Challenge Fic 1

by Aya

Snippet #1 (Batman/Superman)

"What you're planning is foolish--- a result of masculine pride." Alfred's words were still ringing in my ears as I made my way to the watchtower. I don't ask how the man discovered my intent, but then I've never been surprised at what he's known.

Masculine pride had nothing to do with this. Masculine pride usually prevented situations like this one. Situations where I share my soul as well as my body. Where I have more to lose than a bit of blood.

But after losing my parents and Jason, after almost losing Dick, Tim, Barbara, Alfred, and almost everyone else I call friend, lover or comrade, I've learned not to take anything else for granted. Life is too short to spend on what might have been.

And feeling his lips brush mine, I know what it is to feel alive.



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