Challenge Fic 3

by Aya

Snippet #3

I wondered when I got the title "Green Lantern, defender of the universe and counselor to the lovelorn."


"Sorry." I lean back in my chair. "You were saying?"

"I was saying that seeing him..." he fades off

"Use his powers," I finish. J'onn nods.

"It... arouses me. I've not felt like this in a very long time. And not for another male."

"Not even Bats?"

J'onn gives me that look. I grin. "I know, TMI. Besides, Bats has the hots for Zauriel."

J'onn sighs. "Part of me thinks I'm a fool for loving him. The other part wonders what he would see in me. I'm not even human."

"You care. You love. That makes you human." I clap him on the shoulder.

"But am I a fool?"

I smile. "Normally I'd say you're perfectly fine. But Plastic Man?" I shake my head. "You'll have to settle for kinky."




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