For Your Viewing Pleasure

by Bevis

For Your Viewing Pleasure

By Bevis/Lucien

Rating: 18. m/m explicit slash

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine in any way shape or form.

Feedback: Muchly appreciated.

Continuity: If you've read In One Moment and Everything Can Change this story makes more sense.

This is for Casey, who sparked the idea in my head in the first place. So blame him. ;)

Roy Harper slung his bow over his shoulder and left the training room. He'd been working out for an hour now and felt that he was due a bit of a rest. Just sit in his room for a while. Read maybe. Or watch some TV. And then later go and play with Lian. She'd be having a nap now though so he'd let her sleep. Just as he was getting to his quarters Jesse ran up and with a quick "HiRoy,parcelforyouRoy,seeyaRoy" she deposited a parcel in his hands and was off again.

Roy looked what Jesse had given him. It was a brown paper parcel, about a foot long and rectangular. Not heavy, and it didn't rattle. The address on the front had been typed, and it was to Roy Harper, not Arsenal, so clearly it was someone who knew who he was. He pushed open the door to his room and dropped his bow and quiver in a corner before sitting on the bed and looking at the parcel. Carefully he opened it, just in case it was some kind of booby-trap. There wasn't any kind of explosion though. In fact all there was inside was another parcel, this time wrapped in red and white paper. However there was a note on the front. Roy recognised the handwriting straight away. It was from Gar. No long explanation though, just three words. 'Open Me Later'. Roy didn't really have time to wonder about what it meant because his phone started to ring. Still looking at the note he lifted the handset on the phone.


"Hey sexy."

"Gar? Where are you?"

"That doesn't matter right now," said Gar, on the other end of the line. Roy couldn't hear any background noise. Just Gar's voice, which he now had to admit he found unexpectedly exciting. Thrilling, in a sexual way.

"Are you horny Roy?" asked Gar. That took Roy by surprise.


"Are you feeling horny?"

"I dunno, I guess," answered Roy, slightly puzzled by the conversation so far, "Are you?"

"I'm always horny. What're you wearing?"

Roy looked down at his clothes. "Just my uniform Gar. Why?"

"You know that's a pretty hot uniform don't you Roy? Better than Batboy's. Or Wally's. It shows off your arms. You've got sexy arms. And it draws your eye down to your crotch. That arrow on the front is such a advertisement for what's below."

Roy laughed.

"It's not! It's just... a design."

"Yeah. Sure. Roy."

"Undo your top."

Roy didn't quite know what to say.

"My top?"

"Yeah, for me. I'm horny as hell and I want to think about you taking off your top."

"Oh. Ok."

Roy still wasn't sure where this was going but he began to take off his top.

"I'm gonna have to put the phone down for a minute Gar while I take this off," said Roy, after realising he wasn't going to be able to undress himself one-handed.

"Put me on speaker phone," said Gar, and Roy could imagine the smirk that was crossing his face as he said it, "then you've got both hands free."

"For what?" asked Roy, now beginning to find himself intrigued by Gar's little game.

"For things. I want you to do what I ask you. Will you do that for me Roy?"

"Well... yeah. I guess. But you'll owe me."

"Don't worry hot-stuff, you'll get yours too."

Roy laughed again, and then put the phone onto speaker.

"You still there Gar?" asked Roy.

"Still here Roy."

"Shall I take off my top now?" asked Roy, grinning to himself.

"Do it slowly. I want you to feel the way it feels against your skin as you do it."

"Uh...ok" said Roy.

"And don't talk unless I tell you."

"If that's..." began Roy.

"Shhh. Now, lift your top up. Feel the way it feels on your stomach. The way it feels on your chest. And how it feels to expose your body. I want you to feel your body as you're doing it."

At first Roy felt a bit silly, but slowly he got into it. He lay back on his bed and started running his hands over his body. He brushed his hands against his flesh, his skin tingling through the material of his uniform. He ran his hands down to his waist and under the bottom of his top. Gradually he began lifting it up. He pushed it up his abs, feeling the skin as he went. Feeling the individual muscles tense and relax with reflex action as his fingers touched them. Up his torso his fingers ran, taking his top with them. He reached his chest and his nipples, which were hardening. He ran his fingers over them and felt them tingle again. He tugged on them both slightly and felt a shiver run down his spine. Finally he pulled the top over his head and ran his hands over his chest again. He shut his eyes and just let his sense of touch take over. The feel of the light hair on his chest against his fingertips, the feel of his thumbnail catching at his nipples. He let out a slight moan.

"Have you taken it off Roy?" said Gar suddenly.

"Yes," answered Roy, not opening his eyes, still feeling his chest.

"Good. Now, feel your legs. Run your hand down your thighs and between them. Don't touch your dick though. That's for later."

Roy complied. He lifted his legs up onto the bed and ran his hands down his stomach to his waist, then on down to his thighs. His fingers played over his hips and his legs, stroking and teasing himself. He put his hands between his legs and moved up towards the sensitive skin at the top of his thighs. He moaned aloud as he moved up.

"Ah-ah," came Gar's voice suddenly, "hands off there. I want you to save that."

Roy could feel his cock hard in his pants now and wanted to touch it, but he was caught up in the thrill of being told what to do so he did as he was told and moved his hands away from his crotch.

"Now, take off your pants. But don't touch yourself yet."

Roy sat up and was about to take off his boots, but Gar interrupted him.

"Leave your boots on though. I'm sure you can get your pants off over them. And leave your gloves on too. I want you to get naked apart from that though."

Gar was right. Roy was quite capable of taking off his pants without removing his boots. The material had plenty of give in it after all. So he slid his pants off over his boots and dropped them to the floor. As he did his cock sprang up against his belly with a slap.

"You're not wearing any underwear are you Roy?" said Gar on the phone.

"No, I'm not," answered Roy, his voice slightly hoarse. Now that it was free from his clothes his cock felt all the more sensitive. It lay on his stomach, hard as a pole, it's eye pointing up at him and leaking a drop of pre-cum. He desperately wanted to touch it, but he was too caught up in Gar commanding him to do it.

"That's good," answered Gar, and Roy heard him laugh a quiet, dirty laugh. "I like the thought of you without anything on under your uniform. Now, lie down and feel every part of your body again. But keep away from your cock."

Roy did as he was told. It felt odd lying naked on the bed except for his gloves and boots and playing with his body, but not touching the part of himself that seemed to need the most attention, but it also felt good. Secret. Sexy and almost dirty. But it did feel good.

His fingers ran over his body. He played with his nipples and traced the skin just above his groin, which made his spine feel like it was on fire. The hair on his neck stood on end and he moaned quietly to himself again and again.

"Touch your balls," said Gar. Just the one command, but insistent.

Roy ran his hands down between his thighs and then touched his ball-sac, which retracted against from fingers. The feel of it made him moan louder again. The, he cupped them in his hand, feeling the weight of them. The hairs that covered them and the burning heat they gave off.

"I bet your arse is feeling left out now. Touch that with your other hand."

Roy ran his free hand down between his legs until he reached the crack of his arse. The feeling of one hand on his balls and another on his arse made him shudder. His questing finger found the bud he was looking for and pressed against it gently, feeling the way the muscles fluttered. His dick gave a twitch and leaked more pre-cum on his stomach.

"Put your finger up there," said Gar.

Again just the one command that Roy couldn't resist. He lifted his hand to his mouth and sucked on his fingers until they were wet with spit. Then he returned them to his arse and gently pressed until he entered himself with his finger. He moved it around, exploring the way it felt. Soon he pushed in another finger, and then a third, hooking them round until he found the little lump of his prostate. He pressed against it and moaned loudly this time, his cock jerking up and then falling back to his belly.

"That feels good doesn't it?" asked Gar, "Did my present for you arrive?"

Roy had forgotten all about the parcel that Jesse had given him. Now he glanced down at it by his side on the bed. His fingers were still in his arse and his cock was all he could think about, but he answered with a simple "Yes."

"Open it", said Gar, "I got it especially for you."

Roy shifted on to his side and with a moan removed his fingers from his arse. Not knowing what to expect he tore open the wrapping paper, to reveal a box.

"Open it."

Roy opened the lid of the box and gasped at what lay inside. It was a dildo. A green one. And a big one too.

"Gar..." began Roy.

"Shhh," answered Gar, "it's for you. I got the kit from a website."

"You what?" asked Roy, completely thrown by the last comment.

"I got a kit for making a dildo. A special one. Your make a cast of your cock, and..."

"Gar? This is a cast of...?"

"Yeah. For when I can't be there. So you can think of me all the time."

"Gar, that... weird. I mean..."

"Stop talking Roy."

The command was so sudden that Roy did as he was told.

"Take it out of the box. Feel what it's like."

Roy did. The dildo was a perfect replica of Gar's cock, as Roy could remember it anyway. Exactly the same colour and length. It was surprisingly heavy and hard, but also soft and slightly flexible. It also felt ever so slightly warm. Not unpleasant. In fact, despite his initial shock, holding it in his hand was turning Roy on even more. His cock twitched again.

"There's some lube in the box too," went on Gar, "get it good and slick and then get on all fours."

Roy could see where this was going and liked it. He took the tube of lubricant from the box and flipped open the cap. He squeezed the clear jelly onto the lube and smeared it over the green shaft. The he lay on all fours on the bed, his arse high in the air and his legs slightly apart. His dick dripped pre-cum onto the sheets under his belly leaving a clear thread between his piss-hole and the bed below.

"Now," said Gar, "fuck yourself. Slowly at first though."

Roy lifted the slick dildo behind him. He ran it down his crack, making little whimpering sounds at the sparks it set of in his mind as it touched his skin. Finally he felt it against the opening of his arse. Gently he pressed. At first he was getting nowhere but suddenly he relaxed and the head of the dildo popped into his arse. He groaned and held it there briefly as the pain subsided, and then he began working it all the way in. Eventually he could feel that it was all the way into his gut so he moved it out again. Slowly at first, just a bit at a time but soon he was thrusting it all the way in and then drawing it out until it was only just held onto by his ring.

His dick was throbbing and leaking copious amounts of pre-cum by now and he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold on. He was sweating profusely and his balls ached from the cum that was building up in them. Still he worked the cock in his arse in and out and waited for Gar's next command. Eventually he spoke again.

"Kneel up. Keep the dildo there though. And now you can touch yourself. I want you to fuck yourself with my hard cock and jerk yourself at the same time. Keep it nice and slow though. I want to be able to hear you moan. I want to hear you scream when you cum."

Roy knelt upright. One hand was behind him, clutching the dildo that was invading his guts, but he brought his other hand to his aching cock. He didn't grab it straight away, but instead touched his finger against they eye and gathered the pre-cum that was there. With his eyes shut he brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean. He revelled in the smell of himself and the musky, salty taste of his cum.

Then he reached down again and gently ran his fingers down his shaft. He felt the smooth skin of his glans and the sensitive ridge under it. He felt the softer skin of the shaft and the veins than criss-crossed it. He felt the wiry pubes at its base and his heavy balls below. The feel of his fingers on his penis and the way his arse was being stretched by the replica of Gar's cock made him groan loudly.

He wrapped his fingers round the base of his cock and slowly began moving his fist up and down. At the same time he worked the dildo in and out of his arse. Soon he had a perfect rhythm going. As the dildo went in his fist went up, as the dildo came out his fist went down. He wasn't sure how long he was at it for but gradually his pace got faster and faster. The sweat dripped down his back and his chest, droplets forming at his nipples and his navel. He jerked off harder and harder and worked the dildo in time. Every time he pushed it in it pressed against his prostate and he thought it would make him cum, but still he went on. Just as he thought he couldn't keep going any longer he felt the uncontrollable waves of an orgasm grab him and he cried out loud. He shoved the dildo all the way up to the hilt into his arse and fisted his cock furiously and he sprayed his cum all over his chest. It splattered onto him and then as the orgasm subsided it dropped in it's arc onto the bed below him.

Roy gasped and dropped to his hands and knees, his chest and hand sticky with his cum and the dildo still embedded deep in his guts.

He breathed heavily and felt the sweat dripping from his brow. For a moment he forgot all about Gar being on the end of the phone, until he heard the shapeshifter's voice.

"Wow," said Gar, "that was pretty damn hot."

Roy glanced at the phone. Only Gar's voice wasn't coming from the phone any more. Roy looked up and saw Gar standing in the doorway grinning broadly. In his hand he had a mobile phone that he was waving at Roy. Roy grabbed a sheet to try and cover himself and fell back on the bed in shock, in doing so knocking the dildo from his arse with a pop. The sudden emptiness made Roy gasp aloud and Gar laughed.

"Jeez Gar, what the hell are you doing? Were you there all the time? What if someone saw, I mean..."

Gar moved towards Roy, grinning broadly.

"I only just got here sexy. I've been watching though."


"On the monitor. Watching since you came in. I wanted to get you to explore your own body. See what it could do. And how it felt."

Roy didn't know what to say. He was still groggy from such an intense orgasm, and flustered by Gar's sudden entrance. He felt foolish and angry, but he didn't know how to react. There was no malice on Gar's face. Gar wasn't like that anyway. He liked fun and could be childish but he never, ever hurt anyone.

Gar sat on the bed next to Roy and leant over to him.

"You're not mad are you?" he asked, leaning towards Roy and looking at him with his large green eyes, "it was just a bit of fun. And God Roy, you were so hot. You looked so horny."

"I..." began Roy, trying to pull himself together. He wanted to be angry but he couldn't be. He had to admit it was the best jerk off session he'd ever had. And the thought that Gar had been watching him all along just made it all the hotter. In fact Gar's presence now as he leaned closer and gently kissed Roy's lips was making his cock twitch again, even with the way he'd been abusing it moments before.

"Gar..." he said but Gar kissed him again and brought his hand up to the cock that was clearly outlined by Gar's skin-tight uniform. He gripped it hard and moaned as Gar began to move down his body. He couldn't speak as Gar's teeth nipped against his nipples, and when his warm lips enveloped Roy's re-hardening cock he almost cried out again. Gar sucked gently for a minute or two and then looked up.

"Now," he said, "that hot arse of yours has been primed by the fill-in. what say we try it all again with the real thing?"

He grinned up at Roy and Roy couldn't do anything but lie back and let himself be taken over once again by waves of pleasure. It wasn't how he'd expected how to spend his night, but for sure as hell wasn't complaining....


P.S. the website that Gar mentioned really does exist. I can't remember what it's called but you can get a kit to cast a penis. You can make a dildo or a vibrator, or even a candle. I'd never been able to figure who might want to do something like that but when I got the idea for the story it just seemed so obvious that if anyone would, it'd be Garfield Logan. ;)

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