or the get up and leave this naked stud.

"Yeah, I guess so. Mind if I use your shower?"

"Nah, go ahead", I told him, motioning to the bathroom as I picked up the cushions we had knocked off the couch. "I'll bring you some towels."

"Thanks", he said as he headed for the shower. Then, he stopped, tuned his head and said, "Y'know, you kinda look like you could use one too, Kyle...", before disappearing into the bathroom.

That damn grin again.

I smiled, threw the cushions onto the couch and headed for the bathroom.

The next morning, Corey was gone. He seemed satisfied with my explanation of a virtual reality projector being the cause of the space opera. Either that, or he thought I'd drugged him and didn't want to make an issue out of it. Either way, I wasn't worried; it would take a lot more than that to connect me with being Green Lantern, anyway. I really hoped he didn't think I'd drugged him, though. I mean, I really liked the guy, even though I knew I'd probably never see him again. Just as well, I guess, since I suddenly had this urge to give Dick a call.


Miles away, at a computer terminal in Bludhaven, Dick Grayson ran a callused hand across his bare, semen-splattered chest and decided to take a shower. Tomorrow, when Kyle was out, he'd have to take out those damn cameras.....



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