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[Batman/Superman] For Further Understanding
[Batman/Superman] Challenge drabble #1
[Batman/Superman] Challenge drabble #2
[Martian Manhunter/Plastic Man] Challenge drabble
[Nightwing/other] When Night Fell (noncon)

[Green Arrow II/Green Lantern V] Just Beginners
[Blue Beetle/Guy Gardner] Black & Green
[various] The Important Things
[various] The Important Things: Epilogue
[Arsenal/Changeling] In One Moment
[Arsenal/Changeling] Everything Can Change
[Arsenal/Changeling] For Your Viewing Pleasure

Bluepizza & Soul Spinner
[Arsenal/Nightwing] Rough Edges

[Nightwing/Green Lantern V] Switch series
           One More Time
           ...And Reactions
           One Night in Bludhaven
           Life Changes
           Turkey Day
           Auld Lang Syne
           "Dannell's Birthday Surprise!" (meta)
           Tragedy (9/11 fic)
[Nightwing/Tempest] Swimming Against the Tide
[Nightwing/other] Bound Redux

Casey and Soul Spinner
[Nightwing/Robin III] Boy Wonders

[Batman/Superman] World's Finest: Immoveable Object
[Batman/Superman] World's Finest: Irresistible Force

Gabriel Orion
[Apollo/Midnighter] Irreplaceable
[Apollo/Midnighter] Professional Courtesy
[Apollo/Midnighter] 0.0034 Seconds
[Apollo/Midnighter] Where's Night-Night?
[Green Arrow II/Green Lantern V] Target Practice
[Flash III/Piper] Complimentary

[Arsenal/(adult) Wonder Girl] Night in my Veins

Kyle Cinelli
[Damage/other] Elsewhere

Lisa Nicholson
[Troia/Buffy] The Slayer and the Amazon [BtVS crossover]

[Snow/other] Snow in Paris
[other] Crash
[Green Arrow II/Green Lantern V] Foursome
[Green Arrow II/Green Lantern V] Private Eyes
[Green Arrow II/Green Lantern V] Pillow Talk
[Green Arrow II/Green Lantern V] The Sleepover
[Liberty Belle/Firebrand] Bathtime
[Black Adam/Sand] Leadership Qualities
[Nightwing/Tempest] Possessed
[Nightwing/Tempest] The Mirror
[Nightwing/Changeling] Merry Xmas
[Nightwing/Changeling] March Madness
[Nightwing/Changeling] April Fools
[Nightwing/Gambit] Southern Comfort
[Nightwing/Ryand'r] Night and Day: Old Times' Sake

[Green Arrow I/Green Lantern II] Suds and Steam

Paige Hanson
[Black Canary/Oracle] Not Entirely Unexpected

[Batman/Nightwing] Evenings Like This

[Flash III/Green Lantern V] Heromones 1: The Dreamer
[Tempest/other] Sealed with a Kiss

[Nightwing] Video Symbiosis (PG version)
[Nightwing] Video Symbiosis (NC-17 version)

Soul Spinner
[Nightwing/Ares] Of Myths and Men

[Batman/Superman] Going Through the Motions

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