by Gabriel O'Ryan

Title: Complementary

Author: Gabriel O'Ryan

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Pairing: Wally West(Flash)/Hartley Rathaway(Pied Piper)

Rating: NC-17

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Thanks: Carmen W for the 'hypertime' F/P plot bunny that inadvertantly spawned this one, Kerithwyn for continued interest and encouragement, and Piper because he is SO fun to write!

Disclaimer: Everybody contained herein belongs to DC, this is not a cash venture, suing me would only demonstrate the amount of time on your hands, and that would be embarrassing, no?

Notes: Don't try this at home.


Wally's bedroom was dark, save for a patch of moonlight on the carpet and the faint glitter of two open eyes.

"Piper?" Wally whispered. He wasn't sure if Piper was awake, but a moment later the silky weight on his shoulder shifted slightly, and asked,

"What is it?"

"Why... nahh, never mind."

"*What?*" Piper drummed his fingertips on Wally's chest for emphasis.

"Why do you like me?" asked Wally. Piper paused, then chuckled softly.

"Because you're Wally West. Because you're willing to change your mind if you figure out that you were wrong. Because you believe in what you fight for. Because *you* like *me*. I don't know, maybe just because red and green are complementary colors."

"You mean that last one?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"That's deep."

"Mm," agreed Piper.

"What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I'm setting up the sound equipment for a benefit concert in the park."

"Oh. Can I come?"


"Of course... I doubt there'll be anything for you to do, though."

"I'm strictly in it for the music. Any villain who decided to try something with you sitting behind a set of eight-foot ~speakers~ would have to be a joke anyway."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence."

"Does that mean I get in free?" teased Wally.

"Not on my account you don't, but since when has the Flash been unwelcome anywhere?"

"You want me to wear my costume..." Wally smirked. Piper nodded.

"Or mine, take your pick. You tend to draw a lot of attention."

"Oh no, not that silly hat thing again." groaned Wally.

"I think you would look adorable." pointed out Piper.

"Yeah, like a Macy's elf."

"It wouldn't be that ba-"

"All right, that's it. Where is it? Where is this damn hat of yours?" Wally twisted away, and leaned over the edge of the mattress, patting industriously through the pile of clothes on the floor next to the bed.

Bootpantsflashsuitcloakbelt- -hat! Scooping up the offending article of clothing, Wally stood up on the corner of his bed, held the hat aloft, then settled it over his perplexed (but enthusiastic) penis, with a flourish.

"Umm..." Piper struggled.

"Well, how do I look?" demanded Wally, still completely naked with the exception of the incongruous green hat.

"If you cream in my hat, I *will* make you wear it tomorrow."

"Dream on."

"What does it feel like?" asked Piper, carefully.

"...Oh my god," Wally's eyes widened in the almost-darkness. "Velvet? You lined your hat with velvet?!?"

"Uh-huh," grinned Piper.

"You what? you never oh my god you didn't have you ever is that why you... never mind." Wally trailed off, incoherent.

"-Though I never thought to use it on *that* head," Piper admitted, chin in hand.

"Don't move. Ahh... scratch that, I mean, do you want to fool around?"

"Well, since we're already 'up'..." laughed Piper.

"Bad. Very bad," Wally critiqued.


"Don't. Move," hissed Wally. Piper swallowed.

"I don't know if I can do this."

"There's more than one way to get to the finish line if you can't." shrugged Wally. Piper tried to glare at him, and failed.

"All right, but remember I know your ticklish spots." Piper trailed a finger along the line between Wally's leg and hip, to illustrate. Wally jumped back six inches in an instantaneous reflex.

"Hey, enough of that, I hadn't even started whining yet!"

"Are you ready, then?"

"Are you?" Wally challenged back.

"Do it." Piper braced himself. The first time they'd done this had lasted about two seconds, and he'd never come so hard in his *life*.

This time was like a strobe light in all five senses. Images piled into Piper's mind almost too fast to comprehend, as Wally changed position over him.


Kneeling astride Piper's hips, faint whisper of Wally's pubic hair against his own.

Seeming to twist to the side for a moment.

Sinking onto the 'head'.



And Wally stopped there, head thrown back and eyes squeezed shut tight, hands splayed out flat on Piper's chest for balance. When Piper's nerve response caught up to the strobe-images behind his eyes he shouted, a sound with no basis in language whatsoever, and grabbed Wally's shoulders, hard. Wally had taken him in, on almost his own timetable. The strobe-frames, though... Wally must have paused for each one, waiting milliseconds for his image to be recorded by time itself, like sitting still for a portrait. For him.

Heat flared between their skin as Wally moved back into step with the rest of time, burned, then faded into a steady fever. Piper succeeded in holding back, just barely.

A heartbeat passed.

Then two.

And a third.


Piper exhaled, and loosened his grip on Wally's shoulders into something less crushing. Wally was still wearing the hat, Piper noticed.

"You with me?" breathed Wally. Piper nodded, but didn't speak. "C'mon then-" Piper reached one hand up higher, and placed it firmly over Wally's mouth. Wally sighed through his nose, and smirked beneath Piper's hand. Piper took his hand away and stroked Wally's cheek, using just the tips of his fingers. Wally began to move, this time remaining in synch with Piper, rocking forward and back, rising higher each time, and sinking back onto the other man completely.

Piper could feel the tension in Wally through every point of contact between them, a strained, frustrated thing that trembled with the effort of remaining so close to still. Piper used his hands, finding the places on Wally's back and hips that calmed him down, and touching them in just the right pattern. Somewhere in between they found a rhythm, and chased it to the finish.

They fell together but not perfectly, ending hard and fast in a dark explosion then trailing off into a feeling like a fading fourth-of-July sparkler as they cooled down. Wally had fallen to the side, and once he re-gained the power to move, Piper turned towards him.


"Piper...?" Wally whispered, finally. Piper didn't answer with words, but he looked back at him steadily. The truth was that he couldn't remember how words worked yet. This happened occasionally, usually after really good sex, or really bad trauma. If Wally had thought to ask him something in sign language, he would have been fine.

"M'good," Piper answered, a minute later. "You?"

"Yeah..." Wally sighed.

"Where's my hat?"

"Think I lost it," grinned Wally. "Your velvet is still safe."

"Whatever," Piper closed his eyes, and waved one of his hands in a 'shoo, go away' gesture in the direction he randomly guessed his hat had gone.



"When I woke you up earlier, you weren't wearing any earplugs."


"You said you couldn't get to sleep unless you had them in."

"How 'bout that," mumbled Piper. A wave of Piper's blondish red hair had fallen across his eyes, and Wally raised it with his finger until they were eye-to-eyelid again.

"So does that mean anything?" Wally asked.

"Wally?" sighed Piper.


"*Shhh.*" Piper reached a hand around the back of Wally's neck, fingers sinking into the short, damp curls there, and leaned in to press a kiss against Wally's forehead.

"Whatever," grinned Wally.

Two minutes later, they were both out cold.



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