...Everything Can Change

by Bevis

By Bevis/Lucien

Rating: 18. m/m explicit slash

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine in any way shape or form.

A sequel to 'In One Moment'. Roy Harper considers the implications of his night with Garfield Logan.

Roy stood in the shower and let the water wash over him. The water was as hot as he could stand it, working away at the tension in his shoulders. Usually Roy didn't feel tense. Years as a costumed vigilante had taught him that was something you couldn't afford to put up with. By using relaxation techniques and meditation he had managed to keep his muscles free of the tension that normally built up in them. Until now that was anyway. He stood facing the water, eyes closed and felt the warmth wash over him. And his mind turned to the night before. His night with Gar. He still couldn't quite believe it had happened. Alone in the Titans Tower he'd been there for Gar when he needed to talk. To tell someone that he thought he might be gay. That in itself wouldn't have really shocked Roy. Sure, at first he'd been a bit freaked but if he thought about it wasn't that much of a surprise at all. Gar had never really shown that much interest in women. Apart from Terra there hadn't really been any woman in his life. There had been little crushes and tentative relationships, but nothing that Roy would ever have considered serious. Not that he was exactly renowned for 'serious' relationships either, but that wasn't the point.

Anyway, Gar's revelation hadn't really been that much of a shock. What had surprised Roy however was that he had then been seduced by Gar. No, he'd allowed himself to be seduced. When he thought about it he knew, deep in his heart, that it only needed Garfield to make the first move for it to happen. It wasn't like Roy had ever really thought about his friend that way. He'd never really even considered that kind of thing with someone of the same sex. Not really. But... when it happened it had seemed logical and right in some strange way. He felt that it should have felt awkward, or wrong or something. But it had just felt... good. No, not good, fantastic. Up until that point he'd only ever slept with women. He was always the one in control. He was the resident skirt-chaser. But last night... last night he had lain back a Gar fucked him. First in the rec room and then they'd moved to Roy's own quarters and done it again, and again. And then they had fallen asleep in each others arms.

In the light of the morning Roy had woken and looked at his sleeping companion and was suddenly filled with a whole host of confused emotions. So he'd risen without waking the young green man lying in his bed and got into the shower. Why had he done what he'd done? What had come over him? He was a straight man for heaven's sake. He was the straightest man he knew. Only... the feeling of Gar close to him, the tickle of his body hair, the warmth of his kiss and the hardness of his cock kept coming back to him. The ecstasy as Gar had ploughed into him, the orgasm that had shaken him down to the soul, they kept replaying in his mind. How could anything that felt like that be wrong? It was the same kind of thing that he'd felt for Cheshire. The sudden realisation that this person, no matter who or what they were, was there to make you feel like you had a reason to live. Someone that could make your whole body feel alive and open to anything they could possibly do. Not that Gar was anything like Cheshire. For a start Cheshire had bigger breasts. Although they did both like the colour green.

Roy ran his hands over his body, massaging his muscles as he went. His skin slick and wet with the water washing over him. He felt like all his nerves were being tickled. His hand brushed one of his nipples and the hairs on his spine stood on end. He brushed against it again and then feeling it growing harder tweaked it, moaning quietly to himself with pleasure at the tingling that created. His other hand was rubbing against the hard, defined muscles of his stomach. He stroked the thin line of hair that ran down from his belly button to his groin. He followed it down, shivering with the tingling it set of all over his body. He felt like he'd never explored himself like this before. Eyes closed, just letting his fingertips lead the way over his skin. The skin of his body alive with his own touch.

Further down his fingers went, tugging gently at the dark auburn bush of pubic hairs surrounding his cock and balls. He circled round the base of his cock, which was starting to twitch and fill out. Already it had risen to a ninety-degree angle and was reaching its full length. He ran his fingers around it and down to his balls, hanging low from the heat of the shower. He took them in his hand and felt the weight of them. The feeling of the soft skin of his scrotum and the hairs covering it, and the testicles inside. His hand carried on down between his legs and stroked the line between his balls and arse. That sent shivers through him again and his cock filled out even more so that it was finally pointing straight up, hot and hard.

Roy had been playing with his nipples with his other hand but now he ran it down his side, across his hip and round to the firm mounds of his arse. The muscles gave him an arse that he knew most men would kill for. It was firm and round without being too big or too small. He traced the line of his crack from his spine and with a finger explored, thrilling at the sensation it created. His other hand moved back to his cock and began gently stroking it. Not gripping it like he normally would if he wanted to masturbate, just enjoying the feel of it. It's hardness and warmth against his fingers. And while he did that his other hand was playing with his own butt. His finger brushed against his hole and he moaned again. Then, gently he pushed his finger in, loving the feeling of it being there. He'd never tried anything like that before last night, but now he knew what it felt like he wasn't going to stop exploring.

He stood there for some time, just letting the water wash over him as he stroked his cock and fingered his arse. Anything that felt this good couldn't possibly be wrong could it? And it was Gar that had made him feel like this. Yeah, true, he didn't understand why he felt like he did, but he'd told Gar last night that you couldn't question these things. And it was true. You can't work out why you feel like you do about someone. Sometimes it's just like a bolt from the blue. There you are, happily living your life, when something strikes you and knocks you for six. Sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's good, but you just have to roll with it like a punch and deal with it. And last night with Gar was like that. Not a punch though. A revelation. An orgasm that shuddered his very being.

Just the thought of last night had Rot breathing heavily and he began to pump his cock harder, feeling the tension in his balls rising. He had his eyes closed still and so was shocked to feel another hand join his own on his cock and a kiss on the back of his neck. He opened his eyes and turned to see Gar standing behind him, stripped naked and with his ten inch cock standing hard and proud in front of him. He didn't say anything but leant forward and kissed Roy forcefully, crushing his body against that of the archer, their penises trapped between their stomachs. Roy had thought that when this moment came he'd want to talk, to try and work through with Gar what had happened and what it meant but now he was here with him he didn't want to say anything. There was no need for words. He didn't understand it but he didn't need to. All he wanted right now was the naked, green man who was pressing his body against his, kissing him deeply.

Gar reached between them and took both their cocks in his fist and started to pump them. His other hand snaked round Roy and ran up and down his crack. His fingers quickly found what they were looking for and penetrated Roy. Roy put one of his hands on Gar's neck, pulling him into another passionate kiss, while his other followed Gar's example and began playing with the other man's firm buttocks. The hair that covered them tickled Roy's fingers and he loved the way that he could feel the way that they grew pointed a way to his goal. Slipping his finger down Gar's crack Roy found the bud of his anus and gently worked his finger into the shapeshifter's arse. He hadn't expected the fact that doing so would give him such a sexual thrill, but it did. He was moaning aloud into Gar's mouth now, and Gar was doing the same. Their breath was getting heavy and Gar's hand on their cocks was pumping faster and faster. The feeling of his fingers on their flesh and the friction of the two cock's pressed against each other, coupled with the finger fucking that they were giving each other quickly became to much for either of them and with a shudder they were both cumming, the sticky fluid spraying up between their bodies, smattering their skin for a moment before being washed away by the warm water of the shower.

Once they had finished cumming and their breath was returning to normal, they stood there in the shower, clutching each other tight, Gar's head resting on the chest of the taller man, Roy's chin resting against the other man's cheek. Yesterday Roy had been the team stud. There was a joke about him not being left alone with a young woman if you wanted her to remain pure, but now... Now here he stood, naked, with his friend. His male friend. More than a friend now.

"Gar," he whispered quietly.

"Mmm?" answered Gar without looking up.

"Gar, I was going to ask to talk with you."

"About what?" said Gar, looking up this time, his wet hair plastered against his forehead the colour of a forest during a tropical storm.

"About us," said Roy.


"Yes. I wanted to talk about us. But now I just want to stay with you. Not talk. Not discuss, or analyse, or anything. I don't care why or how. I just want to explore everything there is to know about what it means for their to be an us. Not by talking about it, but by doing it. Gar, I want there to be an us."

Changeling looked up at the man next to him, seeing the confusion and the pleasure mixed in his crystal clear green eyes, and smiled. He reached up and touched Roy's cheek, gently drawing his head down for another kiss. Just before their lips touched, Roy heard him whisper.

"That's fine with me. Why worry about what might happen tomorrow when I'm here with you now?"

Roy couldn't argue with that. Why worry? And so he kissed Gar again, lips mashed against each other, their tongues exploring. And between their legs Roy could feel both himself and the young man pressed against him harden again. There would be a time when they'd have to decide where they went from here, but for the moment he was going to let his heart and his body take him where they wanted.



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