In One Moment

by Bevis

In One Moment

By Bevis/Lucien

Rating: 18. m/m explicit slash

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine in any way shape or form.

Set vaguely in current continuity, an encounter between Arsenal and Changeling leads from one thing to another.

Roy Harper, a.k.a Arsenal of the Titans, stepped out of the shower and dried himself off with a towel. He'd been working out and now after showering he just wanted to collapse in front of the television. Titans Tower was pretty much silent for the first time in a long while. Lian was asleep, as was Rose, and everyone else was out. In fact apart from Roy himself the only other person he knew was around was Changeling, or Beast Boy, whichever name he was using this week. He'd flown in from LA earlier (literally. He said travelling as an albatross was harder work but cheaper than coming on a plane). He obviously had something on his mind but hadn't wanted to talk about it. And anyway Donna was always the one who dealt with problems like that. Roy wasn't a great one for listening.

Roy finished drying himself and shrugged on a t-shirt and sweatpants and then padded silently through the tower. Batboy may have the sneaky thing down to an art but Roy could move pretty quietly too when he wanted to. As he neared the rec room he could see a light coming from the crack under the door. He'd been right, Gar must still be up too. Well both of them could probably do with a bit of company.

Roy pushed open the door silently. Not really paying attention he glanced at the TV screen on the wall and then did a double take. Whatever Gar was watching it had two naked people in it. No, not just people, two naked men...

Roy let out a gasp and the screen almost instantly went dead. But not before Roy got a clear view of the two men kissing and holding each others... No, he must have imagined it. Surely.

Roy glanced down and finally caught sight of Gar. He was sitting bolt upright in a chair looking wide-eyed and shocked at Roy. His skin was an even darker shade of green than usual and it took a second or two for Roy to realise it was because the young man was blushing.

"Uh, Roy, hi", stammered Gar, "I... I didn't hear you come in, I..."

Roy was taken aback. He was sure he'd just caught old Salad-head watching... nah, it was silly to think that. But...

He decided the best thing he could do would be to act as if he hadn't seen anything at all. After all it wouldn't do to go upsetting Gar or making a scene if he was wrong. And even if he had seen what he thought he'd seen, then... well, he could deal with it. Probably.

"Hi Gar," said Roy eventually, "I just thought I'd come watch some TV before turning in. What're you doing up?!

"Um, nothing," muttered Gar, "Just, you know, channel surfing."

"Anything good on?"

"Uh, no, nothing."

Roy couldn't help but notice that Gar was blushing even more now. It was almost fascinating watching the colour that his skin was going.

"Gar," said Roy after a pause, "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, sure," said Gar, avoiding Roy's gaze.

"Really? Why'd you suddenly turn up today? I thought you were going somewhere in LA."

"Yeah, kinda. I've got several things on the go at the moment. I... I just felt like a break."

"You sure?" asked Roy, "You seem a little on edge. Is everything OK with you and Bette?"


Gar looked up suddenly directly at Roy.

"What kind of everything with Bette? How do you mean?"

Roy was slightly taken aback by the reaction of his friend.

"Well, you know," he said, "You and Bette. I thought you were... you know, an item or something."

"No," said Gar, and the expression on his face hardened, "We're not."

"Oh Gar, sorry little guy, have I said something wrong? Have you split up or something, I..."

"We've never been an item Roy. There's never been an ‘us'."

Gar's eyes dropped again and he turned away from Roy.

"No matter what she thinks. No matter what she tries."

Roy was aware that inadvertently he'd stumbled across the real reason why Gar had come out here. Something to do with Bette. Something to do with their relationship. Jeez, he wished Donna were here right now. Or Dick. They'd be better at dealing with this than he was. Even Jesse might be a better bet.

"Gar," said Roy eventually, "are you... do you wanna talk about... whatever, you know... um."

Gar didn't look up.

"No," he said, "I don't.... I... "

They sat in silence for a minute or two. Roy thinking about how he might be able to get away without it being too obvious, Gar fidgeting slightly. Roy was about to say something when all of a sudden Gar looked directly at him and said "Roy, have you ever slept with a man?"

OK, even with what he'd seen on the TV as he entered the room Roy was completely thrown by that.

"Umm... er... ," he stammered looking at Gar's worried expression.

"I mean," said Gar, "have you ever thought about it? Wondered what it might be like?"

"Well, no, I... uh. Not really. No. Of course not."

They sat and looked at each other for a moment. Finally Roy broke the silence.

"I'm sorry Gar. That sounded really... I dunno. But Jeez, you don't expect that kind of question. I mean... um."

Roy looked at Gar and didn't know what to say. He looked like he was about to burst into tears.

"I'm sorry Roy," he said quietly, "I shouldn't have asked. I didn't want to... I didn't mean... I'm sorry."

Roy didn't know what to say. He just didn't know what to do. Garfield Logan, hid friend, had just asked him if he'd ever thought about sex with another man and, yeah, OK, he'd freaked a bit. But now Gar looked so upset Roy didn't know where to turn. He couldn't just leave it like this. Oh God, if only this was Donna instead of him...

"Gar," he said at last. Gar didn't look up.

"Gar," said Roy again, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to just trample on your question like that. I just... I wasn't expecting it I guess. Are you OK? Really? Are you..? I mean, do you think you're...?"

Gar looked up at last, his bright green eyes boring into Roy's.

"Am I gay?" he said, "Is that what you're trying to say?"

Roy blinked, but didn't look away.

"Yeah, I guess so. I mean, are you? Is that's what's up?"

Again Gar looked as if he were about to burst into tears.

"Gar, it's OK. Look, if you are, I mean, cool. So what? It doesn't mean you're wrong or something. It doesn't mean..."

"I'm a freak," said Gar.

"Jeez Gar, no. Don't think that. Ever."

"Roy, I'm a green shapeshifter. People think I'm a freak anyway. If I am... if I'm gay what are people going to say? How're they going to treat me?"

"Gar you're not a freak. Never have been, never will be. And if you're gay... well, if it changes the way anyone is around you then they weren't worth it in the first place."

There was another moment of silence. Roy was trying to think of what to say when Garfield looked up again.

"Roy, I don't even know if I am gay. Sometimes... sometimes the thought of... the thought of a man makes me feel... I get all weird inside. And I, you know, I... I get all turned on, but..."

"Yeah?" said Roy.

"Roy, I've never even slept with a woman. I don't know what it's like. So how can I know if I don't want that?"

"Gar," said Roy, "You can't ‘know' that kind of thing. You can't know why you fall in love with someone. You can't know why someone makes you horny. God, look at me and Cheshire!"

For the first time since he'd come into the room Roy saw Gar smile properly. It was a nervous smile but it broke the tension in the room.

"Yeah," said Gar, "that was pretty stupid."

"Tell me about it," laughed Roy, "Like I said, there's no knowing why these things happen. Best to just go with it. Chances are it'll turn out good. If I hadn't fallen for Cheshire then I wouldn't have Lian would I?"

"No," said Gar, "I guess not."

There was a silence again, but this time it was comfortable. It wasn't a pause that needed to be filled. Suddenly Gar spoke again.

"So have you?"

"What?" asked Roy.

"Thought about it? Sex with a man I mean."

"I... I dunno," said Roy a little taken aback, "not really. I mean, not really. I guess I've sort of wondered. I... I dunno, maybe."


Roy looked at Gar and saw the smirk on his face. He had seen that look so often. Gar just enjoying an idea, a moment. The way his eyes sparkled and the contrast of his white teeth against his green lips.

"Ok, there was this time... it was a while back. I was in the shower and Dick was there too..."

"Dick?!" said Gar, his smirk becoming a shocked grin.

"Yeah, let me finish," laughed Roy, "Dick was there too. Anyway I was just, you know, looking at him. Sort of comparing his body to mine. And then... well, I was looking at his... at his dick. I was looking at Dick's dick, and I was wondering if it felt different to mine. What it'd be like to, you know, hold it. And then.... well I had to get out of the shower quick."


"Why do you think? I was getting hard. I was getting hard thinking about Nightwing's cock. Can you imagine what'd happen if ol' pointy-ears heard about that?"

The thought of it made both men laugh out loud. They laughed for ages and then when they stopped Roy looked at Gar. He was looking directly at Roy, not saying anything.

And then he stood up and moved across to Roy. He stood in front of the archer, just looking. Not saying anything. Roy wanted to say something, but nothing would come. And then Gar took Roy's hand and placed it on his crotch.

"Gar, I..." gasped Roy. But he didn't move his hand.

Gar didn't say anything. He just stood there, holding Roy's hand where it was.

Roy could feel the shape of Gar's cock through the material of his jeans. He could feel the heat of it. And he could feel his own cock starting to twitch, to thicken.

"Gar..." whispered Roy.

"Shhh," said Gar.

And then he leant over and kissed Roy.

Roy had never been kissed by a man before. It was the same as with a woman, but different. Gar's lips were soft against his. Slightly wet, and hot. God, so hot. And Gar was kissing him and he had his hand on Gar's groin and his cock was getting hard.

Gar carried on kissing Roy, gentle, searching kisses, and his hand was on Roy's chest. It ran down and brushed against one of Roy's nipples, which was instantly hard. Roy moaned slightly and Gar stroked his nipple again, sending little tremors down Roy's spine.

And then Gar's hand was moving down again. He reached the waistband of Roy's sweatpants and gently pulled it back, brushing the skin of Roy's belly as he did so. Then, slowly, his hand moved down into the pants and took hold of the hard flesh between Roy's legs.

Roy moaned as Gar continued to kiss him, his hand wrapped around Roy's hard cock. Roy's hand was pressed firmly against the shapeshifter's groin and he could feel the hard flesh under Gar's jeans. Gently he began to massage it in time with Gar's manipulation of his own cock. Roy didn't know why he was acting like this but for all the confusion in his mind the one thing he knew was that he was enjoying it more then he would ever have expected and wanted to explore every inch of his friend's body.

Suddenly Gar stopped kissing Roy and took his hand out of the archer's pants. He stood looking down at Roy, grinning broadly. Roy's sweatpants were like a tent supported by the pole of his cock, and Gar's cock was clearly outlined, pressed against the tight fabric of his jeans. Without saying anything Gar quickly stripped off his t-shirt and dropped it on the floor. Roy had always been amazed by Gar's chest. The vivid green of his skin and the mass of black hair covering it. The slender but toned figure and the large dark green nipples, which were now like two hard studs.

Rot followed suit and removed his own shirt and then sat up. He reached up and ran his hands down Gar's chest, revelling in the new sensation of touching a man's chest like that. The he moved down and slowly unbuttoned Gar's jeans, peeling back the fly as he did so. He'd expected underwear but Gar wasn't wearing any. Rather than the cotton he'd been expecting Roy was greeted by the sight of Gar's hard cock. It rose up straight from dark green pubes, the skin the same colour as the rest of Gar and traced with fine veins. And it was big. God, it was big. Roy wasn't under endowed himself but Gar's cock had to be at least ten inches long and thick from the base to the tip. It was uncut and the very end of the dark, shiny head was peeking out from it's covering.

"Jeez Gar," said Roy staring at the flesh in front of him, "where've you been hiding this monster all these years?"

Gar chuckled. "It's always been there Roy. You just weren't looking in the right place."

"Well, better late than never," replied Roy.

Roy wasn't really sure what he was doing but he decided to just go with his instincts and see what happened. So he tugged Gar's jeans down completely, freeing his cock and large, round balls. Then he leant forward and pressed his lips to the shaft. Gar gave a short intake of breath. Roy slowly wrapped his fingers round the base of his team-mate's penis and drew back his foreskin fully exposing the crown from which clear pre-cum was already dripping. For some reason Roy had expected that to be green too. The smell of it made Roy's own cock twitch in his sweatpants and he could feel himself leaking too.

Then, slowly but surely, gripping Gar's cock in his fist, he took the head of it into his mouth. The head was smooth and soft on his tongue and it tasted sweet, salty and exciting. Gar moaned again and Roy took as much as he could into his mouth, licking up and down it, massaging it with his lips. He knew he'd never be able to swallow it all but he tried all the same. Gar was moaning out loud now and running his fingers through Roy's hair.

Just as Roy was getting into the swing of things Gar pulled out of Roy's mouth. Roy was about to protest when Gar dropped to his knees and in one swift movement yanked down Roy's sweatpants and took the archer's cock into his mouth. The wetness and the warmth surrounding Roy's cock so suddenly almost made him cum there and then, but he managed to restrain himself. He looked down at Gar's head bobbing up and down in his crotch and groaned. Then he felt a finger tracing his buttocks and felt his nerves come alight all over again. He shifted slightly in his seated position and Gar's finger ran along Roy's crack until it brushed against the small bud of his anus.

The feeling of it made Roy gasp again. Gar's finger tickled the entrance lightly and then pressed against it. Roy was sweating profusely now and so Gar's finger slipped inside him with relative ease. Fireworks went off in Roy's mind. The mouth on his cock and the finger up his arse was making him feel like he never had before. And then Gar slipped another finger in, and a third. Roy felt stretched but then Gar's probing digits found his prostate and any discomfort was gone.

Roy had his eyes closed but when he felt Gar taking Roy's cock out of his mouth he looked down. Gar's fingers were still tickling his prostate and his cock was shiny and red from the servicing Gar had been giving it.

"Roy," said Gar in a voice little above a whisper, "can I... can I...?"

"Fuck me?" answered Roy, his body alive with sensation, "Oh God Gar, I don't know if I... I mean you're... you're huge. I. Ah, I... yes. Please. Gar, fuck me. Please."

Gar smiled and reached for his discarded jeans and produced from a pocket a condom and a small sachet of lube.

"Always be prepared," he said, smirking.

He tore open the packet and rolled the condom down his throbbing cock. Then he smeared both it and Roy's hole with the lube. It was cool against Roy's skin but the sudden heat of Gar's cock against his entrance made him forget that. At first Roy tensed against the pressure but Gar grabbed Roy's cock and gently tugged on it and Roy relaxed enough for the head of Gar's cock to penetrate him. It was painful and made Roy grimace, but it felt good too. Gar held still, just the crown in Roy, until he could tell he was OK again, and then slowly, inch by inch, he pushed forward until he was entirely enveloped by Roy's arse.

"Oh God Gar," gasped Roy, "I, oh God, it's too big, it... oh God. Oh God Gar, fuck me. Please fuck me."

Gar didn't need any encouragement and began thrusting in and out. Slowly at first but quickly picking up pace. He masturbated Roy at the same time, the sweat gleaming on the bodies of both men. Roy was tight around Gar's cock, which in turn was rubbing more and more against Roy's prostate.

Finally neither of them could take it any more and with a cry they both came. Gar's cock shuddered in Roy's arse and Roy's own cock sprayed his cum over both their chests. Again and again they came, more than either could ever remember before. Finally Gar collapsed forward onto Roy's heaving chest, his cock still buried deep in his arse.

Roy had never had an orgasm like that before. His whole body felt alive and he wanted to do it all again, right now. But he knew he would have to wait a while at least. But then...

And now, in this one moment, he was never more glad that it was he, not Donna, who had been there to be the shoulder to cry on. Or in this case, the arse to cum in...



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