April Fools


by MEL

Fandom: DC Comics
Rating: Slashy! (NC-17)
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Notes: a sequel to "March Madness" but you don't need to read one to really enjoy the other. - xoxo MEL

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He woke up, startled, by the weight settling on his back. Bleary eyed, he started to lift his head, but froze as he felt teeth sink into the back of his neck.

"Don't move."

The voice. Dick Grayson's eyes widened in surprise and more than a little alarm, but he obeyed as he had been taught. As he had been conditioned.

The teeth again, on the back of his neck, the hand gripping his wrist, pulling it back and twisting it up behind his back.

"Batman, what?"

"Quiet." One word, spoken with such conviction. Dick froze, blinking into the dark. His other wrist was pulled back, and he felt plastic mesh cuffs being tied around them.

Batman's voice then, breathing in his ear. "I've wanted to do this for so long, Dick."

Dick blinked, trying to comprehend what was happening. Trying to get his mind around the enormity of this situation.

"Batman, I . . . "

He got no further. His head was pushed down into his pillow. Involuntarily, Dick fought, but his mentor would not be budged. Dick felt kevlar-clad legs squeeze his waist, and something hard and big grinding against his buttocks.

Oh fuck! Dick closed his eyes, his face flushing as he realized he was getting a hardon.

He felt Batman shift, moving back to settle on his legs. A gloved hand ran down Dick's back. Fingers slipped beneath the waistband of his pajama bottoms, grazed the cleft of his taut buttocks. His pants were pulled down. The air was cool against his buttocks. Dick shivered, but not from the cold.

Hands slid over his flesh, caressing the white globes. Dick trembled as he felt a finger graze his asshole. He wanted to speak, wanted to say something, anything, but his voice refused to work. All he could do was bury his face in the pillow and whimper.

The hands on his ass vanished for a moment, then returned. The fingers were slick and chilly with some kind of lube. Now a shiver of cold ran through the young man, but not for long. The finger was back, lubed, pushing into him with ruthless force.

"Ahh! Ahh!"

"Quiet." The voice again, commanding him, even as the finger jabbed into his ass.

Gasping, Dick felt the finger wiggle inside him. It withdrew then returned, accompanied by another. His ass was being stretched open, prepared for something big. He felt plastic against his ass, and then shivered as more lube was squeezed directly into him.

Beneath him, pinned to the mattress, Dick's cock was hard and weeping. His nipples felt like they were on fire, the raised peaks of flesh scraping against his cotton sheets as Dick squirmed.

And then he felt it. The unforgettable feel of a man's hard cock pressing against his rear. Dick bit his lip, memories of Bruce in the shower surfacing. His mentor was large in his mind's eye. The dick pressing against his ass felt huge, even through the thin sheath of latex covering it. He bore down as the head pressed against his opening, trying to help the huge organ enter him.

It slid in with amazing ease. Dick grunted into the pillow as he felt the shaft fill his ass, stretching the tight muscles.

The voice again, Close to his ear. An impression of the cloak, draped over both of them. "I'm going to fuck you now. Don't scream."

Dick opened his mouth, but could only gasp and bury his head in the pillow as he felt the cock in him start to move. In and out, it sawed into him with savage abandon, and Dick moaned and whimpered into his pillow. He felt gloved hands settle on his hips, the weight lifting off his legs.

The hands gripped him, hauling his ass into the air. Dick shifted his legs, lifted his buttocks himself to meet each piledriver thrust of the batcock. His body was hot now, slick with perspiration and he was moaning out loud, unable to fight it anymore. And the words, the words spilt out of him, forbidden and nasty.

"Fuck me, Batman . . . fuck me with your big batcock . . . make me your boy . . . your bitch! Ahh! Ahhhh!"

He came, the orgasm catching him completely by surprise. Untouched by hands, Dick's cock erupted. He felt his cum spatter against his belly and the sheet as his whole body convulsed with the force of his orgasm.

Behind him, Dick felt Batman freeze up. Had he crossed some line? Said something he shouldn't have?

He felt the cock being pulled out of his ass. It came free with a wet, popping noise and Dick almost cried out at the sense of emptiness that swept over him. Apprehensive, he turned his head, looked back over his shoulder at the dark figure seated behind him.

"Batman?" His voice actually trembled when he spoke.

"Wrong, Dicky-boy."

Dick's eyes widened. He rolled over onto his back, the dark figure moving off his legs. Dick sat up and stared at his lover.


Beneath a black cowl, Garfield Logan grinned. "In the flesh, Dicky-boy."

Dick's mouth fell open in complete shock. He stared at Gar, taking in the black latex Batman costume and the condom-covered dildo he held in one hand.


Gar grinned and smacked Dick in the chest with the dildo. "Forget what day it is Dickie?"

Dick's mouth fell open. "It's . . . "

"April Fools!" Crowed Garfield. He fell back on the bed, laughing, waving the dildo in the air.

Dick stared at Gar, mouth open. "How did you do the voice?"

Gar sat up and touched something at his throat. "You mean this?" He asked, in Batman's voice. "State-of-the-art Hollywood special effects, babe. Fooled you didn't I?"

"I can't believe you did this . . . "

Gar chuckled. "I can't believe you fell for it." He waved the dildo in Dick's face. "And this? You really think old pointy-ears has a foot-long, extra-large cock?"

"You've never seen him in the shower," said Dick, grimly. "I thought you were back in California."

"I was," said Gar, pulling the cowl off. "But its been two week and I had this hankering to get back to you."

"So you could play a dumb joke on me?" Dick asked, angrily.

"Don't get all pissy with me, Dickie. You were totally into it. You really thought I was Batman, riding your tight little ass." He grinned smugly. "You loved it."

"I did not!"

"Did so," said Gar, grinning. "The proof is all over your tummy." He scooped up a wad of Dick's spunk on one finger and popped it in his mouth. "Hmm. Tasty. Masked Hero, 2001."

Dick wasn't laughing. He was glaring at Gar.

"Okay," Gar said, sighing. "Maybe I went a little far this time..."

"A little far? Try too far! Get these cuffs off me and get out."

"Come on, Dick..."

"You heard me," said Dick. "Go. Away. Now!"

Gar blinked at him, then nodded and reached around Dick to undo the plastic-mesh cuffs. "I'm sorry, Dick. Really."

Dick flexed his wrists and glared at Gar. "Just go."


Head down, Gar climbed off the bed. He turned away, faux batcape swirling around him.

"And Gar..."

The green-skinned man turned around, head hanging. "Yeah?"

Dick grabbed him by the front of the batsuit and pulled him into a scalding, hot kiss. When he released him, Gar was gasping.

Dick grinned at him. "April Fools!"

Gar's eyes narrowed, he sputtered then shrugged and tackled Dick. They fell back on the bed, rolling and laughing.



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